Quad-core PC project - Problems so far ...

Quad-core PC project - Problems so far ...

Summary: I was expecting a few problems setting up the quad-core systems, fortunately, issues have been few and far between.


I was expecting a few problems setting up the quad-core systems, fortunately, issues have been few and far between.

The main headache I've had relates to installing Windows Vista.  On trying to install Vista a got the following error:

STOP 0x0000000A (somenumber, somenumber, somenumber, somenumber) IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

This is an issue that I've seen a few times before so I was prepared for it - it's detailed in this knowledge base article on Microsoft

This BSOD occurs when the following is true:

  • The computer uses more than 3 GB of RAM.
  • The computer uses a storage system that is running the Storport miniport driver.
  • The computer uses a controller that uses 32-bit direct memory access (DMA).

There is a patch for the problems but this doesn't help when you're installing Windows so I whipped out 2GB of RAM and after that the installation went just fine.

Other, far more minor issues include:

  • I had a tricky time getting the Arctic Cooler heatsink and fan past the heatsinks on the board
  • The connectors on the motherboard for the EL I/O (electroluminescent panel for the I/O port are really small and fiddly
  • The manual for the Asus board is, well, lacking

Overall, I'm thrilled with the system!  ;-)

Tomorrow, I'll post some benchmarks and load on Windows XP and see if it gives me greater performance that Vista.

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  • quad build

    I also built two quad core rigs this weekend using the Asus striker.The only diff is that i picked up two brand new QX6800s for $900 for both,! Here's my parts list:
    CoolerMaster Black 830 Stacker / QX6800 OCed to 3.2GHz with a modified freezone / Two 150GB Raptors & Two Samsung 250GB Sata2 HDDs / Two eVGA 8800GTX's cooled with a CoolIt Systems PCI Cooling Booster / 4Gbs of Corsair PC8500 Dominators / CoolerMaster 1000w Real Power Pro / BFG PhysX card / Two Samsung 18x DVD burners with light scribe / Saitek Red Eclipse keyboard / Razer Krait mouse / Razer eXact Mat / HP LP2465 24" LCD. I also had no problems what so ever with the Striker Extreme in either build.The 2nd build was almost the same with the only diff being two 8800 640Mb GTS's a WD750Gb HDD and a Samsung 250Gb Sata2 HDD. This time i used 4 Gbs of XMS2 Pro PC6400. On the 1st build I did a mild OC 3.2Ghz and ran 3dmark06.My score was 16,427,I belive if i took it to 3.46 i would be able to hit 17,000. Getting the QX6800s for $450 each brand new was to good of a deal to pass up,!
  • RE: Quad-core PC project - Problems so far ...

    Would like a detailed 'talk thru' of the actual build with photos... many newbies would welcome this...
  • Qx6800

    Where did you get 2 QX6800's for that price?