What happens when your EHR provider shuts down?

What happens when your EHR provider shuts down?

Summary: While no medical facility wants to suffer through a data migration, sometimes being forced to upgrade winds up providing benefits.


Last year, customers of Respond, a popular EHS tracking system, got the news that support was ending for the system that some had used for almost two decades. Now, these customers have less than a year to find a replacement.

Health professionals using Respond have scrambled. Some competing vendors now offer Respond Replacement packages. Faced with losing years of data, it's important to look for services that include data migration services for the transfer of records.

As with many unplanned changes, users forced to find alternatives are finding that occupational health and safety solutions can offer much more than just tracking and reporting databases.

Online solutions can offer many enhanced capabilities, including an employee portal to provide secure employee self-service and a unique 100% paperless experience.

Instead of laboriously entering data manually, information from surveys, labs, radiology and HR systems streams automatically into cloud-based services, freeing busy clinical professionals from tedious data entry, allowing them to focus on care.

One such solution, ReadySet, is a web-based SaaS platform, requiring no servers and minimal IT support. "It's easy to implement and often is up and running in less than a month." noted Jacques Devaud, VP of Business Development for Axion Health.

Axion Health's ReadySet offers additional integrated services such as Dragon Dictation, barcode scanning compatibility, and text alerts.

While no medical facility wants to suffer through a data migration, sometimes being forced to upgrade winds up providing benefits like Web support and high-quality records dictation.

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Denise Amrich is a Registered Nurse, the health care advisor for the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, and a mentor for the Virtual Campus at Florida's Brevard Community College.

Nothing in this article is meant to be a substitute for medical advice, and shouldn't be considered as such. If you are in need of medical help, please see your doctor.

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