50 QR code resources for the classroom

50 QR code resources for the classroom

Summary: How can QR codes be used effectively in class?


As mobile learning and technology is more readily integrated within classroom settings, QR codes can be used as an interesting method to capture a student's attention and make lesson material more interactive.

Quick response codes, also known as 'QR' codes, are simple, scannable images that are a form of barcode. By scanning a QR code image through a mobile device, information can be accessed including text, links, bookmarks and email addresses.

In the classroom, QR codes can be used in a variety of ways -- from conducting treasure hunts to creating modern CVs. Below is a number of articles, tutorials and lesson plans designed to help educators.

Articles and tips

1.) Twelve ideas for teaching with QR codes.

2.) 40 interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom.

3.) 5 uses of QR codes in the classroom.

4.) QR codes in the classroom.

5.) QR Codes in the STEM Classroom.

6.) QR Codes in math class.

7.) 46 interesting ways to use QR Codes in the classroom. (Google Doc)

8.) 75 Teched Out ways to say good job.

9.) Desktop QR code tutorial. (YouTube)

10.) How i use QR codes in the classroom - A teacher's experience.

Resources, software and lesson help

11.) The QR treasure hunt generator.

12.) QR Codes in Education LiveBinder - by Steven W. Anderson.

13.) Qurify - a QR code generator to create messages for students.

14.) QR Code Easter Egg Hunt.

15.) QR Codes Pinterest board.

16.) QRpedia.org -- using QR codes to deliver Wikipedia articles to users.

17.) The periodic table of QR codes.

18.) QR Codes - Lesson and resources.

19.) Higher education and QR code use.

20.) Making lesson plans more interesting with QR codes.

21.) Tag My Doc - Assign QR codes to your documents.

22.) Ways to use QR Codes in the elementary classroom and using Google Docs to create them.

23.) "Resources that I've found for creating / using QR-Codes in Education",  Doug Peterson.

24.) How-To-Guide: Recording audio files and generating QR codes.

25.) Stimulating oral storytelling using QR codes. (YouTube)

26.) Interactive Bulletin Boards.

27.) QR codes in the classroom, Daring Library.

28.) Free QR Code enabled worksheets.

29.) 2 projects in math using QR codes.

30.) ZXing Project QR code generator. (Calendars, email, events, URLs)

31.) QR stuff, resources.

32.) eTools for Language Teachers.

33.) Scrapbooking Resources - Stickers, stamps, quotes & more.

34.) Quick Response (QR) codes: Examples of use in education.

35.) Four Ways QR Codes could revolutionize education.

36.) QR Code Scavenger Hunt with ESL students.

37.) How to use QR codes in student projects.

38.) Lesson plan: Flip Cameras and QR codes.

39.) Lesson plan: QR Codes and the National Grid.

40.) Using QR codes to create educational posters.

41.) Stickybits: Scan your mobile world for social learning.

42.) QR Codes in the school library.

43.) Resource Roundup: 20 creative shortcodes to use in your projects.

44.) Giant QR Codes in the Classroom.

45.) QR code software packages.

46.) QR Codes: A beginner's guide.

47.) Examples of QR codes and school use.

48.) All about QR codes in your classroom.

49.) Hot QR codes in the classroom & library.

50.) QR Codes in education: Making print interactive.

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  • Great Resource

    This is a great resource. I haven't been able to get through every item yet, but what strikes me is that it would be very easy to lose track of the QR codes that one creates. There needs to be a way to manage the content. Does anyone know if there are content management systems out there yet for QR codes?
  • Ditto, Great Resource

    I agree, thanks for the great resource. I look forward to exploring and incorporating some of the ideas in my own courses.
  • Add QR Code to your website

    Good article. I would like to suggest one more resource: http://www.pageqrcode.com
    It is the simple way to add QR Code to your website.
  • Good Resource - Another Useful On for the List

    Really good list of QR Code resources, I'll definitely be checking out number of these.

    One QR Generator that myself and my colleagues regularly use and can recommend is http://www.quickresponsecode.com

    It has lots of options, and importantly is very easy to use especially if you have a few QR Codes to generate.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Adding some ideas to the list

    This is really a good list of ideas / applications and I'd add to it some other ideas from my blog
    Visit this link for more ideas http://office-gears.com/?p=226

    In addition, one Egyptian company already implemented a cinema ticket reservation service that fully utilizes QR codes
    Check this link for more details http://office-gears.com/?p=398
  • Mathematics Classroom Examples

    Here are some specific uses of QR codes in my one-to-one-iPads mathematics classroom. We are having a blast!

  • QR Code generator with tracking and analytic capabilities?

    I did not find any QR Code generator that is able to create URL QR Codes with analytic support and no need for any registration or user account so i suggest to have a look at http://www.qrcode-generator24.com. Damn small but fine tool.
    René Hermi
  • QR Codes in Education

    Thanks for this, an excellent list that mirrors my own experience and ideas for QR Codes and how they can be used in and around classrooms. I have just recently released this ebook on QR Codes in Education, which your readership may find interesting: http://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk/books/qr-codes-in-education/

    All the best, David
  • How to use QR Codes

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  • great resources

    I agree,really great list of QR resources codes...
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