How to get people to click on your Tweets (infographic)

How to get people to click on your Tweets (infographic)

Summary: Tips for increasing the appeal of your tweets for your followers.


Dan Zarrella of Hubspot, a researcher on social media, has released an interesting infographic that combines a study of click-through tweet rates and suggestions for increasing the appeal of your messages.

Whether you are a tweeting job seeker, an academic using the site for research, or simply a young person demonstrating your opinion, if your tweets aren't seen as valuable, you won't gain followers. This, in turn, could mean your use of the 'microblogging' platform could become redundant.

Some of the research findings include:

  • The highest click-through rates were enjoyed by tweeted messages between 120 and 130 characters.
  • Links placed approximately 25 percent of the way through a message achieve the highest CTR rates.
  • Quality, not quantity: Tweeting at a slower pace seems to be associated with higher follower interest.
  • 'Action' words were more popular than simply descriptive tweets.
  • Tweets are more likely to gain a high CTR on the weekends.

It seems like tweets without stereotypical advertising ploys are more popular than those with -- for example, 'via' and 'please' attain more CTR than '@addthis' or 'marketing'. This is possibly due to the wording choice becoming based on more 'personal' elements -- via potentially reflects an individual, 'check' indicates a choice. In contrast, '@addthis' is command-based language, and 'marketing' gives an automatic impression of wanting a user to click through.

The CTR (click through rate) has been calculated as the number of individual clicks on a tweeted link divided by the number of followers the account possesses at the time of tweeting the link.


Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Really interesting

    Good study.
    Shows the importance of studying the metrics instead of just looking at data, focusing on relevant KPI's.
    I really don't understand why lots of people have a timeline open to see some silly messages almost all day, specially those about being in a restaurant or how cool is the conference they are 'attending' but definitely, not paying attention, because they are tweeting.
    Maybe some kind of exhibitionism?
    So that's the main reason I don't use Tweeter at all. Trying to find an interesting message among lots of tweets is useless for me. I'm not criticizing people that uses it and found it a valuable tool. But I need to focus on my daily work. And it's not definitely reading messages.
    But really a good study, by the way.
    • RE: How to get people to click on your Tweets (infographic)

      @L.Martinez that's what I thought when I came across it -- although a tip for Twitter, if you create lists then generally you can just keep on board with certain topics (if you like!). For example, I have a travel list, breaking news, university list etc. I agree though that there are a lot of dubious and frankly odd messages floating around the Twitterverse.