Why I shall never buy (another) Apple iProduct

Why I shall never buy (another) Apple iProduct

Summary: Apple products are not designed for the proletariat student, rather the silver spoon wearing graduate with more money than sense. Gratuitous rant


Forget the iPad for a moment. In my eyes, the iPad is the rare exception to the rule in the line of products that Apple has to offer because of the price to features ratio. But bearing in mind buying an iPad would be part of the perpetuation of the Apple brand and the consumerist smug levels that users seem to have, I will no doubt be avoiding it anyway.

Over a year ago, I bought myself an iPod nano - the fourth generation version which had just been released. It was a birthday present to myself and it was the cheapest iPod for a long time. I may as well give it a shot, I thought.

A couple of days later, I get a phone call from my bank, supposedly being the fraud department. I was suspicious of the call, so I called my bank back directly and yes, it turns out that in fact it was the fraud department. Better to be safe than sorry. As soon as the transaction went through from my debit card for the iPod touch nano, my bank had cancelled my card and stalled any transactions taking place, citing "suspicious activity". When I confirmed that it was in fact a genuine payment and it was a birthday present to myself, they put the order through and I got the iPod the next couple of days.

It wasn't as if I had bought a dozen of the same thing and sent the delivery to my non-billing address, but I should have seen that as an omen, frankly.

Since then, the scroll wheel became faulty and the battery lasts only so long. The absolute necessity to install iTunes to manage your music detests me (though SharePod works a treat, but not sadly it is not widely known about), and frankly the sound quality was knocked into second place by a BlackBerry of all things.

Switch for a moment from the iPod to the wider picture. The two are not necessarily connected or mutually exclusive to each other. An argument for poor build quality or raising the issue of a device which barely makes it through the year, perhaps. It boils down to one thing, in my opinion. Social class.

This isn't about Windows or Linux, or even Mac OS X as such. This isn't an argument of who should use what or the comparison between the operating systems. No, most definitely not. In fact, just to make a point to those who say I'm simply anti-Apple because I'm pro-Microsoft (which frankly makes me laugh), I would definitely advocate open-source technology and operating systems over Windows since my last experiment. The problem is, it'll never happen.

Though many will no doubt argue that I could not possibly comment after buying a lone iPod nano. Over the last few months, I have experimented in great deal with Mac OS X, the iPhone, and other Apple products. I can surely appreciate the technology, the user interface and experience, the quality of the devices and suchlike. But the technology world seems to have infiltrated the class system in my view, meaning those who buy an Apple product - in particular the notebooks such as the MacBook Air or Pro - use it as a tool of raising their place in the social hierarchy. A device for fashion and statement, rather than that for function and necessity.

To see the technology and specifications packed into say, a MacBook Pro, a relatively powerful device which let's face it, could be far cheaper and more powerful from another hardware manufacturer. Apple products are staunchly overpriced for what they offer and are not designed to be bought and therefore used by the average student.

Only the other day, was it pointed out to me the privately owned and run Seton Hill University expect students to pay thousands more for a degree programme than most other universities in the US, while at the same time jumping on the Apple bandwagon and offering every new student an iPad. The private university rakes in the tuition fees and spends it on technology of the upper classes - their students who can afford it. The tuition fee debate was sparked off in the comment section a couple of days ago, with my reply also.

They may well be perfect for the silver spoon student who has their tuition fees paid by their father's trust fund, but to the average, proletariat, working to middle class background student who just about makes it through each academic year, "disposable" devices which are cheap and just about get the job done will have to suffice.

And that's Easter for you. Have an egg.

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  • OK, Zack.

    Enjoy the Wonderful World of Non-Apple.
    Hope you feel better now that you've got that off your chest. ;-)
    • Oh I really do :)

      • I wont give Apple any money

        what they have to offer does not interest me.

        And yeah, why make them rich, cause you want to feel fabulous?

        I do as is, no need for an Iproduct for that to happen. And most Inerds wonder why I can do what I can do and they cant ... that's cause of Android.
    • "evil inside" LOL!!!

