Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

Summary: Gmail has bellyflopped again, only weeks after Hotmail suffered an outage which affected thousands of people. Is the cloud the safest place for an email service?


Google has followed seemingly similar steps to Microsoft in a recent outage, which now affects around 150,000 Gmail users, deleting not only their emails but folders, personalised settings, labels and themes too.

Engineers have been working on this since the early hours, according to the company, while they state that less than 0.1% of all users are affected.

Google Apps users, including Google Apps for Education users, are also under the affected umbrella, but thankfully most students should have slept through the outage, as students sleep on average 109% of the time (gratuitous joke).

Many students, though using Microsoft's Live@edu service and other college and university in-house services to manage their email, link in to Gmail for additional storage.

Nevertheless, this will be a significant blow to the public relations of the company, with Gmail as one of the worlds most used free web based email services.

In credit to Google, however, it updated its Dashboard pages over the weekend to acknowledge the problem, whereas Microsoft resorted to taking to the convoluted forums it hosts on their own problem pages, when it suffered an outage over the New Year break.

Is the cloud the best place to store email? Or would you prefer to manage your own in a private cloud set-up? Have your say.

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  • Sh** happens

    Sh** happens. That's about it, I think.

    It appears that all lost data are recoverable, so the damage to the affected accounts will remain limited.

    All in all, Gmail remains my e-mail service of choice. Switched a couple of years ago, and never looked back. No need to. :-)
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @pjotr123 Not for me! I use a commercial version of yahoo! email which costs me US$19.95 a year. For that price I get 300 aliases (send/receive) to my mail yahoo email address. If I signup for a site online, I make up an address just for that site. If I get spam emails to that address, I just delete the alias. End of problem. Gmail? I just use it for gtalk to my offshore teams around the world. That's all. It's not nearly as good as yahoo!
  • "Microsoft behind it!!"

    Google will somehow find a way to blame it on Microsoft, trust me.
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @LBiege No - they'll just fix it and move on. Not every company is as small minded as M$
  • Rest assured

    Google Street Vans are out looking for 'em as we speak.
  • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

    I better take backups on my laptop. Gmail just keeps screwing up every now and then.
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @coolnerd16 How many redundant forms of storage are enough? Well, that depends on how you feel about losing your stuff. Ask yourself, "How much do I depend on, how upset would I be and/or how much would it cost to replace this data if it got wiped out?" <a href="">seattle plumber</a>
      <a href="">seattle locksmith</a>
  • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

    I was wondering over the weekend how many out there would give them a free pass. If this was Hotmail again, people would be in a tizzy!

    Frankly, I hope each day that Google will some out delete themselves out of existence. Today, we were 150,000 closer to that goal!
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @Cylon Centurion 0005 Hotmail? Stone age!
  • I call this a BS story because

    Google [b]never[/b] has these probems, only MS does!
    Will Farrell
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @Will Farrell

      We all love Google! Google, I want you to have my HDD, I want you to crack it open a mine it, you deserve all the advertising revenue you can get! Marry me Google?
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

    This is why you shouldn't use Google services.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Or Microsoft services...

      @Loverock Davidson
      since they have the exact same problems. Heck, let's eliminate all web-based services and go back to 1993 where web meant static HTML.
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @Loverock Davidson Just like people shouldn't use Microsoft services...

      As I recall Hotmail used to be hosted on SUN to comment on that Lovey?
      Ron Burgundy
      • Because they purchased hotmail years ago

        @Ron Burgundy
        and made it better by upgrading the service to Windows Servers.

        Nothing wrong with that.
        Will Farrell
  • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

    I am migrating my school to Google Apps or Live@edu this summer. Still finalizing the decision on which way to go. Kudos to Google for acknowledging the issue. Microsoft is less transparent when things go wrong. Something I have to consider in the coming months.
  • The cloud is a poor place to store important data, mail or otherwise

    Don't get me wrong. Storage on the cloud when everything is working properly, makes it very convenient to access from anywhere. The problem is, everything doesn't always work properly; and the more pieces there are, the more points of failure exist, and the less often everything does work properly.

    If you insist on going to the cloud, you would be wise to insist on duplicate, local, off-line usable storage and applications for critical data and information. thinking you can do without a local I.T. shop and infrastructure may save you a buck in the short run, and it may cause total failure of your business in the long run.
    • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

      @Dr_Zinj Good point; Google do need to improve their offline options and allow more backup systems. They will.
  • RE: Google 'does a Hotmail'; reports of deleted emails

    I sure wish that google would release their own computer email app so I can get rid of that lousy microsoft essentials free version. It use to be great. Now it is pathetic and hard to control multiple accounts.
    • Not only that...

      How about the lame-assed way WLM 2011 handles photo attachments?<br><br>I would like to know who the stupid son-of-a-b!tch is who decided everyone using the Windows Live Mail client would like to have photo attachments shown as either:<br><br>a.) A thumbnail or,<br>b.) A slideshow<br><br>Does your email only have one photo attached to it? Well too damn bad, you're either going to see it as a thumbnail or you're going to see it as a slideshow... consisting of one image.<br><br>And, since you CAN NOT change it back to the way photo attachments were handled in previous versions, I uninstalled the 2011 garbage and went back to the 2009 version.
      Hallowed are the Ori