How long do we spend on social media sites? [Infographic]

How long do we spend on social media sites? [Infographic]

Summary: How long do you spend on social networks every month?


There's no denying that many people, especially the younger generation, spend time on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more recently Pinterest. However, how much time on average do we spend on each site, and what does this reveal about the current status of social networking?

An infographic release based on research firm comScore Inc.'s study into the current social networking environment yielded some interesting results.

It is unlikely to be a surprise that Facebook has raced ahead in social network popularity, with an average score of 405 minutes spent on the site by a user in January 2012. This is miles ahead of Tumblr and the recent appearance of Pinterest, which tie at 89 minutes each -- while Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace gained average marks ranging from 8 to 21 minutes.

However, the lump of coal must go to Google+, who fell behind even a faded social network like MySpace with only three minutes spent on the platform by users per month, in comparison to an average six or seven hours on Facebook.

It needs to be kept in mind that this data does not take in to consideration mobile usage -- which, especially in the case of the Twitter and Facebook platforms, would have been likely to alter the results. If some of the popular Twitter clients such as TweetDeck were filtered in, it may be that Twitter's results would have averaged out far higher than by purely considering desktop access.

Interestingly, the figures fly in the face of Google's Chief Executive Larry Page, who was reported to say that 80 percent of Google+'s 90 million users log in daily. In comparison to this data, the numbers do not fit -- unless the 80 percent of logins include standard Gmail access.


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  • And then there's the rest of us

    I'd use Facebook for 5 minutes every 2 weeks to see if anyone was stupid enough to try and contact me on FB instead of email or IM. Part of that 5 min is seeing if any family members have posted any photos or news.

    That's it.

    Yes I signed up for Google plus to look at it, but immediately gave up as I couldn't see the point and it was another one of Google's half-finished products where you have to guess the purpose.

    As for the rest, I really don't find them either entertaining or informative. Everyone has an opinion, but very few have knowledge or experience - it's like watching static on a screen.

    But thanks for the graphic, it reminded me I probably still have a MySpace account I need to cancel along with Google+ ;-)
    • Same here

      I'm fresh out of college and have never felt the need to use any of these social networking sites.

      I really want to know how exactly these numbers came about. If I left a Facebook tab open all day and refreshed it every 15 minutes or so just to see if my friends had posted anything, is the graph counting the 15 minutes, or the 1 that I used to actually check stuff? Just asking because I have friends who leave Facebook open all day. That doesn't mean they're actually doing things all day.