New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

Summary: New Windows 8 screenshots have emerged. Though it shows no changes, it does reinforce 'cloud ported user accounts'. Plus, a theory of how leaks are found and plugged.


A new image has been leaked, presumably by a Microsoft employee, showing what we have seen in previous weeks already. There is nothing new in this particular set of screenshots, except an interesting wallpaper that has had me thinking.

We saw a few months ago once slides were leaked on some of the upcoming features of Windows 8, including the possibility of Windows accounts becoming connected to the cloud. It is increasingly likely that Windows Live IDs will hold the key to porting around your Windows account from computer to computer.

Imagine that. Your settings, your desktop icons perhaps, and maybe even your files becoming connected to any machine that you log into. This reinforces Mary Jo Foley's comments late last year, with Windows 8 to possibly showcase 'desktop as a service' which mirrors what has come out of these screenshots so far.

Granted, for the school and university network I imagine this may not work so well, and I imagine that similarly to how BlackBerry systems work, those connected to a corporate server will only allow corporate logins.

But what got me thinking the most was the desktop wallpaper. It maintains the 'leak identity' consistency from before, asking users of the pre-release Windows 8 builds not to leak the ongoing 'hard work', but look closely.

Can you see a pattern emerging from the screenshot below? Because I can't.

It would not surprise me to see individualised and unique wallpapers being rolled out to each corporate identity logging into the pre-release operating system on Microsoft's internal 'corpnet', to identify users to leaks when screenshots emerge on the web.

It's merely a theory but nevertheless, it would signify even further mystery as to why the pre-release operating system is being kept under wraps, unlike its predecessor Windows 7, with leaks every few days under Sinofsky's weak supposed 'iron fist' of rule.

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  • Win 8 (if that is its real name) looks interesting...

    I like the idea of computer, XBox, phone & SkyDrive all being connected. It'll just make everything so much easier. I hope they can pull this off.
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

      @empirestatebuddy, easier life for hackers, it would be enough to hack in one of your devices to control all of them. A virus in your computer sends sms messages to special overpriced numbers.
      • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

        If all it stored was data about your settings hacking into one wouldn't give you control over any others...
        Johnny Vegas
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

      @empirestatebuddy With MS, its always half boiled stuff...I am hoping they do something like what they did with Win 7.
  • NOT interesting for me !!

    I thought W8 was to have a complete overhaul, same taskbar as Windows 7 except a picture in it at the end, disinteresting...PLEASE come up with a radical overhaul, new interface means NEW INTERFACE...
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?


      Did you may be think that they might be keeping the new interface oh I don't top secret? Or that they might still be working on it hmm?
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

      MS is talking about Windows8 as a major overhaul, but the talk seems to be saying that the big changes will be in things other than the UI. My understanding was that they'd be implimenting the completed MinWin Kernal on top of the newest HyperV Hypervisor and revising all the underlying elements so it can run equally well on any hardware architecture, but they'd be keeping most of the User Interface the same.
      • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?


        I think the UI will be overhauled especially for use on tablets and smartphones. I'm pretty sure it will remain relatively the same on the desktop. Nothing like the transition from XP to Vista.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

    But we just finished upgrading to windows 7 and it has everything we want and better be secure already.
  • Regarding Mary Jo's and your comments on a future Win 8 feature

    Regarding that Windows 8 "possibility" that "...Your settings, your desktop icons perhaps, and maybe even your files becoming connected to any machine that you log into"

    Zack .. if you wish to see how this feature will be implemented, you will only have to wait a few short months until OSX Lion is introduced. Per a "9to5 Mac" article, this type of cloud computing feature is described by them with the following example.

    "...You're on your couch with your MacBook but the presentation file you need is on the home iMac, which someone else is using with their own account. With Snow Leopard, you would only be able to screen share onto that iMac and have access to the other person's screen, not your account with the presentation file. Now with 10.7 Lion, when you login through the Finder, you are given an option to either view the screen of the other person's account or access your own account to grab the file.

    The best part is that the other person's account stays untouched and you are accessing your account all in the background, remotely. The other person using the iMac never even needs to know that you grabbed a file off the computer. They won't be interrupted at all and now you have your file. If you have MobileMe this can even work completely remotely from anywhere in the world with the Back to my Mac service."

    Now .. given the huge business and enterprise distribution of MS Window's based systems and networks, the business advantages of having this capability should be self-evident.

    However, Windows systems will have to wait, perhaps a year to a year and a half, before this "possibility" becomes a reality.

    I'll let you know how it works, Zack, until then. Grin.
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

      @kenosha7777 <br>Windows can already do that today with Windows Live Mesh. It even works on a Mac.<br>

      It also costs $99 less than Mobile Me.
      <br>So no-one has to wait a year and a half. <br><br>It works great! Double Grin... <img border="0" src="" alt="wink">
      • Windows Live Mesh, as a program, does sound &quot;dazzling&quot;


        You may have to help me here since my current knowledge of the Windows ecosystem isn't as extensive as it once was.

        Your post did intrigue me and I visited the MS "Windows Live Mesh" website to read up on this program. Pretty impressive.

        But, and I might be wrong on this, this program's capabilities are not exactly the same as what OSX Lion's "virtual desktop" concept is.

        My understanding of "Windows Live Mesh" works like a "super Dropbox". But unlike Dropbox where a user must manually "drop" a file into a common Cloud based file folder where that file can be accessed by different computers, the "Windows Live Mesh" user designates a folder (or multiple folders) on his "main" computer that will be synched to other computers on his "personal cloud mesh". This is one way to synch file changes to certain files and to have those files readily available.

        The OSX and Win 8 concepts do away with the concept of "designated synchable file folders" for the concept of a "virtual network computer", so to speak. That is to say, a user could remote log into his computer and, on the monitor screen in front of him, he would see his "home computer", as he left it. From that point, he could run applications that modify that file or simply transfer that file to his remote location.

        Actually, this really is nothing more than a remote client type of application but the OSX implementation for Mac systems would have the added benefit of using the remote computer's hardware to full speed advantage. (Or so I understand. Again, I don't have experience with this OSX feature capability or Windows Live Mesh technology so treat my opinions with a grain of salt.)

        The bottom line is, I'm lead to believe that both the OSX Lion and Win 8 features will be more extensive than those found in Windows Live Mesh. Only time will tell.
      • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

        While you can use Mesh as a Dropbox like service (by syncing to Skydrive), you can do a lot more than that.

        For example, you can remote into another machine in the Mesh and remote access the desktop. This is using Remote Desktop Protocol which has been in the Windows world for years (NT4 I think.) So I can access any machine from anywhere as if I were sitting in front of it.

        I can also sync folders across several machines in the Mesh without having to sync them with my Skydrive. Again, from anywhere. This negates the 5GB limit for Skydrive. You might have seen the Windows 7 commercial with the couple at the airport watching videos downloaded from their home machine. They are using Live Mesh.

        You can also add Windows Live accounts to access the Mesh, so that several users can access the same set of files, for easy and secure collaboration. I used this recently when working on a RFP with a partner company. It's cool that I get notified of changes in files and can have version control too.
    • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?

      @kenosha7777 Multiple X-Windows Clients running on a single X-Server.
      Welcome to the 1980's. Glad you could join us.

      For the second time today, the DeLorian is parked out back.
      • RE: New Windows 8 screenshots: Traceable builds to plug leaks?


        Thanks. I am using Splashtop Remote to access my home computer from my iPad.

        Time travel can sometimes be disorientating. Returning to the Windows universe really is a blast from the past.