The well-traveled iPhone

The well-traveled iPhone

Summary: Am I crazy, or did my iPhone travel round trip from Shenzhen, China and back before arriving in Southern California?iPhoneDevCamp got front-of-Business-Page coverage in today's L.

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The well-traveled iPhone

Am I crazy, or did my iPhone travel round trip from Shenzhen, China and back before arriving in Southern California?

iPhoneDevCamp got front-of-Business-Page coverage in today's L.A. Times.

I enjoyed Cringely's well-headlined piece, predicting a 3-G version by Christmas, as well.

[Update:] Initial impressions: no activation difficulties with AT&T, just took a couple of minutes. 17.5 GB music library, meet 7.2 (effective) GB iPhone. Hence: lots of trimming decisions for syncing music, photos, movies, and podcasts. When it comes to Gmail, the iPhone's mail application is nowhere near as nice from an organizational standpoint as Gmail mobile, and unnecessarily loads hundreds (650, to be exact) of supposedly "unread" emails onto the phone.

[Update:] Liking: well, a lot, including that iPhone fits/syncs fine in iPod's cradle (which means it should work fine with external speakers, stereo connector cradles, etc. for the iPod). Disliking: that apparently Apple still hasn't fixed the iTunes 7.3 software glitch that made hundreds, if not thousands, of users unable to save their libraries after the upgrade (munged up some other things too, if you read these threads). You seem to be able to route around the problem by deleting then reimporting podcast subscriptions; it worked for me.

[Update, 07/11/07:] Finally, iTunes 7.3.1 has the fix.

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • A FexEx glitch?

    My guess is that the original departure from Shenzhen was
    posted in error and that it was placed on the plane at the
    first available space, arriving in Anchorage on the 6th.

    The big question is do you have it yet?
    • Yep

      Arrived this a.m.
      Denise Howell