50 resources for iPad use in the classroom

50 resources for iPad use in the classroom

Summary: A roundup of educational articles, apps and tutorials for educators looking to integrate iPads into the classroom.

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

The transition to the more extensive use of technology in classrooms across the West has resulted in the integration of bring your own device (BYOD) schemes, equipping students with netbooks and tablet computers, and lessons that use social media & online services.

Gesture-based technology is on the rise; according to the latest NMC Horizon Report, gesture-based technological models will become more readily integrated as a method of learning within the next few years.

The iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect technology are examples of these kinds of developments, and in particular, resources for Apple products in education are becoming widely available online.

For teachers, some of which are just beginning to use tablets and mobile devices in class, these resources can be invaluable in promoting more interactive classrooms and understanding how best to use and control such products. Below is a collection of tutorials, lesson plans and applications for educators to utilize.


1.) iPads for learning: Getting started

2.) How to put a video in Keynote for iPad

3.) 50 iPad2 tips and tricks

4.) iPods and iPads in the Classroom

5.) iPad Curriculum: Educational app reviews, tips, and tricks for using iPads in the classroom

6.) Mobile Mentor workshop

7.) Apps and lesson plans

8.) Issues to consider concerning the deployment of iPads

9.) Managing student work

10.) iPadagogy: The YouTube Channel

Apps for educators

11.) 30 iPhone apps to help educators manage classrooms

12.) 30 Useful IPad apps for Business & Presentation

13.) 20 Amazing iPad apps for educators

14.) Elementary school iPad apps

15.) Middle school iPad apps

16.) 100 free iPad apps

17.) 10 excellent iPad applications for teachers

18.) Top 20 must-have educational iPhone & iPad Apps used by real teachers in the classroom

19.) 5 Innovative iPad apps that will evolve your classroom

20.) 20 great classroom iPad apps to add to your collection

By subject

21.) Top ten classroom math apps

22.) 40 iPad Apps for science students

23.) 5 ways to be green with your iPad

24.) Separated by subject

25.) If you give a teacher an iPad

26.) Foreign language apps

27.) 1,000 educational apps organized by subject and price

28.) 1000 recommended apps sorted by subject area

29.) Apple's educational app directory

30.) Top 10 sites for educational apps

iBooks 2 resources

31.) Natural sciences

32.) Earth science

33.) Life science

34.) 5 ideas for using iBooks Author and iBooks 2

35.) New iBooks are for education what lipstick is to a pig

Tips, tricks and studies

36.) Using my iPad in the classroom this year

37.) 10 iPad 2 tips and tricks

38.) iPad classroom case studies

39.) 103 interesting ways to use iPad in the classroom

40.) 62 interesting ways to use an iPad in the classroom .. and tips

Sample lessons

41.) Sample lessons -- iPads in education

42.) The iPad Livebinder

43.) Planbook Touch for iPad

44.) iPad: Ideas to inspire

45.) My LessonPlan

46.) iPads4Education

47.) Learning and teaching with iPads

48.) Brainiapps

49.) iPad activities and examples

50.) Techchef Pinterest iPad lessons

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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • Apple Make Sense

    I really support this in anyway this make easy to use and less time consuming to understand and also a much practically based work

  • Well done, Charlie.

    Every little bit of assistance given to our nation's teachers and students will always be appreciated. Your article has helped.
  • Apple makes NO sense

    There are much better products for this application. Look at the Jet book, specifically designed for classrooms, including letting teachers add to schedules, etc.


    I do agree that tablet/ebooks are a MUST. Carrying massive textbooks around for years doesn't do anyones back any good.
  • Here we go again

    I spent years trying to get Apple IIs out of classrooms and then the same with Macs while trying to get schools to use Windows to prepare students for the real world. The amount of time and money wasted on Apple products in the hope they might be of some use is phenomenal.

    Now there's a push to use those expensive media consumption devices in schools. Since they are unable to use full HTML5 or Flash, schools are back to paying money to iTunes and using "apps" instead of applications. If you are that convinced that tablets are so necessary, then wait a few months and buy cheaper Win 8 tablets that will enable the students to actually do something useful.

    The only good that will come out of this is Apple's profits.
    • You just can't help yourself, can you?

      I just love the way all the MS shills and bigots tell everybody else to keep out of Windows discussions, but can't help themselves barging in to Apple and Linux talkbacks and spewing their hatred!

      People I know have OS preferences, but none of them is even faintly this fanatical about it. One has to wonder where such rabid loathing originates; did Steve Jobs spurn your advances?
  • One App For Teachers To Rule Them All?

    Found a future addition on Indiegogo called EduApp. Looks like teachers will have content on their iPad and will control the students iPads and push information to the students iPads in the future. Grading easier with integrated testing/scoring sounded like a major timesaver too.
  • Great resources

    Learning to work around these tools could make a difference in terms of productivity for teachers and students. These kinds of supports will enhance the learning process and even inspire individual creativity to shine through.
  • Just in time for the Election!

    Great Election App for Students! And it's Free! This should be featured on this page for the upcoming Election...

    Check out www.prezelectusa.com

    Neutral Review

    Video Tutorial:
    Ken BBK
  • Timeline Eons

    I recommend this Timeline Eons app, a graphic representation of the entire natural and human history:

  • Great!

    Great resources! Check out my blog about using iPads in the classroom: ClassTechTips.com
  • iPad or Tablet use in the classroom

    Its great to see the work you have put into this field. Radix Smartclass also believes strongly in helping education advance with the use of good ipad use in classroom:www.radixsmartclass.in
    Helena Daniel
  • Apps for classroom

    This is new best app to teach your child music. Your kids will have fun by using this. They will learn with fun