Infor shows strong growth

Infor shows strong growth

Summary: Infor is benefiting from the freeing up of IT budgets, closing out the calendar year strongly.


Infor closed out 2011 with strong, double digit growth. While the company does not release financial details it claims:

  • 17% license growth in the 12 months to 30th November, 2011
  • 16% organic licence growth for its second fiscal quarter
  • EBITDA margins up to 27%
  • Year over year growth in Infor’s core ERP business up 25%

The lack of financial insight is frustrating, especially since we do not know what impact these improvements had on Infor's rumored debt mountain. However, the company appears to be benefiting from a fresh focus that saw it add 2,500 net new customers during 2011 and expand its reach among 12,000 existing customers.

As part of the press release, Infor reminded the market that it is not just another rollup play:

Infor added more than 500 software engineers in 2011 and announced plans to hire an additional 75 developers in its Innovation Center, which will be housed at the company’s new headquarters in New York City. Infor shipped 69 new products, 1904 new features and 2001 customer enhancement requests – up more than 70 percent from the previous year.

It also reminded us that Infor has created a strategic partnership with that includes a multi-million dollar investment into Infor. Details of development progress were not revealed.

Expect to hear me talk more about Infor in the coming year. They are shaping up to become interesting again as they provide more lightweight integrations to third party applications like SAP and, of course,

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  • Infor is going on another buying spree...

    Internal management has been approaching strategic business partners with add-on modules to their various ERP platforms and giving the ultimatum "sell your product to us or we'll develop a replacement internally and push you out." They've already purchased Single Source Systems (Field Service) and RSVP (Quality) and apparently have their sights set on Lake Co. (Advanced Shipping). They are clearly flush with cash and feel they are in a position to take control of their stack rather than share with partners. Their moves have all made sense so far...we'll have to wait and see if that continues. A lot of times companies go on buying sprees like this and wind up trying to expand the scope of their operation (Oracle and Microsoft excel at this) rather than consolidate and improve upon their existing code base. Based on these recent acquisitions as well as the strategic direction their software has taken, it would seem that Infor is trying to position itself as a tier-1 ERP vendor. I expect two years from now they may well be.