Some new iPad Retina displays marred by yellowish hue

Some new iPad Retina displays marred by yellowish hue

Summary: A simple fix might be to wait a few days and see if the problem clears.


It seems that a screen problem that Apple has had previously with the iPad and the iPhone is back to plague some new iPad owners - a yellowish hue on the otherwise gorgeous Retina display screen.

Complains started to build up on Apple's support forums on launch day last Friday, with proud owners of the new iPad complaining that the 2048x1536 pixel display has a yellowish tint to it, either covering part of or even the entire screen.

Here is a sample of the complaints:

"I just got my new iPad today 4G+Wifi 64GB (white) and i am getting a distinct yellowish hue on my retina display. On my iPad 2 it is clearly much nicer and brighter in terms of the resolution."

"I too am having the same issue.  I couldn't wait to get it out of the box and compare it to my son's iPad 2.  While I think the 3 is crisper looking, pages that should be clean white are washed out and yellow."

"I posted in another thread that I'm having the same problem.  New iPad screen is very warm/yellow... making it appear washed out.  From a distance, my iPad 2 screen looks nicer.  Also have a whole bunch of visible dead pixels.  Definitely a clunker..."

"Well just got back from Apple store and they replaced mine, but the new one still has yellow."

"I don't have a definite yellowish tint, but I do have a slightly dingy greyish tint that extends from the top (in portrait mode, home button at bottom) down about 2 inches and fades out completely at about three inches down.  I suppose one could call it a very light dirty 'yellow'. The rest of the display is great."

The problem isn't a new one, and has previously been put down to the organo-functional Silane Z-6011 adhesive used to bond the layers of glass together in the screen not being given enough time to evaporate. This is partly due to Apple stepping up the production of the panels to accommodate the high level of demand for the device. If this is the same problem as previously, the yellow hue will vanish in a week or so as the solvent fully evaporates.

I had the chance to see a new iPad suffering from this problem today, and it's certainly a distracting issue. Rather than the brilliant white that I would expect from such a panel, the white is transformed into a warm shade of yellow. It can induce eyestrain quickly because you need to keep the backlight on at a higher than required setting to compensate for the darker screen.

If you've got a new iPad you can easily check for the yellowish tint by firing up the Safari browser or any other app with a white background. If the screen looks white near the middle, check around the edges for yellowing. If you're impatient then Apple seems happy to exchange iPads suffering from this problem -- assuming stock exists -- but waiting a few days for the solvent to evaporate from the adhesive seems to fix the problem for most.

Image credit: Apple.


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  • Id return it before it's too late to get your money back and wait til the next

    run come out that fixes the burn a hole in your thigh problem as well. I have a feeling there are still more problems that they already know about to come. You don't want to be stuck with a crappy model for 2-3 years for that kind of money.
    Johnny Vegas
    • You have a feeling?

      Since you are inflating the temp "problem" the way you are why would anybody put any faith in what you have a feeling is coming?
  • Early adoption...

    Sounds like the same adhesive issues from before, so this should dissipate. I always give a new releases a couple of weeks before getting on board, just so that many of the early adoption kinks work themselves out.

    And Apple has a standard one year warranty that protects the iPad, and now Apple+ Care to protect iPhone and iPad in the event of accidental damage for two years, so users and early adopter really have nothing to worry about.
    • It doesn't seem to be the same thing

      With the iPad2 it was yellowish spots. What I've been reading is that the entire display's screen is a warmer white which some people say looks yellow compared the cooler white display of the iPad2
      • Yes it does.

        Okay, we get it. You have a pathological hatred of all things Apple. There is no need to repeat it further, Seriously, stop posting already.
        Especially since if you knew what you were talking about, and were paying attention during the iPad2 launch, you'd know that this is exactly the same issue. Not just yellow spots, entire yellow displays.
        (Though that might be too much to ask. After all, you can't even seem to understand the difference between aspect ratio and resolution.)
  • That is what they get.

    Every time something new comes out some people just have to have it. Nearly always there are problems. Just wait a bit for the prices to drop and the bugs to be resolved.
  • I have to say that I'm really shocked!

    Not that it has problems (initial releases always seem to have some) but the fact that Apple didn't take down the complaints from their support forums!
    William Farrel
    • Too bad the amperage wasn't higher.

      Not surprisingly you CLEARLY have not spent much time on Apple's fora.
    • Why

      I know that people like you what everyone to believe that Apple removes any and all complaints from their support forums but they don't.
  • Nothing fixed? "built better"? etc...

    What else is new...

    Apple's reputation continues to be sullied, and by nobody else except Apple.
    • Nothing TO fix, as nothing is broken.

      As this is a standard manufacturing issue that affects ALL such units, and goes away simply by waiting a few days, WTH are you talking about?!?
    • Nice try

      Nice try troll, sorry I mean Toad.
  • Get Those IPads in the Channel !

    Yells the Apple execs. They were probably all over the poor Chinese factories to get these out the door. At least they will self-fix. Good info Adrian !
  • I'm sticking with my iPad 2

    I would happily recommend the iPad to someone who didn't have a tablet yet but it simply isn't worth $600 more than my 32 GB iPad 2. People say its faster so are they telling me that my iPad is slow? Of course not. The iPad 2 was plenty fast enough. The existence of a faster iPad doesn't magically make what worked just fine last month suddenly not work this month. And if future iOS upgrades make my iPad 2 slow, isn't that Apple's fault? MS is always blamed when a new OS makes an old computer slower.

    The productivity gap between what I thought the iPad would deliver and what the iPad did deliver is not going to be fixed by a better camera, a faster processor, and more pixels. None of these were a problem with the iPad 2 (any Apple fanboi would have said that a month ago and I agree with it) so the fact that these are improved on the new iPad will not make me more productive.

    The fact that the new iPad also happens to be yellow and hot doesn't turn me away from buying it, there are far better reasons for current iPad owners to pass on the new iPad. And as others have pointed out, if a new iPad owner gets one of these faulty iPads, they should just return it and get another one. And if that one also suffers from the same problem, just return it and get another one. With Apple Care, you could keep that up for 2 years without losing anything other than your time and patience. No big deal.
    • Being that it isn't $600 more than your iPad 2

      And in fact, is exactly the same price, WTH are you talking about?
      • Do they exchange them for free?

        You have to BUY one, and pay money, even if you have an iPad 2!
        OR has Apple finally allowed updates for their products for free? Take in your old one and get a new one!
      • Learning to read

        Learn to read. Seriously. The relevant quote here is:
        "... it simply isn't worth $600 more than my 32 GB iPad 2"
        There is no mention of Having to pay an additional amount OVER the iPad 2 to get an ADDITIONAL iPad. The statement is quite clear: $600 MORE THAN the iPad 2.

        More importantly, As the going market for iPad 2s starts at $300, easy, again, the new iPad is NOT $600 more, even if your English skills cause you to fail to properly understand the proposal.
  • Now this one I have experienced

    Several new iPad 3's purchased for some administrative staff at my school and I get a call for help and when I get down there I am shown one iPad 3 with a yellowish screen compared to 2 others in the room at the same time. The user thought it was the normal display until he saw another iPad 3 and then another that looked much better. Of course Verizon had to be jerks about doing an exchange on a 2 day old iPad 3.
  • Apple is not to blame. It is not the iPad display that is yellowish

    it is that those users reporting the issue are actually suffering from jaundice, but do not realize it.
    Tim Cook
    • LOl

      Or wearing glasses with lenses with yellow tint.