Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

Summary: Can you buy a new iPhone for $40? No, but you can get your hands on a clone made by CECT.


Can you buy a new iPhone for $40? No, but you can get your hands on a clone made by CECT.

PC Pro's Steve Cassidy has the details on the SciPhone:

Holding this up beside my iPhone 3G, it is seriously difficult to tell the two devices apart. The back panel of the mysterious phone very clearly labels it as a 32Gb iPhone, complete with Apple logo. My contact claimed to have bought this “down the pub for £25? in an iPhone 3GS Apple box, and I would say that the exterior case is a millimetre perfect copy, with three basic distinguishing areas: the headphone socket, the power button, and the mute slider. It was the mute slider that convinced me of the phone’s “knock-off” status.

A knockoff it might be, but it's not necessarily a good knockoff:

It has dual SIM handling, too, and came with a bizarre auxiliary battery festooned with warnings about not pressing a button mounted on the front of the top-up device.

Personally, I love the IE icon on the touchscreen:

Unlike a genuine iPhone, the SciPhone has dual SIM capability and a user-replaceable battery.

Just in case anyone is wondering, no, I'm not recommending anyone go out and buy one of these FrankeniPhones!

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  • That's awesome

    Does it run apps from the app store? Is it running
    apple's OS? If not, is it possible to install
    Apple's iPhone OS on it?
  • RE: Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

    LOL! Franken-Phone. I wish I could put my 2g iPhone guts in a
    new case like that.
  • RE: Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

    It has one advantage over the iPhone, it can make phone calls.
    Loverock Davidson
    • LOL

      Loverock you are hilarious. LMAO
      And oh so true!
  • RE: Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

    Let's see...what was the name of that company that attempted to sell kits and clones of Macs??? Psystar? Hmmm...Apple could be brewing up another lawsuit, especially since it involves one of their current cash-cows.

  • They had fake iPhones since the first one came out

    and if I remember correctly the first fake was pretty good in China.
  • LOL - we'd really like to know how they do!

    With two sisters & 7 teens between them... we can't afford to outfit all 7 of them with the real-deal at $300/pop.

    Why doesn't anyone ever review these one-off's??? My experience has been that they play as-well as the real-deal and only lack appstore functionality.

    But then again, I'm one of those people who understand that children lose & break things... so $300 "toys" aren't for every child.
  • No issues here....

    Ive had a Daxian x999 (The one with the apple logo round the wrong way! lol) for over a year now.
    Its got the apple front icon screen loaded ontop of windows mobile 6.

    It runs every windows mobile app I have ever installed on it , The touchflo interface works suprisingly well & even the camera isn't bad at 3.2mp (Plus 2x optical 4x digital zoom)

    I have also managed to get it to boot one of the HTC android images using harem. (Although none of the buttons work & it eventually locks up completly)

    All this and I take it trail-riding, fishing in the boat & generally just chuck it the glovebox without a care.

    Seems like a tough phone. Id give one a try.... u might be suprised.
  • battery life ?

    My $500 iPhone usually dies on me around the noon time. It would be extemely hillarious if the $40 knock-off lasted till the dusk.
  • RE: Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

    Try 3 days... I get about 10 calls & maybe 20-30 txt's a day and charge my 'fake' every 2-3 Days.
    It charges from standard USB as well so no drama to find somewhere to charge it.
  • RE: Think Different - Fake iPhone for $40

    i have a fake iphone 4 that i bought for 700rmb, and it works pretty good. .