Barack Obama is male, taken, and CC licensed

Barack Obama is male, taken, and CC licensed

Summary: While John McCain recently complained about Google's application of the DMCA, Barack Obama has been quietly employing a Creative Commons license for his Flickr photostream.


Barack Obama is male, taken, and CC licensedI've been following Obama's tweets for awhile, but had neglected the President-elect's Flickr account until this morning when the Today Show featured some of the great behind-the-scenes election night shots posted there. A lot of these look like they were snapped on a staffer's camera phone (digital SLR, actually). The U.S. will soon swear in its first President ever who is fluent in online communications, and that does indeed fill me with hope. As does the fact the President-elect's Flickr photos are Creative Commons licensed. (If you haven't already done so, you can peruse Obama's savvy technology policy positions here.)

(Image by Barack Obama, CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

Topics: Social Enterprise, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Hello????

    Over three months have passed.....Anyone here??????
    linux for me
  • It's disrespectful... use a word such as "male" to describe The One, The Messiah.
    That puny word simply can not do Him justice.