Windows Vista SP2 ready for download (and Windows Server 2008)

Windows Vista SP2 ready for download (and Windows Server 2008)

Summary: Have you been waiting patiently for Vista Service Pack 2 to be available? Your wait is over!


Have you been waiting patiently for Vista Service Pack 2 to be available? Your wait is over!

Here are the downloads - Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008:

For more information on this service pack, check out this page on TechNet.

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  • Only 5 languages? Get the SP2 for ALL LANGUAGES from eMule


    SHA1: 91FB7F33B838D0378647F49E35850622BABED4BF
    • No need for eMule

      The all language version is on the same download page as the 5 language version on the official site.

      Why would anyone go to virus heaven, when they can get it from the official site?
      • the MS link is not active

        the MS link is not active
        • Sure it is.

          The link to get the 64-bit version is active. Not sure what issues you might be having with it.
          • "All Language Standalone" links don't work!

            "All Language Standalone" links don't work!
          • where are u downloading "All Language Standalone" version?

            where the heck are you downloading the "all language standalone" version of SP2?

            if it's from a torrent site, SHAME ON YOU!!!!
            MS hasn't posted that version yet. only the 5 language version is available to the general public. And MS has recently made the all language edition of SP2 available only to MSDN/Technet subscribers.
        • not a valid win32 application

          I've tried downloading four times from two computers and when I try to run I get

          "spinstall.exe is not a valid win32 application."
          • RE: not a valid win32 application

            hey dplaut. you need to run SP2 either on an actual Vista or Server 2008 computer. you'll get the "spinstall.exe is not a valid win32 application" error message if you run it on a Win2000/WinXP/Win2003 computer as I've found out myself. copy the SP2 installer onto a Vista or Win2008 machine and run the SP2 installer again.
  • RE: Windows Vista SP2 ready for download (and Windows Server 2008)

    I thought Windows7 was the next service pack for Vista ;-)
    • I thought Windows7 was the next service pack for Vista

      No - not even close - Windows 7 is a new operating system and is not Vista in any way shape or form.
      • Win 7 is practically Vista

        Actually, Win 7 is about 90% of the code of Vista and is fundamentally the same. Win 7 is to Vista what XP was to Win 2000.
        • How can you be so wrong?

          Features were removed - The footprint was reduced. The kernel is version 6.1 new features were implemented. The taskbar was revamped - The GUI was overhauled - I could go on and on.
          • Microsoft says: "Win7 has only minor changes in these areas"


            "There is no need to wait for Windows 7. It is a goal of the
            Windows 7 release to minimize application compatibility
            for customers who have deployed Windows Vista since
            there was considerable kernel and device level innovation
            in Windows Vista. The Windows 7 release is expected to
            have only minor changes in these areas".

            So Windows 7 is almost Vista in everyway except with a few new user functionalities.
          • There is a difference

            Even if the changes are minor, there are enough changes to differentiate the two operating systems. You are also going off of what someone stated, rather than trying both operating systems to know the difference.
          • I think he was simply replying to your comment.

            He isn't saying there aren't changes and quite a few at that but that but that at the heart it is still the same technology.

            Kind of like having a different auto body style with some nice improvements but the drive train is still the same (with some enhancements).
          • He is correct. From a kernel standpoint.

            They prettied up UAC and the GUI but the "engine" is very much the same. Microsoft has said so. I'm not saying that they haven't made kernel improvements but the more massive changes were between XP and Vista and not between Vista and Win7 which is one of the reasons it came out so quickly.
          • That was not the dictating factor

            The reason for the quick launch was Microsoft wanted to get back to releasing operating systems every three years. There was a ridiculously long five year window between Windows XP and Vista, and Microsoft wanted to get back to three year cycles. Vista was released in 2006. Windows 7 hits in 2009, thus the three year cycle.

            People that say that Windows 7 is Vista should come to grips with reality and realize that the products are not the same.

            It would be suicidal for Microsoft to release the exact same product and rename it.
          • WHO YOU KIDDING?

            The real Vista SP2 can be found at, it is called Windows 7 RC. Or if you take a good look online you can find build 7127 versus 7100.


            Why would I pay for Windows 7 when it comes out when there is nowhere enough new in it to warrant a minimum of 130 dollars for an OEM version. DreamScenes, and all Windows Ultimate extras have been removed. If you want animated wallpaper you have use a workaround that luckily is freely available on the net. The systray you have to play with for quite awhile just to get it to show you the icons you put their for easy access. The default Explorer view is what is call your libraries. Luckily there is a workaround for this as well out there. Microsoft decided certain programs would minimize to the taskbar instead of the systray when minimized or closed. Messenger being one. From what I see their GUI changes were made not so much to improve the end user experience, but rather to make third party UI shell makers have to rewrite major parts of their programs. Also where is this great new file system that was to come out originally with Vista? ME PAY FOR WHAT IS ONLY A VISTA SP, HAHAHA
          • Puh-leease...

            This is damage control from a less-than-enthusiastic reception Viista got and still has among many.

            If it was a flaming success, M$ would be back on the five years schedule, raking it all in, leaving future development in the not-too-pressing background.
            Wintel BSOD
          • FAIL! The kernel has changed ...

            ... considerably in parts, although the parts that have changed are pretty low-level and should have no negative effects on your Windows experience.

            Core kernel changes include, for example, new more granular (rather than global) processor dispatch and memory allocation locks, enabling the Win7 kernel to more efficiently handle > 512+ processors/cores and multi-terabyte RAM.

            There have also been many improvements to components that plug into the kernel including the graphics infrastructure, process management, deadlock & livelock detection, etc.

            Just because Win7 was originally based on the Vista code tree, don't assume that "relatively small" individual changes add up to a minor upgrade over Vista - they don't!

            Win7 is a MUCH more significant improvement to Windows than many will have you believe.