Why can't I get an iPAQ with decent storage space?

Why can't I get an iPAQ with decent storage space?

Summary: Why can't I buy an iPAQ with a realistic amount of storage space, rather than have to resort to juggling storage cards?

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I don't mind admitting it, I used to be a huge HP iPAQ fan.  A really big fan.  But sadly, those days are long gone.

Over the past few years they feel like they've become less of a tool and more of a vehicle to sell me the latest version of Microsoft Windows Mobile.  The single thing that really bothers me the most about the iPAQ is how we live in a time where a 4GB USB memory drive costs under $100, yet while HP charges a premium for these handheld devices they still only kit them out with memory measured in megabytes!

I used to use my existing iPAQ for loads of different purposes:

  • Note taking (voice and keyboard)
  • Email
  • Browsing the web
  • Watching DVDs
  • Hooking it up to GPS for navigation
  • Taking files and data with me when I'm on the move
  • Astronomy
  • Gaming
  • ... lots more besides

All this takes up masses of storage space, yet HP think that around 64MB or 128MB is enough.  Yeah, OK, there's some with a bit more storage space but there's nothing in the current range that I could use without having to augment it with storage cards.

"Helloooo!  This is the 21st century!"

So, what do I think it so wrong about a storage card?  Well, to put it simply, I think they're a pain to use.  It's great in the beginning when the iPAQ is blank, but the problems come when you've installed too much on the main machine and then have to start installing applications and saving data files on the card.  The card then becomes a permanent fixture on the device and you've lost a slot.  From this point on it you’re standing on the slippery slope juggling your data and files between internal storage or expansion cards.  Eventually, out of desperation, it's time to add another storage card and now there's no expansion ports.

So that's it for me.  HP have had the last dollar they're getting off me for an iPAQ.  Until they can come up with an iPAQ that has at least 2GB of storage space then I'm done with them.  I like the design, I like the screen, I like the button layout, and I love the expansion port (hang on, I hate the expansion port because it's flimsy and easily damaged) but the current capacities offered by HP are whipped by the current generations of portable video players that pack a lot more features into the box than HP do.

The next question is what to buy next?

Topic: Storage

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  • iPaq 3765

    I recently upgraded to Outlook 2003, now I find that none of the 3700 series iPaq's will sync to the computer (WORD mail merge will also no longer works). Does anybody know of a patch or upgrade to get the sync working again. Or do I own yet another $400.00 paperweight complements of Bill Gates. Thanks for the help.
    • ActiveSync

      What version of ActiveSync are you using? The latest version is 3.8 and that *might* help.


      Something drastic like a hard reset might also help.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Active Sync

        Adrian, Thanks so much, actually I needed 4.1 to get it to work. I had Googled for days looking for a patch but all I ever found were complaints by other users that the 3700's weren't supported anymore. It is all about finding the right link at the right time. thanks again Gary
        • Whoops

          Yeah, what I should have said was 4.1 ... I googled for the link, got 3.8 and got carried away!

          Here the link for anyone else interested:
          Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • ipaq

    Yes, its true ipaq is useless unless Hp adds more memory, I have simply wasted my money....