Gmail Buzz: What about the Live@edu students?

Gmail Buzz: What about the Live@edu students?

Summary: Gmail Buzz seems to be more of a competing factor to the in-built instant messaging in it's rival, Microsoft's Live@edu than anything else;


Buzz, the new social network web application from Google, sits within the confines of Gmail and is open to anyone who uses the email service. I won't dive into mass-analysis mode nor will I re-explain the service as my colleagues have done a fantastic job of this already.

There are a few things to consider here. Firstly, Buzz only works if you are a Gmail subscriber. While this may well be a massive number of users, it could also draw in many more users as a result. It's not necessarily designed to be a Twitter or Facebook replacement or substitute, rather something amalgamated from the two existing services to better serve the Google user.

But at the moment, the Google vs. Microsoft battle for university productivity and email services is taking out campus by campus like a Wild West shoot out.

More universities are opting for the Microsoft solution than the Google solution, meaning more students are using Live@edu and the Outlook Web interface for university email and file sharing, while Google takes on the secondary, personal accounts.

Google Apps users may not necessarily have access to Buzz just yet, but anyone with a Gmail account can play with it anyway. Google will be widening Buzz to include it as part of their Apps education suite which rolls out to the minority of universities and colleges which go with it.

For Live@edu users, who have in-built messaging capabilities to other Live@edu users will have to suffice. What Buzz is to Twitter, Live@edu is to Facebook chat.

I don't think for a minute Buzz will have any major effect on the non-Google world. Twitter for work and for fun, along with personal Facebook accounts will keep far more different kinds of people connected without the barrier of needing an account to have a single peek.

Excited about Buzz, or happy to steer clear?

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  • I'm not sure the Buzz comparison to Live@edu messaging....

    ...makes sense. Google has GoogleTalk to compete
    for messaging. I agree that Buzz probably won't
    make a difference in the world outside of
    Google. I think it will bring more of that world
    into Google. I pretty much always felt things
    like Twitter were stupid. But having Buzz built
    into my Google maps on my Android device got me
    addicted to the idea. And if the thing starts to
    aggregate all the other social media it will
    easily become attractive as a hub. I don't think
    Buzz will reside with Gmail it entire life
    either. I believe its a part of the plan to
    bring Wave to the forefront. And right now I
    daily look at my email and wish we could move to
    Wave immediately. I believe they have a winning
    combo on their hands.
  • I think we achieve this through Live@Edu and Moodle already

    We use Live@Edu with our students and teachers and even integrated it with Moodle. Our students and get online status updates and availability along with collaboration tools all from those systems so it is like a little social network in itself already. Maybe not all the same features of "Buzz" and I have not used it so I cannot be 100% certain. I know that some departments like our media center have already set up live spaces that the students can become members of and get news and events all from a semi-controlled system. We have to have some level of control with Students and so far I do not see how Google allows that very efficiently. I tried setting up a google campus account before for email and similar services and it was way too open. Maybe things have changed a bit but I find that Live@Edu offers what we need and want it to do so I feel no need to look back to google at this time.
  • RE: Gmail Buzz: What about the Live@edu students?

    I don't know about numbers, but if status means anything Yale just went to Gmail.
  • RE: Gmail Buzz: What about the Live@edu students?

    Interesting observations here, Zack. I think you raise some important points about interop with Buzz. While an intriguing concept, by limiting to just Gmail I think they limit the appear for many of the reasons you cited above. If G is really trying to tap into the broader Internet as a social platform, they'll need to look beyond Gmail.
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