Well, didja stick it to the man?

Well, didja stick it to the man?

Summary: A year ago I posted a poll asking how many of you were planning to increase the number of Linux systems you run. Nearly twelve and a half thousand of you responded and 50% of you said that you were indeed planning on increasing the number of Linux systems you run. Well, didja stick to your word? Didja really stick it to the man?


A year ago I posted a poll asking how many of you were planning to increase the number of Linux systems you run.  Nearly twelve and a half thousand of you responded and 50% of you said that you were indeed planning on increasing the number of Linux systems you run.  Well, didja stick to your word?  Didja really stick it to the man?

Given how popular the last poll was, I thought I'd run it again and see how the numbers have changed.  I've also decided to add a few additional polls to try to get a better picture of how the Linux landscape has changed.

[poll id=190]

[poll id=191]

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[poll id=192]

[poll id=193]

[poll id=194]

Any other thoughts or comments?  Share then in the TalkBack section.

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  • Love those polls

    ... Yes is currently showing 200%
    Yagotta B. Kidding
    • Polls

      Looks like the two polls are interfering with each other.
  • Yes, and I hope he suffers!!

    I did not buy an iPod. I did not buy a Mac. I did not buy an AppleTV. I hope "the man" cries himself to sleep tonight knowing that none of the billions in his bank account came from me.

    snicker, smirk :)

    I also installed PCLinuxOS2007 on my old laptop that used to run Windows on it. However, since it was never going to see Vista and Mr. Gates had already been paid for the XP license that was on it, I really don't consider that "sticking it" to anybody. I can, however, wholeheartedly recommend PCLinuxOS2007 as the best configured Linux for the average home user.
    • I am soooo glad......

      to hear someone else say that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's spread the word. :-)
      Hrothgar - PCLinuxOS User
    • PCLinuxOS! Ubuntu is great as a community but...

      but it is really a pleasure to install and be done with all the codecs, etc. I do need to take the latest Mandriva for a spin, since PCLinuxOS is based on Mandriva. I'll probably pay for it, since they do a lot of the grunt work for PCLinuxOS.

      This is the only distro that stopped George in it's tracks. Movie DVDs (like the best buy rent variety) work out of the box, as does mp3 (not encode, just play), .doc, .flac, .ogg, .pdf, .odt, .xls, .ppt, etc and on and on. It supports 10x more stock, free, than any other OS.

      • hmmmm....PCLOS comes with codecs?

        Interesting...I didn't know that. I've been running the *Ubuntu gambut two PC's running Kubuntu 6.06 / 7.10, one running Ubuntu 7.10 and a old Toshiba laptop running Xubuntu 7.10.

        I've tested and considered PCLOS but never got replies back from anyone there on their forums on critical issues that would make or break my decision to at least move one PC to their distro.

        I think I like the *Ubuntu's because I can taylor them to each machine and even if not running the same desktop I ssh to each and hit the CLI to get the same things done w/o having to juggle desktop set-ups in my head lol...
        • Installing on a desktop

          I've never come across a Distro that consistently installs as successfully, over so many systems without glitch as PCLinuxOS. Also, I don't know about Ubuntu but I enjoy the fact that proprietary drivers for my video are resident in the default repository. Overall since I switched to the 2007 version I'm hooked.
          Hrothgar - PCLinuxOS User
          • I can't say anything bad about the distro...

            Texstar and the Ripper Gang did a amazing job with the 2007 release. They seem to be on top of things. The people who do their artwork are to be commended as well. It has the look and feel of a highly polished OS.<br><br>

            I considered switching from my *ubuntu distros.... I just need to see on how low a spec machine it can run on just because I tend to like having all systems on the same base distro. We'll see :)
  • and how...

    In the last 12 months i have added (at home not work) 3 imacs - 2 running Fedora 6 and 1 running Gentoo. I also built 2 AMD (3000) / Nvidia machines running Sabayon 3.3 and 2 Pentium 4 3gh / Nvidia machines running RedHat 4 and a Pentium 4 3gh / Ati machine running Suse 10. None of these x86 machines are running Windows.
    The other 7 machines (2 or more years old) consist of the following -
    1 AMD / Nvidia running dual boot WinXPpro and Suse 9.
    1 Pentium 4 3gh / Ati dual boot WinXPpro and Slackware 10.
    1 Pentium 4 3gh / Nvidia multi boot WinXPpro and Gentoo and Open Solaris.
    1 Sun workstation running Solaris 8.
    1 AMD laptop dual boot WinXPhome and Gentoo.
    2 imacs running OS9.
    It's all too much to play with regularly but customer support is HELL at times.
    p.s. all the graphics cards are gaming cards - Nvidia 6800, 7800 / Ati 850, 1950 - expensive but worth every cent.
  • LoDB: I've got....

