Thoughts on Apple's new products

Thoughts on Apple's new products

Summary: I'm going to round up my coverage of Apple's notebook event by sharing my thoughts on the new products.


I'm going to round up my coverage of Apple's notebook event by sharing my thoughts on the new products.

MacBook Air

Apple's certainly packed more into the MacBook Air - the faster CPU and improved GPU should be welcome. There's also more storage. However, I just can't see myself parting with $1,799 to $2,499 for a notebook with such limited connectivity.


Some sweet updates there, and I'm especially intrigued by the multi-touch trackpad, but I'm kinda disappointed that all I get for $1,000 is a one without the unibody aluminum shell and without the new trackpad.

MacBook Pro

The 15" MacBook Pro is now where it's all happening. These machines look sweet. They really sing to me on that "cool shiny thing" level.

However, given that they contain a lot of new technology (trackpad, screen, shell, NVIDIA chips) I think I'll be waiting a few weeks to see what bugs appear before even thinking about getting one.

24-inch LED-backlit cinema display

Nice, the ultimate notebook accessory! Ideal if you're notebook is a desktop replacement.

Closing thoughts ...

Interesting revamp of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, but there's one aspect that bothers me - cost.

Looking at the prices for the new kit, it's clear to me that Apple doesn't seem to exists in a world plagued by financial uncertainty. In fact, Apple's price list seems to scream "Credit crisis? What credit crisis?" It seems that Apple is gambling that spending on Apple-badged shiny things isn't going to tail off. Will that gamble pay off? We'll see in a few months ...

Oh, and Apple stock ended the day down. However, put Apple's chart for today next to that of the Dow and the NASDAQ and you'll notice that they look almost identical, so Apple's stock went the way of the rest of the market.

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  • Except the rest of the market didn't hold an event...

    ...announcing new products.
  • The reasons to not buy anything always outweigh

    the reasons to buy.

    When you switch to a MacBook Air, you can't believe how
    you just don't care about what connectivity you don't have.
    With wi-fi everywhere (well, I live in wired Paris so
    connectivity not a problem).

    I don't miss the optical reader, I don't miss ethernet, I did
    invest 10 Euros in a 4-slot USB hub for printing and
    backing up at the same time.

    My clients drool over the MBA.

    I think you just are afraid of change, Adrian. You're a
    normal guy. A PC guy.

    What would you invent to lead the horsed to water and
    make them drink?
    • The only ones collared

      are like you, the iSheeple.
      You simply can't imagine using something your way, not the way Apple tells you to use it.

      Give me real water, not just a mirage, and I'll drink
  • thoughts on Apple and the economy

    I'm not surprised at all that Apple didn't come out with a
    lower-priced MacBook. They are positioned as a premium
    brand. Just because the economy is down they aren't
    going to dilute their brand by going for the lower end of
    the market. There will still be plenty of buyers even with
    the economy in a recession. It's the folks who don't have a
    lot of money (who weren't going to buy a Mac anyway)
    who will be most affected by the recession.

    I'm continually amazed by people who don't understand
    Apple's business model and are constantly harping on
    them to go after the cheaper end of the market. What they
    are doing is working very well for them right now, and the
    new notebooks offer some very cool, unique features that
    allow them to stand out from the crowd and demand a
    premium price.

    That being said, they could have pushed the price on the
    plastic MacBook down by another $100 or more since it is
    lacking some of the new distinguishing features. There, I
    just contradicted myself.
    • They lowered it by more than $100 if you take into account... now comes standard with a Super Drive whereas it previously did not. So while your out of pocket expense is $100 less you receive the value of the Super Drive in the "new" model.
      • no offence but...

        is it not that the superdrive is just an USB enclosure with rebranded Pioneer writer in it?

