Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

Summary: Apple has teamed up with an Arts college to provide its students with iPad 2 models from fall 2012.

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Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, have teamed up with Apple to provide their students with iPads to be used in the classroom.

In order to try and assist their students in preparing for an art and design industry which increasingly requires both creative and digital skills, the college has recently announced a new initiative for new students enrolling in fall 2012.

According to the press release, each student will be equipped with their own iPad 2 model, pre-equipped with a number of applications for use in their art and design classes. The students that will receive these devices must be enrolled on a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) course.

"The iPad 2 will be a pivotal learning tool in the new Foundation curriculum where the integration of digital media and tools will be taught and used in tandem with traditional drawing and design media. We are proud to be the first art and design college to partner with Apple to provide iPad devices to all new BFA students," says Moore President Happy Craven Fernandez. "This is an exciting opportunity to increase interactivity within the classroom and Moore community."

The iPad 3 is currently under heavy speculation about the soon-to-be launch, however, it is unlikely that the college would opt for the newest model so soon after its release -- which is likely to cost far more than the iPad 2 depending on the deal that has been struck between supplier and academic institution.

However, in conjunction with Apple's recent updates to iTunes U and iBooks 2, we are likely to see more Apple technology being utilized in schools and colleges. It is not known exactly what the terms of bulk purchasing or the pricing agreements were between Apple and the college, but these kind of negotiations are what can bring the late Steve Job's wish to revolutionize education to fruition.

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Topics: Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

    If Apple and colleges or, (gov.) can join together to increase the learning capabilities of students it is a good thing. I wonder if apl can decrease it's reliance on the bottom line as an impetus long enough to give the kids a real shot.
  • RE: Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

    Really cool...hopefully this can spread to public schools.

    I would really like to see a list of the preloaded apps.

    I keep struggling trying to find good graphics apps. I use Art Studio and Autodesk Sketch Book Pro and still seem to not seeing basic handy editting capacities such as cutting and pasting with and without floating and transparent selections...etc.
  • RE: Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

    great till they all disapear?
  • RE: Apple joins forces with art college to provide student iPads

    The school district I work for (McAllen ISD) is in phase 2 of providing iPads and iTouch devices to 25,000 students and teachers. How this is going to play out is anyone's guess. My guess is that its going to be a long learning curve especially since we all know that the kids will use them for games/youtube/etc, instead of actual assignments. You can check out the details about the ISD's plan here:
    • Here is a simple logical idea .....

      @luisgarza2010 ... if kids are going to use the device for games .... what about making the games EDUCATIONAL?

      Oh wait .... people are too dumb to think simple solutions.