British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

Summary: MI6 officers disrupted an online al-Qaeda 'magazine' by replacing bomb-making guides with recipes for non-exploding cupcakes.


British MI6 officers allegedly disrupted an online al-Qaeda 'magazine' by replacing key recipes for bomb-making with recipes for benign, non-exploding cupcakes.

An anonymous Whitehall source dropped the ball to a leading British newspaper, who said that GCHQ, the signals and intercepting agency, also helped with the hack.

The 67-page color PDF magazine which offered such features as, "How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom" was mostly scrambled.

Some of the code replaced, however, instead described a rather tasty cupcake recipe, originally sourced from Ellen Degeneres' website.

The sabotage, which is said to have taken place over a year ago, wanted to disrupt an English-speaking al-Qaeda supporting website.

U.S. intelligence is said to have attempted to disrupt the efforts of this website themselves, but were beaten to it by the British. This led to disputes between British and American intelligence services, which originally wanted to block the site, it was reported.

During the World War II effort, the British have been retrospectively known for their humorous tactics; once secret documents were declassified after the thirty year rule.

Operation Mincemeat, for example, only recently came to light, by fooling top Nazi officials with faked documents in a suitcase, handcuffed to a dead homeless man from London posing as a senior Army official.

British intelligence has a high proportion of younger people in employment, but stalled in the past few years.

In a bid to raise its profile amongst the younger generation, used Facebook as a recruitment tool, to entice the social network's majority demographic towards employment opportunities in the civil service.

While it is a lovely story for children to hear as they drift into their slumber, as a "secret" service, the UK Foreign Office declined to comment.

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  • Oh why not....

    al-Qaeda are a bunch of cupcakes [and cowards].
    Gis Bun
    • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

      @Gis Bun A bunch of cupcakes...nice. Good for the british...<a title="texas real estate attorney" href="http://kellylegalgroup">texas real estate attorney</a>
  • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

    I find it more amusing that MI6 is using facebook for recruitment.
  • You fools! You just gave al-Qaeda the ability to attack us with...

    You fools! You just gave al-Qaeda the ability to attack us with obesity!

    Crap! The terrorists have already won!
    • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

      @olePigeon "attack", or "slowly make their way on a mobility scooter"...?
    • I hear some of those recipes bombed.


      So they didn't need to change the title. :)
      Will Pharaoh
  • Why no URL?

    So what they actually did, was draw attention to this single document, when the bomb making part is available from many sources??.

    Why would this anonymous security person do that exactly?

    Also if nobody here can find this document on their own, how would they find this document to view it and be turned into a lone terrorist by it?

    I means there's millions of sites on the net all trying to attract eyeballs, usually by spamming Google, yet anyone posts a terrorist manual and suddenly little Johnny is planing a Jihad?

    IMHO, sounds like a PR person making up a narrative.
    • Also why did they change the PDF?

      If they had access to the server, why change the PDF, why not bug it to track the people downloading it?? i.e. a PDF that links to special urls??

      And if they cracked the server to access it, surely they could plant some Perl script or similar on it, to locate the people uploading the file?
      • Because cupcakes are funnier. [nt]

      • Actually, they wanted to save the big stuff for later

        @guihombre <br><i>The cyber unit had wanted to block the al Qaeda magazine but the CIA, which had countered such an attack would expose sources and intelligence methods, won the debate and declined to allow an attack on Inspire</i><br><br>

        But it sounds like the British went ahead and did it on their own.
        Will Pharaoh
    • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

      @guihombre It's why I hedged. "Allegedly", "is said to have", etc.
  • Not so good

    You can kill people making them eat fat food, they should have used a salad recipe.
  • Maybe they originally uploaded it

    I mean if no visitor to the site knows whether the real 'Jihad Durka Durka' is the REAL 'Jihad Durka Durka' they could upload a cupcake PDF recipe themselves pretending to be Jihad Durka Durka.

    Announce the success of their 'cyber-warfare' attack nonsense. Get the budget they're after, and bingo mission accomplished.

    Whereas 'made up supervillain' would just post it on Wikileaks, or Rapidshare or whatever.

    That's another thing, why a SINGLE place? Why wouldn't they distribute this document everywhere? e.g. call it Penthouse Jan 2011 and post it on Rapidshare? Or post the text as text on 4chan?

    Why would people who want to spread these 'dangerous' words post it to sites nobody visits??

    So many questions.
    • Jihad Durka Durka

      Bork! Bork! Bork!
      rocket ride
  • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

    Maybe if we plant enough cupcakes we can bring down the internet and end all this technology nonsense once and for all
  • Another thing that bugs me

    Why does RSA have the token id of Lockheed?
    Surely that means that RSA staff would have to be security cleared?

    I thought those tokens were random, the customer took the token, entered the id and the current number in their records (and the user id and password) and that was it, this is what I saw in front of me when I got a bank token.
    I thought only the customer held the map, but it seems not.

    How did they hack Lockheed network with only the token, presumably they need the password and id that match that token too? i.e. an insider.

    Where are RSA keys made, they don't say on them, why can they sell keys that don't state their origin?

    I also don't see the recall of RSA keys (I have 3 of them). Surely they will be recalled now, if they've been breached?

    I see one of my keys (Vasco) says 'made in China go 3', so if these keys are hacked by Chinese gov, presumably they'll ban these keys being made in China now?

    So many questions.
    • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

      @guihombre I think you may, just may, be taking a light-hearted Friday story a tad too seriously : ) I know, it does sound dubious, but we have no idea how the intelligence services work. All we can do, is follow the technology beat wherever we can. Have a great weekend.
  • RE: British MI6 replace bomb website with cupcake recipe

    Cupcakes are funny... Profiteroles are funnier! MI6, time to hack them again and plug Weebl's Profiteroles video into the site. BOOM! Explosive taste in your mouth!
  • Message has been deleted.

    Tommy S.
  • Mayhaps the new Al Queda last shout will change

    That is, to "Super Size Me" as opposed to whatever they say now.