Quad-core PC project - Price list

Quad-core PC project - Price list

Summary: Here’s a complete price list for the quad-core systems I’ve been building.

TOPICS: Hardware

Here’s a complete price list for the quad-core systems I’ve been building:

And the case … I realy wanted a ZALMAN Z-Machine GT1000-B at $399.99 but used an iCute S901 (in black) because it has plenty of room for hard drives and quite good cooling (and it’s a pretty decent case with no sharp edges and a good overall finish).  Price was about $50.

Note: Monitor and peripherals not included …

Total price: $1492.93 (x 2, because I built two …)

Topic: Hardware

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  • What is it's purpose!

    Can't really comment on the specifications of this box without knowing it's purpose!
  • RE: Quad-core PC project - Price list

    My cheap system:

    HP Pavilion Model a1748x - $369.00
    2GB Corsair ValueSelect RAM 79.98
    Radeon HD 2600PRO 512MB 88.89

    Total Price: $537.87

    Windows Vista Experience Index: 4.8
  • I think you have the price wrong on the memory

    NewEgg is listing two sticks of that memory for $104, not $208.

    It also lists as having a $40 mail in rebate which would make it $64 for two sticks. The rebate may have been added after your list was worked up, though.
    Hallowed are the Ori
    • Oops....

      I missed the [b]2x[/b] at the beginning of the line in your link.

      Hallowed are the Ori
  • RE: Quad-core PC project - Price list

    Glad to see you mentioned RAID-0.

    I'm just now making headway on RAID-10 v.s. RAID-5.

    The whole One drive single partition v.s. one drive mulltiple partitions v.s. multiple drives with partitions argument could fill a book.

  • Vista 32 for a Quad?

    What do you gain using a Quad Processor with Vista 32? Don't you need Vista 64 to get the most out of a Quad Processor?
    • Nope

      There are good reasons to use x64 Vista with a quad-core CPU, but Vista 32 will take full advantage of it as well.
      Ed Bott
      • Well go for it

        I think the 32 can only access about 2.8 gigs of ram but 64 can utilise 8gig and with ram getting cheaper per day you might as well go all the the way and pig out on it.
  • Why project a quadcore without a 64 bit ?

    Why project a quadcore without a 64 bit OS? Isn't that daft at best or like putting gummy Pirelli's on a model T Ford? It could easily be that I'm out to lunch ? But please tell me why I don't get the fancy processor half-pipe OS test ? sincerely your humble and confused reader
  • RE: Quad-core PC project - Price list

    I have a machine like this in a dual core. Cant see going to a quad core yet. Waiting for the BTX format. The newer thinner chips and prices for ddr3 memory to come down. think a dual core 64 bit system like that better bet for now. Wait till the technoology and the prices to stabalize then build killer 64bit quad core. Good project and good article if your going to build a quad core.
    • 32bit max RAM

      I believe the max recognizable RAM for a 32bit system is 3.3gb. Not entirely positive though.