Instagram now available for Android users

Instagram now available for Android users

Summary: Instagram, after a long wait, is now available for Android users.


Instagram was bound to come to Android due to its worldwide iOS following -- but when was the question. Now, Android users can finally enjoy the popular photo-sharing app on their smartphone devices.

After registration opened last month, users were able to sign up with their email address, in order to be first in line and notified when the Android-enabled application is released.

Now available in Google Play (previously the Android Marketplace), it is not only the legion of iOS user fans that can take, edit, upload and share images via the app after its debut in October 2010.

There are alternatives to this free app that are currently available on Android devices; such as Lightbox, Vignette and Camera360 -- but it can be expected that Instagram will quickly become a hit; if the features available function to the same standards as the iOS version.

Currently, any phone running Android 2.2 or above is compatible, but tablets running Android systems are not.

The Instagram app's popularity lies within its simplicity of use. After taking a quick shot on your camera, the image can be applied with a range of filters to transform an otherwise standard image. Upload it, post it on social networks or the Instagram site itself, and share your work with other Instagram or photography fans.

According to Gigaom, the Instagram site gets 300 million page views per month, and so its inclusion on Android devices is likely to cause a surge in its already impressive growth.

Image credit: Instagram

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  • Wait...

    That's all there is to this app?
    • Yeah, I don't get it either

      I see it as a passing fad that will go away unless they add more features that make it worth keeping.
      Michael Kelly
  • what next

    What AREN'T they going to buy? In the next 10 years there will only be 3 or 4 Ultramegagiantcorporations which own EVERYTHING. They should just contact Al Gore and see if he will sell them the rights to the internet he invented, and everything else associated with it.
    James Keenan