        Apple is charging it about 3x of what street price, if you take into account...
  • RE: Thoughts on Apple's new products

    I was looking for a 13" macbook, but the new one has the same CPUs but
    faster memory and bigger disks, but now no firewire and only 2 USB ports.
    So I put the mackbook on my desk, attach my 24" monitor, keyboard and
    mouse, then my external harddrive, erm, oh dear. 8(

    It would not be so bad if the USB port on the Apple keyboard was powered
    but you cant even run a USB stick on it, and it's not USB 2 anyway!

    For dropping this kind of money on a laptop there should not be these sorts
    of compromises.

    I'll just keep on using my hackintosh HP T4400 laptop instead with the 2GHz
    CPU, 4GB RAM, and 3 USB ports, PC Card slot, and a proper DVI port that
    cost less than the entry level mackbook anyway, including a replacement
    compatible wifi card.

    Nice to have the faster RAM, but on the whole OS X feels more responsive
    with 4GB of slower ram than 2GB of fast RAM for most of what I do.

    What I really want however is a 3GHz Mac Mini. Please update the Mini
    Steve, but don't you dare reduce the number of ports on it!
  • RE: Thoughts on Apple's new products

    Did you also notice they redid the video port, again? How many times in the past decade have they decided to change the port on their notebooks? The ibook adapter wouldn't work on my macbook & now my macbook mini-dvi will not work on the new machines. Lucky for me I am not an apple fan anymore & won't have to worry about apples insistence on using non standard, proprietary connectors. Go PC's & hackintoshes!
    • proprietary?

      display port is the OPPOSITE of proprietary. look it up. no, i'll do it for you:
  • RE: Is it really an upgrade????

    I just purchased a Macbook Pro a week before they unveil
    the new one. I'm glad I didn't wait. I feel that the new
    Macbook Pros are a down grade. By taking away the
    firewire 400 they disappoint me. I work in audio and video
    production and that 400 port is great for the multiple hard
    drive or recording interface that are needed for larger
    productions. Most interfaces do not use firewire 800,
    therefore Apple has just cut off a whole market. If I had 2
    grand and had to pick between one or the other there is a
    no brainer. Don't pick the late 08 Macbook Pro.
    Jeffrey and Emily Blake
  • Apple Recommends Windows Vista

    Apple recommends Windows Vista to those who find these
    new machines lacking. It's understood that an OS switch is
    a harder choice to make. It's also understood that Macs are
    more often the choice of wives and dilettantes, and that
    real men work on PCs.

    The cost of Macs are higher. If Mac users are to be ostracized from the rank and file for being able to afford
    one, so be it. The fixation on hardware is such that any
    advantages of OSX are clearly not a priority over that SD
    card slot, so fine, we get it. God bless the penny pinching,
    feature counting, children of recession. Forget TCO,
    productivity, and accountability, and rush that bargain bin.

    Just one thing. We got it 20 posts ago too. Nothing is more
    vigorously "not used" than Apple gear. Every opportunity to
    "not use" Apple gear is vocalized. Every reason to "not use"
    is trumpeted, then chanted like a mantra. Unlike the PC,
    no one is forced to use a Mac at work. Unlike Microsoft,
    the "closed and mercurial" Apple isn't a found monopolist.

    For these folks, it's probably not worth while pointing out
    that Vista has taken it's cues from OSX, or that HTC Touch
    owes it's essence to iPhone. It's not worth pointing to
    business and IT and asking why they are using Apple's
    model, and purchasing a full computer and software
    package for each employee rather than using thin clients.
    Company cars all-round while we're at it.

    Those so aggressively "not using" Apple, are usually the
    last to recognize the extent to which they are.
    Harry Bardal
  • I just sold my last Apple yesterday

    An older G4 ibook with an upgraded hard drive. This was a nice little computer but suffered a logic board and a hard drive failure shortly after the warranty expired.
    I hope the newer models work out better, Apple builds the nicest looking machines out there.
    If I buy another Mac it would be a MacBook off their outlet store. I heard there's no firewire, on the new ones, what's up with that? Did they give up on video?