    [url=http://www.strangehorizons.com/2004/20040405/badger.shtml]Linux on Dead Badger[/url] installed on two PCs at home and have to say I am quite satisfied. There were a few glitches (follow the directions carefully!) but now things are running smoothly.

    LoDB is the best!
    D T Schmitz
    • I LOVE IT!!!!!

      I'm definitely going to try LoDB!!!!!!!
      Hrothgar - PCLinuxOS User
      • Fantastique!

        D T Schmitz
  • THIS is sticking it to the man...

  • +2 personal, +11 colleague

    2 more friends have been converted to Linux (dual boot) and I have installed PCLinux07 on 11 colleague laptops (same model as mine) dual boot. More and more, they realize how much more productive they can be on Linux (how does anyone run without virtual windows and konsole). Since we work and develop on Solaris and now Monta-Vista Linux, the transition was trivial. In a sense, I replace their solaris desktops (of which people have a PC and a Solaris desktop). Since Linux is second nature to someone using Sun...

    Everything just works, and the great thing is, it just keeps working. This all brought to you by Cisco VPN client for Linux, literally, the only handcuff left tying everyone to Windows. (workers, not managers).


    P.S. As I said, everyone I work with knows/works/develops on Sun, so transition time was on the order of 3 minutes.
  • Sticking it to the man

    Of course, none of what I did was sticking it to the man, since Windows was paid for as NonZ pointed out in his post. Due to Linux being used in our European offices almost ubiqutously, they have the process to lock down and pre-configure LinuxPCs to a science, all lab PCs, as they are replaced have Linux, Windows is being phased out of all lab machines (note, this is thousands of PCs, I work for a big company). On the Vista front, it is not even be explored anymore by IT. It is XP for the forseeable future, you can get your PC blank and install Linux (the lan is secured, you must VPN in if you run Linux for security) even with direct connect or you can have them dual boot it for you.

    I think that very quietly, thousands of folks and companies are sticking it to the man.

  • Had to in the end

    I may have mentioned this on a previous post already that I have a laptop that didn't used to have to connect to the Internet and that was a good thing because it spent half it's time trying to restore the wireless connection. But now that my mother wants to use the Internet it has to and she got very frustrated with it dropping the connection very frequently so I gave the latest version of Ubuntu Linux a shot and it has not dropped the wireless connection to the router once since. So we are going to have to stay with Linux on this laptop.
  • RE: Well, didja stick it to the man?

    The second poll is missing an option. I am running only one Linux system and I was only running one last year (but a different distro). In real terms, I haven't increased the number of Linux systems, but by missing this option off the poll you are potentially creating a large statistical anomaly.
  • Not about sticking it to the man though

    We ended up putting in more Linux due to vendors switching platforms. Some where Unix to Linux and some where Windows to Linux. All servers though, no desktops. Sticking it to the man never really came in the equation. The software upgrades required Linux on the backend so Linux is what we used. The OS we run doesn't matter.
    • My first thought as well

      I run majority Linux desktops at home, one token Windows box that only gets to see the internet for updates.

      I'm not really trying to stick it to MS, not that they don't deserve it. I use Linux because it's better. I use FOSS because I can keep my startup costs low for a new business.

      This isn't about sticking anyone with anything. It's about being able to scale without worrying about licensing, contracts or registration. If I need another desktop, I just walk over with a disk and create one. It takes five minutes of configuration after the install.

      Ubuntu is a breeze. If my wife can use it anyone can. Bless her heart she's a hottie but her and computers don't mix. Yet she adapted to Ubuntu with very little difficulty and I've got the shoe boxes to prove it.
  • RE: Well, didja stick it to the man?

    I finished my MythTV setup over the past year... the main backend server, two frontends, soon to have a second backend for the HD/QAM tuners and a third frontend.

    I also brought a very tiny P200 system back from the grave, using it as an X10 lighting control system. Makes for a great low use webserver.

    So, by year's end my Linux box count will go up by... 6.