Psystar embraces "Apple tax" with NVIDIA and Blu-ray offerings

Psystar embraces "Apple tax" with NVIDIA and Blu-ray offerings

Summary: If you're one of these people who feel that Apple products are overprice, then you need to take a look at the price that Psystar is charging for upgrades to its OpenPro line.


If you're one of these people who feel that Apple products are overprice, then you need to take a look at the price that Psystar is charging for upgrades to its OpenPro line.

Psystar embraces Apple tax with NVIDIA and Blu-ray offeringsPsystar's upgrade prices are, on the whole, pretty good and follow OEM prices quite closely. But two prices stand out as being well over the top.

First, the price of a Blu-ray drive. From Newegg a 6x Blu-ray bruner will set you back around $230, far less than the $350 price tag it commands from Psystar. Then there the two NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512MB cards, which from Newegg will set you back $120. Psystar is charging $400 a pair.

It seems that there's money to be made from innovating arounbd Apple products, and it's not just Apple that wants in!

A fully decked-out OpenPro, complete with extended three years parts and support will set you back $3,940.

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  • Psystar Tax

    Maybe the Psystar tax is the larger issue here. The one
    that's imposed on Psystar's customers when their
    computers are recalled, bricked, or left unsupported.

    The search for bargain basement computing has driven
    margins to a level that can't support R&D. What we get are
    shippers & receivers like Dell, or thieves like Psystar. None
    of them are capable of creating differentiated product.
    They license or steal the brains from a creatively bankrupt
    Microsoft, and owe Asia for the body.

    It's a big surprise when the PC ecosystem wakes up one
    day and finds Apple with more cash in the bank. After
    chanting "market share" through 5 generations of
    computing, everyone realizes that just like with any tech
    advance, at any given time, the future lies where the
    market share isn't.
    Harry Bardal
    • You are a fool, as you take all others to be so

      Please do not spew yet [i]another[/i] attempt to present Apple in a light that does not shine on them.

      [i]They license or steal the brains from a creatively bankrupt Microsoft, and owe Asia for the body[/i]

      The last time I checked, Apple had [b]all[/b] of their products purchased and assembled in Asia, or are you implying that all is done in the United States? Be carefull, there are mountains of proof as to where they are manufactured.

      [i]It's a big surprise when the PC ecosystem wakes up one day and finds Apple with more cash in the bank[/i]

      Well it certainly will not be from their line of computer producrts. [b]Once again:[/b], be quite carefull as to what you will say, as there are mountains of proof that show otherwise.

      But then (yet again) you attempt to turn an otherwise informative little piece into another "Look unto Apple as thy one true God, and stray not into the arms of the Microsoft" rants.

      If you do not like the truths around you, that is your perogative, please do not waste our time with you continued fantasies.
    • Don't cry... a river about the deficiencies of Microsoft. You obviously have no idea(and understandably could care less)how absurdly boring the drone of the mini minority is who whine on and on like cry babies about how awful they think MS is on any number of levels.

      I have no doubt MS is a long long way from the perfect company. No doubt of any kind. Its just the narrow minded who also realize the lack of perfection in MS, then use that to demonize Windows in radical ways in order to justify that a non-Windows computer system, that is only preferred by the "VAST" minority, is still the better choice in their own minority mind.

      Feel free to start the rants about the "VAST" majority not knowing whats good for them. Also work on a good argument against the fact that the entire western world is built on the principle that far more often then not the majority is right, so we live by that policy in the western world. Now if you do come up with a good argument against the majority, stretch it far enough that it works on the "VAST" majority. And if you feel you have done well figuring that out, then make sure it works not on a single decision of the vast majority, but a decision they make over and over and over again. Work it man. I suggest it cannot be done and still make sense. At least not sense in the mind of a person who hasn't invested their self esteem into a computer system.
      • Man, you REALLY need to see a doctor...

        Maybe he can pry that stick outta yer butt.
  • Adrian, you forgot that

    apparently Psystar is offering those options before Apple:

    However, I guess your best bet is to simply order the Psystar PC without the blu-ray player. Wait a second! Are you interested in buying one??? :O Well, I guess you are not

    By the way, how does the crow taste?
  • I can build my own Mac clone

    .....No need to wait for Psystar
  • RE: Psystar embraces

    The real tax is the Microsoft tax. Mac OS X works fine
    without M$ software, but to "even out" platforms, people
    include the cost of M$ crapware, thus, it's a M$ tax.
    • I understand crapware, I don't get what ever it is your saying.

      It makes no sense. New computer with Windows from a major manufacturer? More fool you. Not because its Windows, because you chose the most expensive way to purchase a computer. If you were that foolish instead of just getting something better from a custom builder at 30%-40% off, just don't be so foolish as to install the crapwear.

      A couple of years back that might have been a big order, but as many are working on their second or third, even fourth computer, many know about crapwear and thats why the crapwear complaints run rampant. It wont be long before the days of crapwear reach an effective end as to few will be foolish enough to install it to make it worth while.
      • What about laptops?

        Yes, with desktop PCs you could, with a
        bit knowledge, buy better components
        and build it yourself to save money, or
        buy from a "white box" builder and
        again, save money.

        Laptops, however, are a completely
        different animal. Anything a white box
        vender sells is probably crap, and a
        high-end model from a first-tier
        manufacturer isn't any less expensive
        than Apple. It doesn't matter than a
        Dell Inspiron is cheaper than a MacBook,
        the comparable (if any PC is
        comparable) Dell is the expensive
        Latitude, the one with better build
  • RE: Psystar embraces

    This is basically Psystar undermining the whole point to their existence. Funny.

    I still hope they win the fight w/ Apple, but only because they'll be shoved out of the way by serious competitors once anyone can compete on OSX.
    • Good point.

  • RE: Psystar embraces

    What's to stop you from just buying the video cards or a burner off the shelf?

    As for the Apple/Psystar tax, I fail to see how this is any different than buying from Dell. If you oculd buy a Dell with 0GB of ram, and you went to newegg, zipzoomfly or crucial and bought 4 or 8GB, you'd save money (probably a lot of money).

    The difference between the [i]Apple Tax[/i] and Dell (or Psystar, I assume) is that you can't really get around it. The apple versions of video cards are more expensive than their PC counterparts, and your initial cost for the PC is significantly more (no way around that one).

    Unless the only way to get blu-ray on OS X is to buy it directly from Psystar, I'm not sure I consider this a true tax.

    Nevertheless, I agree with longbongsilver that if Psystar wins their lawsuit, they'll be put out of business by bigger fish.