Generation Y: Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

Generation Y: Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

Summary: The Generation Y waste technology. They abuse the technology they purchase by not looking after it, and then they consider everything as disposable and are utter spendthrifts. Gratuitous rant


I have been defending the iGeneration for over a year and a half now, but even this comes as a surprise to me as I launch my first direct assault on the next generation of technology users. I, of course, am one of the few exceptions to the rule, but I bathe in the vast awesomeness of my responsibility and moral upbringing.

To put this simply, the Generation Y abuse technology, as the mindset of the average student is that technology can be replaced due to the wide availability of electronic products, and as a result, the far cheaper prices to that of a decade ago.

Where has this all come from, Zack? You may well be asking yourself that. This is why:

Suffice to say, the other eight comments were pointing out this person's idiocracy of their own life.

It seems most will look for a new laptop which cost no more than $300. The device itself won't be treated with respect or care, and will probably last no more than a year. With expensive products we generally treat with a lot more care. The temptation from moving out of halls of residence is to buy new things for their house as well as new gadgets. With this, another laptop is bought only a year later.

But for me, because I'm quite aware that my Tourette's will inevitably end up destroying the more flimsy of products, I take the time to research build quality, expandability and upgrade options. I'll look at the price and think very carefully before spending anything over $100 on something. I want my devices to last.

The iGeneration don't care about products lasting. They just want something here and now, that will do the job and something they can dispose of without it hurting their wallets when that moment in time comes. But not only will they moan about endlessly when these devices break, they simply don't look after their stuff. Most of the time, computers crash (internally and often physically) because they do not take the time to keep their products safe, clean or secured.

In terms of businesses, those in corporate environments will want their employees to have durable and near tough-book qualities in the laptops they buy, so those laptops can be passed from one employee to another when the other one leaves or has no more need for it. Especially those in my generation, consumers just don't care.

So as this next generation of IT workers are clearly too stupid or wreckless to look after their own technological purchases, I've simplified the following lines to summate my point.

  • Companies have far much more money to spend, but less is actually spent. They buy their hardware and technology as an investment for the future.
  • Consumers generally have less money to spend, but more is spent on the product than the company. This is partly because it's a single product they are buying and not in bulk, but they treat their new technology as disposable.

I hope this serves as a warning to the Generation Y from one of their own. You waste technology, you abuse the technology you purchase by not looking after it, and consider everything as disposable and are therefore in my eyes, spendthrifts.

To prove this, instead of sending off their old phone to be recycled, and in return you get a monetary cheque through the post, one technology abuser decided to publicly smash his old phone on camera. Why? Why do that? I got $90 for trading in my old phone which paid for three months of the call plan on my new phone. You just smashed your iPhone on camera and got nothing out of it except a rebuke from the wider community.

And then you have the audacity to complain that you can't afford the rent or to buy books for the next semester. For one day only - today - I am disgusted with the lot of you.

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  • Excuse me, but I've seen many ADULTS do things like this

    So it's not really a comment on any generation,
    but just a class of people..... a big class of
    people at that, who are 'hard' on technology.

    This is the main reason why things have to be made
    to a higher standard today.... because people are
    NOT going to treat these things like they are
    breakable china that sits in one place all the
    time, or stained glass.
  • Hmm...why does the word "insufferable" come to mind when you mention GenY?

    • Disposable generation?

      Old saying - 90% of everything is rubbish.
      Maybe 90% of Y is idiot?
  • Planned obsolescence

    Don't you think this has really been planned? I mean this is how advertising works "Don't keep the old thing, throw it out and buy the new thing" or something like that. This is most apparent in electronics and computers in particular "Faster, bigger, more memory, cheaper" when all a lot of people want to do is just surf the web. It's so much cheaper to throw these things away than to repair them or stretch their useful service lifetime. And now the kids have grown up watching their parents treat property like an old pair of shoes. People on these boards throwing a hissy-fit over anything that costs more than $0.99 "I want more cheap/free garbage!"

    It's worked for a long time, and we were able to "export" most of the background waste. Of course now we are staring to understand the terrible environmental costs of our "disposable society".
  • This not only applies to technology.

