Probably the most awful, soul destroying thing I've ever seen

Probably the most awful, soul destroying thing I've ever seen

Summary: OK, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Party video.

TOPICS: Windows, Microsoft

OK, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Party video.

OK, now you've made it through that, tell me it's not one of, if not the, worst thing you've ever seen. I don't know about you, but I'd rather watch a remake of "Daddy Day Care" starring Jar-Jar Binks and his ilk, featuring endless pod racing and quidditch matches.

I'm pretty sure that the video will result in parties where every so often someone shouts "PAR-TAY!" ... that's how you know you're at a cool party.

OK, I've seen that video too many times in the last 24 hours ... I feel like my soul has been wrung out of my body ...

[UPDATE: Big thank you to Dwight Silverman for finding this "alternative" version of the video:

That help suck some of my soul back into my body ... Thanks Dwight!]

Topics: Windows, Microsoft

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  • wow those were just AWFUL..

    thats about 6 minutes of my life i wont get back. CHEESE CITY! lol.
    • Windows 7 video

      It was so dreadfull I stopped watching after about 10% it was that bad, and did not appear to be promoting anything let alone windows 7.
    • This HAS to be for internal Microsoft folks pushing Win7 to friends.

      That is the only target audience for this video I can think of. It's a 'how to sell Win7' video.

      So sad. Microsoft is really dredging the bottom of the barrel for this. Having to get your friends to want it and push it? How tacky!!!
      No More Microsoft Software Ever!
    • as much as I'm loving Win7

      Hosting a launch party???

      Do I really want to give up my time to be a TOTAL GEEK?? I think not!
    • Man

      I was waiting for Jerry to show up.
      Partners in Grime
    • I can't believe...

      ....that watching just the first minute or so of that made me throw up a little in my mouth.
      • MS video - what a joke...

        Steve Jobs said that the trouble with Microsoft is that they
        have no taste... this video proves that beyond any doubt.

        It's like a really bad Avon commercial ... I was waiting for
        the topper ware.
  • RE: Probably the most awful, soul destroying thing I've ever seen

    You are goddammed right. IT feels like I am watching the cast of Barney, as they keep nodding their heads at each other, and laughing at this internal joke that I am never going to "get". The Blonde is so irritating, and these actors are making such a fool of themselves, I am even embarrased. Having a bunch of people that don't even remotely look like they should be in the same room, just feels strange.
    • P.S. - I have a legal team following this thread for removal of posts.

      Navy-nothing to do with you-just a general post to those who would remove my opinion.

      Non of my posts were offensive (like in the past) and we are following this site to see if my posts are removed due to content the site advertiser disagrees with.

      DONT REMOVE or you will be sued.
      No More Microsoft Software Ever!
      • Huh?

        Really? How old are you?

        What is the name of your legal representative(s)? Surely you can post that so that people can verify that you truly are being represented.

        Also, this is a private company that has the right to remove content/posts that they feel to be inappropriate.

        Removing a post that the owner(s) of this site deem inappropriate is in no way illegal or removing your freedom of speech. You can exercise your freedom of speech on your OWN site that you PAY for, or in public, etc.
  • RE: Probably the most awful, soul destroying thing I've ever seen

    Here is my 3rd post, cuz this video is soo disturbing. For punishment purposes, I will make my kids watch this for the whole 6mins every time they get out of line.
    • RE:RE:Probably the most awful, sould destroying thing I've ever seen

      ROFLMFAO ZOMG!!! THATS GENIUS!!! I'm going to download this video and save it till when I have kids and use it to discipline them. Although by then this video might be outlawed for passively killing innocent viewers.
  • RE: Probably the most awful, soul destroying thing I've ever seen

    I couldn't even finish it
    • Well, I'm not too keen on the korean child pushing Windows 7 Happiness !

      Microsoft, once thought of as a marketing powerhouse, has definitely lost their MOJO!
      No More Microsoft Software Ever!
  • That's dreadful...

    ...after the excellent "I'm a PC" and "Kids" adverts they come out with this crap?

    Someone needs fired.
    Sleeper Service
    • Not an advert!

      This is not an advert, it is a 'training video' on how to throw a Windows 7 launch party. It does - as most training videos do - have the unintentional consequence of making the viewer long for a tight rope around their neck.
      • Thank heavens for that!

        Sleeper Service
  • Notice The Original Video Has Comments Disabled On Youtube....

    Gee, wonder why? ;)
    • Yeah ...

      ... I wonder why ... hmmm!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Not really fond of that type of "humor" in the second video

    The first video was a bit boring, but delivered its

    The second video was just a cheap attempt at humor by
    editing and "bleeping" certain parts to make them
    sound crude.

    Not terribly fond of that - I stopped the second video
    at the second bleep.

    And finished the first video. It's not a bad video.
    Maybe not up to your (apparently somewhat raunchy)
    tastes, but it gets the message across, and I can
    think of worse things.