White iPhone 3Gs prone to hairline cracks?

White iPhone 3Gs prone to hairline cracks?

Summary: Are white iPhone 3Gs prone to hairline cracks?


Are white iPhone 3Gs prone to hairline cracks?

According to reports on MacRumors and the Apple Discussions forum, some users are discovering small hairline cracks forming on the white plastic shell.




At present it's hard to tell if these cracks are serious or merely cosmetic. However, since Apple is a company that relies of the cosmetic aspect of a device to differentiate it from the competition, maybe it doesn't matter.

I've not been able to find any reports of these cracks appearing on black iPhone 3Gs.

Anyone here hown a white iPhone 3G? See any cracks on yours? Oh, and no jokes about it being a cracking good phone, or how it is trying to compete with the CrackBerry ... 

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  • It's a "feature" of injection molding

    [url=http://www.theregister.co.uk/2000/09/29/apple_denies_cube_is_cracking/] It was a feature in the Apple Cube too! [/url]

    Don't worry Apple fans, it improves your [b]USER EXPERIENCE!!![/b] There is no problem. Look the other way. If you insist that it is a problem, it is the fault of the manufacturer. Apple doesn't actually make the cases themselves so blame the manufacturer.
    • A friend of mine got the white one and it had....

      a crack brought it to the Apple store the tech
      took a look at the crack and cracked open a
      new iPhone and handed it to him right there
      and then.

      NOTE: The only reason he got the white was
      the black was already sold out.

      He's very happy with the service he got and his
      new mobile computer system or iPhone for

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • Right...

        ...so getting a replacement makes up for the fact it cracked in the first place?

        Sleeper Service
        • Did you miss the typical first run thing?

          Or my pointing out that MS has had similar
          problems with products it has introduced? Now
          the iPhone worked fine with the crack I did not
          say cracks and but with a single flaw Apple
          exchanged it no questions asked. Now did it
          make up for the crack? My friend seems to be
          pleased with his phone he goes on and on
          about it. So I guess in his case yes but I think
          that is up to every individual to express for
          themselves I can't say.

          Pagan jim
          James Quinn
          • This wasn't the first time ....

            the iPhone had a plastic case. Calling it a first run problem is a crutch to justify poor performance. It is beneath you!
          • Actually the shape of the iPhone has changed

            So it mean new molds and such. Don't know all the details
            but I do know this model is new all the way down to it's
            shape so yes it is a first run problem just like the XBox 360's
            heat issues were after the first XBox came out over a year

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • Weak!

            Changing a mold does not induce cracks. Lack of process controls does. This is definitely not a first run issue and you are grasping at straws.
          • Since Xboxes overheat iPhone's cracks ar OK

            got it!
        • What?

          What is your point? Who doesn't go get a replacement when a
          product has a defect? What do you expect, Apple send them back
          in time to make sure they get a non-defective one? Defects
          happen in manufacturing, I don't care who you are.
          • The point is

            That there seems to be a problem with Apple's process.

            Replacement won't change anything until Apple fixes the process. The replacement will be just as deficient, and it might eventually crack as well.
        • Sure it does...

          ...a no muss, no fuss replacement. Seems much better than you'd get with a lot of companies, especially as there are ones who would quibble over the cause of the crack.
          • Depends on which Apple store

            [url=http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1616295&tstart=30] Huge thread with tons of complaints about cracks [/url]

            Some are getting a "no muss, no fuss replacement", some are having to pay $29 for the "privilege" of getting a replacement phone while their phone is fixed:
            [i]I am however paying $29 for an advanced replacement so I don't have to be without it while they send a new one[/i]

            I especially loved the fact he was [b]praising[/b] Apple for charging him $29 for something that is 100% Apple's fault which supports my claim that Apple gets high ratings because their customers hold Apple to a different standard.

            Some aren't getting theirs fixed at all:
            [i]I was told that it the warranty does NOT cover this type of damage[/i]

            It is a good thing that some are getting replacement phones but:
            a) This should never have happened in the first place. Apple holds itself up to a higher standard than others yet time after time (after time) they fail miserably. They have no incentive to change though since even having to pay $29 to get this fixed seems to draw praise for Apple's customer support.
            b) Apple needs to own up to this [b]fast[/b] so it is not left up to the discretion of the minimum wage clerk you happen to talk to when you contact the Apple store.
          • Sigh.....

            It is early yet. Apple has to do it's research find where the
            problem is coming from and create a standard policy to
            address said. It usually takes Apple a few weeks to get
            everything settled. Nothing to worry about.... The phones
            actually work they just have hairline cracks right?

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • He has a point

            on the "it depends on what store you bring it to".

            There should be a little more consistency there.
          • ROFL... "advanced replacement unit"

            That's their euphamism for a loaner phone - the same program they use while they send in your Jesus phone with a dead battery for a replacement to the tune of $89...

            Remember - they're sold outta the bloody things in most places at last report.
          • And Apple has a long history of ...

            ... first denying the problem exists, then blaming it on the user and finally doing the right thing when there is enough bad press.
          • I don't know about this denying thing of which you

            speak. Though I do recall such in the whole XBox 360 heat
            issues with MS. However why bring that up? heh he hheh.
            No Apple has a long history and NOT speaking on the issue
            till they know just what is going on. And it's not bad press
            that bring Apple to action it's the end result of research into
            a problem deciding on a company wide standard response
            and then putting so into action.

            Pagan jim
            James Quinn
          • You are blinded by your Apple zealotry.

            Go to Apple's own forums and you'll find plenty of evidence of what I say.
          • @Shadetree

            That is, if yuo're quick enough to get there before they delete the post:


          • Yup

            I had an old 3rd gen iPod and the plastic sheathing on the end of the firewire cable cracked to the point that I couldn't use it to pull the cable off the port. I had to pull on the cable itself (cables love that).
            This happened within the first year of owning the iPod, so I took it in to get replaced. The Geniuses didn't think that was a good idea. They said it was OK with the crack...
            I was so happy!
            Cracks are actually good for ventilation. DUH!