      Good one. I'd never bother on iFad, either.
    • RE: Why I shall never buy (another) Apple iProduct

      If Apple is such a poor choice why did Google switch from PC's to Apple's and as far as your iPod going bad any assembler can have a bad day. Now I am not one of these Apple boys ether I used PC's for over 25 years and never touched an Apple until July of 2009. Apple has proved it's quality and I will never use any thing else.
      • RE: Why I shall never buy (another) Apple iProduct


        Google switch from PCs w/ windows to PCs with Linux, bevis.
  • Amen

    Could not have said it better myself.
  • But it's a fashion statement...

    Apple is all about fashion. That's why you tend to see the Paris Hilton's sporting Apple products, and your local geek using MS or some-Linux derived product.

    Nothing wrong with being fashionable, but people shouldn't feel bad if they're not.
  • RE: Why I shall never buy (another) Apple iProduct

    Your bank hits you up with a possible fraud indication and it is Apple's fault? I have to ask were you buying it from the Apple Store or from some non-apple store?

    You sound like you got a cheap knock off sold to you. The fraud event being the big indicator. Given the poor quality of the product and your experience I would suggest you contant Apple and inquire if it was a fake. If it was a genuine item then it was really bad luck. If it was a fake I am sure Apple will want to know.
    • It was through the Apple website

      Genuine iPod through the Apple store. Promise!
  • I carry an Apple thingy...and I'm Fabulous!

    I don't know much about technology; father says I don't have to. He says there are poor people out there who will worry about those sorts of things for me.

    Anyway, I ONLY use Apple products because they are what people say I should own. Apple products are very pretty and I think I read somewhere that Steve Jobs is some kind of holy man or something.

    My personal assistant (Jane or Genny or something) pre-ordered an iPad for me yesterday. I can't wait to see what it is. I know its flat and pretty and sort of sparkles; which is all i need.
    • LOL! :)

      I grinned. :)
      John Zern
    • tricktytom Posted on: 04/02/10

      tricky ,
      I believe you are pulling my tit!
  • Apple makes elegant products

    It may be a social statement where you are, but most people I
    know who buy Apple here are doing it because: 1) they are as
    nice looking as they are functional; 2) they are easy to use
    and 3) they simply work.

    I use Mac OSX, Windows7, Windows XP and Linux extensively,
    10 hours a day, and the Macs give me little trouble, if any.
    • "They simply work"...God, I'm tired of hearing that line.

      Of course they work...you think my Win7 machine doesn't "simply work"? Apple hasn't cornered the market on devices that "work"!

      I'm so sick of hearing Apple fanboys laud their devices for merely being functional; as if the rest of us PC-users sit in front of dead machines lamenting the fact that we didn't lay out $1200 for a desktop computer. I don't know about the rest of you PC-users, but I've had this maching for three years and it hasn't blown-up, caught fire, or stopped working in any other way.

      Big deal, you've got a Mac that works...bully for you...THATS WHAT ITS SUPPOSED TO DO!
      • Understood

        Ya I'm sick of hearing that crap as well. My
        Windows XP box worked great with the only
        upgrade being RAM for 3.5 years. It "just
        worked." I understand however that with Vista
        out that line, "just works," actually had some
        credibility. But as for iPods, I must agree
        they work very easily and smoothly. They last
        longer than any other MP3 player I have used,
        and they organize music excellent!

        and to add to that, I have owned something like
        15 other brands/models of MP3 players so I have
        experienced others.
        • ipod

          The reason the ipod organizes well is due to the fact that Apple stole that organization technology from Creative.
          • Not true

            iTunes was developed from SoundJam MP, written by Jeffrey Robbin, who is now a VP at Apple.

            Still not true, no matter how many times you post it.
      • Methinks the lady doth protest too much

        The "just works" mantra deal with usability.

        But, of course, you already knew that.

        What ticks you off is that more and more people no longer look at you
        with awe because you understand the mystery of computing, but with
        laughter because you're too stupid to get a machine that's easy to use.
        • Good grief, what arrogance.

          Are you a star-bellied sneech? It is attitudes such as yours that are so snottily superior. Give me a break.

          I've been responsible for many apple sales. The folks that got them love them. I fix them for them when they mess up.

          I, however, have no desire for any Apple products. They simply do not do what *I* want. Why can't so many Apple fans get it through their heads that that not everyone who doesn't want an Apple gadget is ignorant or stupid?