Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

Summary: Earlier this year Microsoft and HP got into a strategic partnership to provide businesses with end-to-end cloud solutions. Times of India says India’s Small and Medium Business segment will be able to leverage this partnership.


Earlier this year Microsoft and HP got into a strategic partnership to provide businesses with end-to-end cloud solutions. Times of India says India’s Small and Medium Business segment will be able to leverage this partnership. HP with their enterprise hardware expertise and Microsoft’s software solutions combined make quite a compelling offer.

As a key player in the IT field, India is poised to be a Billion Dollar market in the next 5 years according to a study by an IT infrastructure firm. The study claims that this growth will be driven by the rapid increase in data such as text and media moving online. Some numbers shared in the study are quite interesting, it is expected that information stored online will reach a staggering 2.3 million petabytes (from 40,000 petabytes.)

Rapid development in cloud computing might enable Indian firms to find some solution to tackle the growing debate on outsourcing. Infosys sees an opportunity here. Raghavan Subramanian, in charge of the Infosys Center of Excellence for cloud computing says using the new architecture there can be considerable cost saving provided the implementations are done right. Infosys has dedicated around 250 individuals from their BPO team and about 175 engineers to come up with solutions for better customer relations management and other organizational departments where cloud computing can help improve efficiency.

Mr. Subramanian explains, “We have seen people deploy cloud solutions, but not be able to fully achieve the intended cost benefits due to poor utilization of the software. With trained manpower, we deliver much better cost savings than otherwise.”

India’s top IT firms, Infosys, TCS, Wipro and Tech Mahindra have cloud projects to their names. The competition is fierce as the market is nascent and big international names like Microsoft, IBM have dedicated resources as well. Support from the government to get basic infrastructure (cheaper and faster Internet) in place will go a long way in ensuring India’s IT prominence.

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  • The Cloud

    There are still a significant number of organisations unsure about using the cloud to extend their IT infrastructure, but there are also many ? including some very big names ? who are already realising its benefits. Yet more were uncertain a year ago but are now actively evaluating or implementing cloud-based models for IT provisioning. India truly is the last battlefield.
  • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

    Too bad it's not a level playing field. It's not the trained manpopwer of India. It's the cheap manpower. For everyone person in the US you can get 2 people in India at the same price.
    Turd Furgeson
    • Cloud not so cheap in India

      @Turd Furgeson,If we pay salaries according to American standards here in India,all companies in India would go bankrupt in a matter of Days.For most of americans it is cheap because of the dollar to rupee conversion.Whatever the luxuries you can have in USA for $100,000,you can have it here at 1/10th of that price,yes you can have it here for $10,000.That is called purchasing power parity.Please do some research before making any comment.
      • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

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  • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

    HP's hardware capabilities and MS's software capabilities and Indian innovative capabilities ...

    Things are going to happen. All the best to everyone involved.

    joan lim
    • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

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      toby juggles
  • Still long way to go ...

    I don't think adaption of cloud in Indian industries will be anytime soon. The big question around security, privacy will create doubts in Indian users. And poor network bandwidth and lack of internet availability will push adaption even further.

    my 2 cents!

    • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India
      I disagree... In fact it will be Indian companies who will be willing to adopt cloud computing faster than western counterpart.

      In India due to infrastructure limitations dedicated hosting by individual small/medium business been very limited so for them it is easy to decide on cloud computing.
      In developed countries they already have on premises/data centre based solutions up and running and hence unless there is compelling business case they are unlikely consider switching.
  • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

    Seems like cloud computing is finally arriving in India. The services companies also seem to be ramping up and competing for talent. Here's an interesting article:
  • RE: Cloud computing's latest battlefield: India

    More clarity, press releases or company white papers are needed to understand the take of each of the top IT companies/ telecom company in India.
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