Indian govt. servers compromised and used against China

Indian govt. servers compromised and used against China

Summary: Disturbing claims from sources within India's National Informatics Center (NIC) say that the government's IT infrastructure has been compromised by foreign elements and used to attack China.

TOPICS: China, Hardware, Servers

Oh boy!

Sources within Indian government's IT arm--the National Informatics Center (NIC) have raised some really dangerous concerns. According to them the government's IT infrastructure has been used by black hat hackers to attack China. Talking to the Times of India a source said that the government servers have been compromised and used by foreign perpetrators. The admission from the NIC sources mean two things:

  • India's IT infrastructure can be used by foreign elements as zombies
  • China's been attacked using Indian infrastructure

It is hard to ignore the geopolitical confusion this can create. Malicious attacks against the IT infrastructure of a government are not new. China being involved in these attacks is not surprising either. The big IT security news last year was about the hack attempts originating from China that affected Google. What followed was confusion over Google's future in China and even a retaliatory attack by Google. China has the perpetrator/bad-guy image but that doesn't mean they won't be attacked.

Back in September, the Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) said they believed that Delhi's airport was hacked into. The threat of cyber-warfare being used to cripple critical resources is real and India's bureaucrats are considerably lagging in realizing this. During Hilary Clinton's visit to India, the two countries did formulate plans to work together against cyber terrorism. The alleged attacks on China by outsiders using Indian government's IT infrastructure as zombies are one example of a compromised network; sophisticated threats like Stuxnet capable of taking down a nation's (Iran) nuclear program are another.

Topics: China, Hardware, Servers

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  • RE: Indian govt. servers compromised and used against China

    I wonder what China plans to do about this. Even though India is denying any involvement, I don't see China as one to take matters lightly.
    Gabriel Bowen
    • Must be running Linux

      typical nowadays.
  • Pakistan?

    It's got to be Pakistan, they have the most to gain. China and India start bickering, Pak cozies up tighter with their best buddies China, possibly planting incriminating evidence against Taiwan, and China tosses them a few more scraps of dual-use material and fighter aircraft or money.
  • RE: Indian govt. servers compromised and used against China

    Do not exaggerate :) StuxNet is *scalpel* among primitive rocks.
    It could be used as doomsday weapon, but then it would struck against everything (there would be no way to distinguish Iranian/non-Iranian). So it had VERY (as very as you can only get by building or administering) precise topology of Iranian facility which was meant to be attacked.

    On the other hand, this complex software showed almost NONE security build-into industry-level software&hardware.

    Level of knowledge needed to pool it off, is too great for any single person, or semi-organized group. You NEED espinage, and a very good one! So it WAS NOT cyber-terrorism! It WAS cyber war!!!!
  • It's WAR people

    Some unverified 'source' says that some unnamed Indian Government servers were taken over by some unnamed unknown hackers (they don't know who, but they know they're FOREIGN!), to attack some unspecified Chinese government things who would believe the attack originated from the Indian government...


    Some PR man made up a story to sell cyber security products.

    Occams razor.
  • It is the America of course

    As usual while claiming victim, blame others, saying they are behind, it's them not us etc America is on the offensive the most. It was America propaganda coup during the 'cold' war and it still is now. It is business as usual for them.
    • And why do you believe that?

      Just wondering.
      John L. Ries
  • RE: Indian govt. servers compromised and used against China

    Why would anyone want to use govt IT "infrastructure" to launch an attack? Maybe the govt is trying to prove that the "infrastructure" they have is really capable and reliable enough to "launch" an "attack"! LMAO!