    This applies to everything. Gen Y has had everything given to them on a silver platter. They have not had to work for anything. I had a job when I was 14 and bought all my own toys. My parents put a roof over my head, bought my food and clothes and everything else I bought myself. When mommy and daddy give their kids everything that is the mindset they grow up with.
    • I agree

      Most kids nowadays do have everything given to them. They have their rent paid for, they don't earn a penny outside normal studying and take advantage of their surroundings.
  • All products are too cheap and flimsy today

    I bought a hair dryer in 1978 that lasted me 30 years
    until I lost it. Todays hair dryers at Wal-Mart sell for
    $5 and will probably be broken in a year.
  • Gen X = The Make Generation

    I am a Gen Xer (I was born in '67) and I usually just take all my old tech and put it in a pile then at some point, repurpose it for something else.
    One example, I took a Palm Pilot from 1999 that I upgraded to 2 megs of ram and IR ( really powerful IR) and loaded a remote control app and use it to control my AV system.
    Another example is taking a 10 year old laptop with a broken screen, loading LAMP and using it to test Wordpress installations locally before setting up websites.
    • Its both actually

      1 - Yes, almost anything short of a German car is built to be disposable.

      2 - Kids today treat everything as proto-garbage.

      My nephew is 20, and his favorite line when he was 10 was "just get a new one". As much as I hate to admit it, he's right. Not because we treat things as garbage, but they are made that way nowadays and if you get 3-4-5 years out of a tech product you have done really well.

      As I type this on my 13 month old laptop, I hope I get another year or 2 out of it before it craps out for no good reason. Well, other than the fact that HP didn't make much on it and they need me to buy another one to stay in business.
  • Hear, hear.

    It's not unique to your generation, Zack, though you're probably right that people just don't take care of things any more. I'm of the older generation that (in principle) wants to take care of things so they'll last. I'm trying to teach my kids that ethic, but we'll see how long it lasts in the real world.
  • RE: Generation Y: Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

    I'm 22 and I pay for my own tech (have done since I got a job at 16) I pay rent and so does everyone else I know... Including those at college. I'd also like to point out that almost 50% of us were raised in single parent/single income families, so silver spoon? Spoiled? I'm not seeing it! Plus if we're paying what does it matter, we're the most likely age group to recycle, so we're not wastefull, we just like new stuff! I think it's a shame that people are so critical and narrow-minded based purely on someone's age.
  • RE: Generation Y: Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

    People need to be willing to PAY for quality items made to high standards. Bonus if it was built in the USA (fat chance).<br><br>For as long as people buy the CHEAPEST instead of the BEST, there will be a race to the bottom. I'm Gen X, and after a years of suffering the (predictable) failure of cheaply bought goods, I began a campaign of CAREFULLY researching my technology purchases, and buying only goods of HIGH quality (even if they are used), and taking care of them. That usually means waiting until I could afford the (carefully researched) item I WANT, and getting it hopefully BEFORE I needed opposed to buying the cheapest thing available right now, perhaps out of desparation. It often also means spending a little more on on cases and other protective measures.<br><br>Unsurprisingly, I now have a functional collection of nearly EVERYTHING I've ever wanted....a working car, a motorscooter (wanna cut energy costs?), a well-equipped machine shop, high-end camera equipment, an older (but still functional) laptop, high quality it.<br>I'm currently working on finishing my matched set of cordless power tools (all using the same battery system) . In a few months, when my student loan is paid in full (and not a moment before), I'll be buying a Ford Mustang. <br><br>Strangely, I've found it to be MUCH MUCH MUCH CHEAPER in the long run to spend more on high quality goods less often. Likewise, when I NEED my stuff, it's waiting for me (securely tucked away in its protective case), and it WORKS. I can RELY on my tech...and so, my other Gen X friends find that they can rely on ME.<br><br>(note: I'm not particularly well off. I have an ex-wife, two children, and a job at a private university. I can't just afford to run out and spend money...but I find that I can LESS afford to buy cheap crap. You TRUELY get what you pay for, and patience REALLY pays off.)
  • Generation Y: Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

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  • Technology wasters, spendthrifts and abusers

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