IBM signs 10 year, $62 Million deal with aviation giant Jet Airways

IBM signs 10 year, $62 Million deal with aviation giant Jet Airways

Summary: Jet Airways as part of a $62 Million deal is outsourcing their IT backend to IBM for a contract period of 10 years.

TOPICS: Security, CXO, IBM, Networking

In a significant announcement, the Big Blue has bagged a major 10 year contract for managing Jet Airways’ IT. IBM has significant presence in India, with around 14 offices in different cities across the country. According to IBM, the Rs. 285 crore ($62 Million) deal is a first of its kind in Indian aviation. As part of the agreement, IBM will be managing the IT infrastructure which includes services like:

  • Airport operations
  • Frequent flier programs
  • Application support services
  • Employee transition
  • Data centre operations
  • Central help desk support
  • Server and storage operations
  • Internet security services
  • Network management
  • SAP and other operating system

Jet Airways is one of India’s biggest operator with a fleet of 90 air crafts that fly to and from 65 destinations around the world. With this deal Jet Airways expects to have better integration of their IT systems to increase efficiency. Nikos Kardassis (CEO ,Jet Airways India) said, "This association will enable us to focus on our core business and improve our operational efficiencies, besides delivering a seamless customer experience."

IBM has been working in the aviation segment for a long time, with their more recent project being working with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to build a better security system for their computer networks. IBM is proud to have won the contract, IBM India/South Asia Distribution VP Sameer Batra says, "The agreement with Jet Airways is a significant milestone for IBM in the aviation industry. Jet Airways will have access to industry expertise and knowledge, which are essential for sustaining growth and leadership in the competitive global market."

Topics: Security, CXO, IBM, Networking

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  • Aviation giant Jet Airways

    I did not realize that Jet Airways was an "aviation giant."
    • RE: IBM signs 10 year, $62 Million deal with aviation giant Jet Airways

      They are in India...
  • The article sounds more like

    a press release
  • RE: IBM signs 10 year, $62 Million deal with aviation giant Jet Airways

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