New UI rumours for Windows 7; I doubt it

New UI rumours for Windows 7; I doubt it

Summary: Windows has taken a turn for the worst in the last few years with the rise and hype associated with Vista during the beta days, only to horrendously let us down, just like an OJ Simpson jury.Consistency is absolutely everything when it comes to technology - you buy a product because you have certain expectations, to perform certain tasks.


Windows has taken a turn for the worst in the last few years with the rise and hype associated with Vista during the beta days, only to horrendously let us down, just like an OJ Simpson jury.

Consistency is absolutely everything when it comes to technology - you buy a product because you have certain expectations, to perform certain tasks. Windows has always been the same. You expect Windows to have a certain look and feel to it as it has always been; clock on the bottom-right, Start menu on the bottom-left, and so on.

If Microsoft were to suddenly throw in a massive user interface change, a "radical" one which I have had sources consider, makes me question the motives for Microsoft's future in the Windows department. Are they deliberately trying to crappify Windows to make Midori so much more pleasing when it arrives?

Let us have a quick look at the evidence so far, which will hopefully persuade you against these rumours floating about.

This is the earliest build of Windows 7 I could find, build 6519. It's still very early on in development and naturally, as you would expect, still features the Vista-esque user interface. This would be considered very normal in the development process, as Windows XP sported the old NT interface for almost a year into its development.

And here in build 6956, only 400 builds further down the road, we have the current interface. Not much has changed visually, if I am entirely honest; the taskbar is "chunkier" and the Start orb looks different, and the icons are enlarged - but visually that's it.

Build 7106 leaked last week and we see exactly the same interface, except for a different build string. The difference here is that 7106 is within the release candidate "zone", but following the winmain path as opposed to the win7rc path, where build 7077 was the RC escrow build.

For approximately 350 builds now, the "new user interface" has been installed and ready to go, with the help of the Blue Badge tool, of course. The amount of work and energy gone into it just to be scrapped later on down the line is almost unthinkable.

The release candidate of any software is meant to be a stable, feature complete build which ensures a good quality of testing can be implemented as a result. In the case of Windows, it's too late in the development cycle to start changing major features of the operating system. If it's a case of simply changing a single line of code and a "secret interface" is revealed then fair enough, but Rafael would have found it.

I might be completely wrong. I have heard rumours there are two major announcements on the way soon, but my guess for one of them is the announcement of a public release candidate build. I can only guess what the other one could be...

Do you think Microsoft would be wise to leave Windows 7 as it is, or does the UI need a change? Will this affect the release date, do you think? Leave a comment.

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  • Will Windows 7 eat your children when it comes out?

    How can you guys possibly feel good putting out this type of unsubstantiated FUD? Disgusting.
    • Hmmmm....

      A good question to be asked of yourself which I find it even more disgusting and disturbing that you even have the gall to accuse the author of FUD when it's you're usual M.O.

      How about you practice what you have just preached?

      Besides, how is his article FUD anyway? He asks a question, adds links to the rumors, and then surmises, uh no.

      Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
      • I never spread FUD

        I simply state facts.

        [i]Besides, how is his article FUD anyway?[/i]

        What part of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is confusing? FUD isn't about coming out and saying the competition sucks, it is about creating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.
        [i]- What if the new OS doesn't work quite right?
        - The upcoming patch might just erase all the data on your hard drive![/i]

        By posing a question triggered by totally unsubstantiated rumors and with a healthy dose of conjecture, he proposes something ludicrous to create Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. That he then says he doesn't think it will happen does not change the fact that it is FUD. One need look no further than his opening paragraph to see his intent. There are already a couple talkbacks where people are saying they hope the UI doesn't change and that it would suck if it did. Mission accomplished.
        • You fool Zack is a MS Fanboy. <NT>

          Seems as the windows crowd can't even work in cohesion.
          • Am I b*llocks

            I used to work there. Would I ever go back? I'd rather cut off my own b*llocks, choke myself half to death on them whilst zombies ripped out my internal organs and feasted on them in front of me, as I lay there dying in front of them, watching my still beating heart being sauteed by an 8ft spider called El Delgado.
        • Bull

          When it comes to Apple, all you do is spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

          What part of "practice what you preach" do YOU not understand. You can't expect ANYONE to take you serious with your twisted and misinformed rants about anything Apple, can you?

          You can pretend all you want, maybe even to yourself, but you're just being a bold-faced liar right now. Fortunately for us, your mission to vilify Apple is never accomplished and probably never will be. People are smarter than what you take them for.
          Kid Icarus-21097050858087920245213802267493
    • What do we have here?

      An offender who claims to be a victim!
      InAction Man
    • I don't see the FUD...but I do see...

      that 84% of IT pros are saying no to Windows 7.

      ...and that is not FUD. :-)

      Oh and 50% of them say they are looking at Linux and Mac....imagine that...
      • Haha, guess you missed the part where it says "this year".

        They aren't planning on moving to [b]any[/b] OS this year. In fact, I challenge you to find a survey from [b]any[/b] year that suggests substantially more than 16% of companies were migrating to a new OS that year. So while this isn't particularly [b]good[/b] news, it is the exact same type of news that has still led to billions of dollars worth of profit for MS in previous years.

        [i]Oh and 50% of them say they are looking at Linux and Mac....imagine that... [/i]

        And looking <> doing. However, I think it would be fantastic if more companies moved to Linux. It is a great OS after all. :)
        • I bet the same argument was made of Vista....

          ...and yet THIS year or rather last we had the same Outlook. :-)

          More companies really should look at Linux. I don't know what would posses them to look at Mac. Cost alone is crazy.
  • Eh, I kind of think of Windows XP

    To be honest, I'd wonder how they'd change it radically, though they already did with the taskbar, but Windows XP's true colors didn't appear until right at the end with the final branding and such. Still, it was essentially the same UI, just with some extra bitmaps thrown on top of it, though who knows.

    I'n using 7057 for my netbook and love it, so I can't wait for MS to finally give us the RC.
  • Personally I prefer

    the Vista task bar. I really don't care for the chunky monkey.
  • Windows 7

    When will MS make secure software?
    • Let me guess

      Perhaps when you will stop to ask stupid question !
    • Please don't feed the troll (nt)

    • When they are held financially...

      liable for the damages caused due to there lack of diligence.
      • Not according to.....

        The Windows advocates BLAME all users for every
        virus, worm, spyware, malware, and every other
        hack that Windows has.

  • RE: New UI rumours for Windows 7; I doubt it

    I think Windows 7's UI is great as it is. If they went and changed it now I think it would upset a lot of people. Not to mention, there's just no need, and if they put off the RC just to update it it would be even worse for them.
    NamelessFor Now
  • Vista was just fine

    Personally, from day to day experience running it, it was FASTER at most tasks than Windows XP, once you used a few 'tweaks' comparable to ones I used on Windows XP.

    Most of the people saying "Vista is so SLOW, SO BLOATED!" were whiny babies who had nothing better to do with their time than whine about Vista.