Samsung on the Galaxy Tab: "We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate"

Samsung on the Galaxy Tab: "We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate"

Summary: Samsung's executive vice president of mobile division Lee Don-joo has admitted that the iPad 2 has made some aspects of its Android-based Galaxy Tab lineup seem "inadequate."


Samsung's executive vice president of mobile division Lee Don-joo has admitted that the iPad 2 has made some aspects of its Android-based Galaxy Tab lineup seem "inadequate."

"We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate," Lee told Yonhap News Agency. "Apple made it very thin."

There's also indication of a restructuring of price.

"The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over," Lee added.

I agree wholeheartedly with what my ZDNet blogging colleague James Kendrick had to say the other day:

Features and gimmicks aside, Apple has won the tablet war through aggressive pricing. Competitors have already had a tough time releasing tablets at the original iPad price point of $499, and now that this price gets you an improved iPad 2 the competition has been completely blocked out. Due to Apple's volume hardware component deals, it can build iPads far cheaper than anyone in the business.

Samsung may end up having to cut margins aggressively, even to the point of making next to nothing on each device, if it wants to see the Galaxy Tab lineup survive. However, I'm not sure if 'thinness' is what makes of breaks a tablet.

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  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    I think Samsung should take a step back and fix their issues with Galaxy Tabs. I am also becoming one of the unhappy Galaxy Tab 1 owner. I had to get the device exchanged already two times in a week.
    Ram U
  • I think weight is more important that thickness, but, lighter also must

    typically be thinner. I would love to see a 10 inch honeycomb table from Samsung. Cut the features to the bone as Apple did to keep the price down. No reason at all for a high res camera for instance. Well, add USB and SD.
    • iPad 2 has an HD camera on the back. Samsung should keep the camera. [nt]

      • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:


        What use is a camera on the back of a tablet?
      • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:


        Just like a phone, for taking pictures or video while using the main screen as the view finder.
      • Right, keep the camera, but, it does not have to be high res.

        A mega pixel or so is ok - like iPad 2.
    • Samsung already did that with announce of Galaxy Tab 10.1

      @DonnieBoy: this will be run on Android 3.0, have the same weight (about 600 g) as iPad 2, but will be <b>plasticky and thicker</b>.

      CPU and graphics will be about the same as in iPad 2.

      Also, as all Android 3.* tablets, it will almost have no apps.
      • Yes, lightweight, about 10 inches, rugged, does NOT have to be the fastest

        CPU, just low end dual core Arm. Hopefully the lack of apps will go away soon as happened with Android phones.
      • Tegra 2 is easily outclassed by 543MP2

    • Good points

      I agree that weight was a key factor. Many ZDNet talkback comments indicated that this issue would prevent an iPad purchase.

      Personally, if Apple was able to keep the same form factor and somehow manufacture a tablet weighing near a pound, I would consider that a very impressive engineering feat.
      • Hopefully manufacturers will get it and focus on weight and battery life.

        Low end dual core Arm is JUST FINE.
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    What did he expect, for Apple to break tradition and keep the iPad 2 the same thickness as the iPad 1, and cheap plasticky feel as the Tab? I think anyone following Apple over the years expected them to release a thinner iPad. Shows they were chasing the puck instead skating to where the puck is going to be.<br><br>And the fact that they were going to price their 10" higher than their 7" which was already too high (when compared to the iPad), just continues to show how clueless the competition can be.
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    The executive quoted will later say that he meant to say "quite adequate" and that he was mistranslated. :-)
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    Samsung should ditch the idea of the tablet and just become the media reseller / iTunes competitor that they want to be... their hardware isn't on par with Apple let alone Motorola so I really think they should get out of this game before they completely ruin their reputation.
    • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

      @Peter Perry / Clearly you don't own the Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 2. Zillions of cheap aps and outperforms the iphone in my opinion and is an overall better phone than the Motorola or Apple.
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    Crap. Unfortunately that is what Samsung has been putting out lately. They have a fiasco going on with TV's with faulty powersupplies which they are trying to ignore. So I am not surprised that their tablets are not much better.
  • Well when a competitor says that

    you know for a fact your latest product is a winner:)

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    They could always do what Microsoft did with Xbox, Sony with PS3: Sell at a loss in an effort to capture the early market.
    • How does that work?


      MS and Sony made a cut of all game sales. What cut is Samsung going to take make the Android cheapskates happy?
  • RE: Samsung on the Galaxy Tab:

    I advised a customer who wanted to buy her husband a tablet as an Xmas present to go for the 7" StorageDevices "Scroll" unit. She's an invalid, and he spends a LOT of time sitting in and around hospital waiting rooms for her. The unit's made from aluminium alloy (so it's NOT "plasticy") it has Wifi, it plays DivX videos very well on the 7" screen, and storage is "limited" to as many microSD cards as he wants to put in his wallet. It plays music pretty well too, and handles email and the web through their domestic WiFi setup. In other words... it does 100% of what he WANTS a tablet to do; and it's portable enough to easily fit in his jacket pocket. The BIG difference is the price: Here in the UK, Maplins are currently selling these units for 100GBP (about $150 US)

    What puzzles me is WHY anyone would want to spend three times as much for facilities that he neither wants, nor needs?