Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky

Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky

Summary: Commonwealth of Kentucky has signed India's Mahindra Satyam to develop a Microsoft Sharepoint based document management system for the child services.


Mahindra Satyam has been signed to provide document management system for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s child support system.

The document management system to be designed is for Kentucky’s Cabinet of Health and Family Services. According to the press release, the system will be a Microsoft Sharepoint portal and enable accessing applications, court orders, and insurance documents.

In a statement from Mahindra Satyam’s president, Atul Kunwar, he said, “Our experience of working on various technology platforms enables us to offer a wide range of services to our clients. The document management solution to the Commonwealth of Kentucky will enable us to bring forth the experienced leaders to deliver the best possible product to the customer. Being Microsoft's gold partner ensures that we are abreast with the latest updates from Microsoft."

The people involved with Child Support Enforcement are set to benefit from the system. Jamie Miller from the Kentucky Health and Family Services said, "These improvements make it easier for non-custodial and custodial parents to get their questions answered and ultimately increase access to more resources in the care of their children."

While the state of Ohio made plans to ban outsourcing, it seems the state of Kentucky decided to get India’s Mahindra Satyam onboard. The deal does help soothe the nerves back in India due to the anti-outsourcing rhetoric in the States.

India’s External Affairs Minister, SM Krishna has said that outsourcing will be a topic on the agenda when President Obama tours India early next month.

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  • RE: Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky

    I don't get it... is SharePoint expertise so hard to come by that the Commonwealth of Kentucky needed to outsource to India to get it? Was that sort of expertise not available locally?
    • In any case, Kentucky needs to pick the best solution for the best price.

      We live in a global economy.
      • RE: Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky

        @DonnieBoy <br><br>Yes, we live in a global economy... which does not, in and of itself, mean that having an organization in India implement a system in Kentucky is the best course of action. What did Mahindra Satyam have to offer that made it superior to a more local choice, especially given that with a system like this, it is critical that those implementing the solution have close, frequent, detailed communication with both the stakeholders of the system and the users of the system?

        That's the question I'd like to see an answer to...
      • Well, yes, the company will have to have people local before, during, and

        after the implementation. But, they won the contract, even given all of that. I wold imagine that a majority of the work, and then tech support, can be done from India. A good percentage of the students in my undergraduate class were from India, and they did very well, and are great people.

        What raises the eyebrows is the fact that they are using Sharepoint.
  • The problem I have with this, has nothing to do with outsourcing.

    There are a lot better solutions than Sharepoint. It is a rats nest, it is insecure, and adds cost to the project.
    • RE: Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky


      Its been my experience that a lot of the problems people have with SharePoint stem from a lack of user training, and from poor architectural choices made when the system was designed, rather than from problems which are actually inherent to SharePoint... though it, like any other general platform, will not and can not be all things to all people.
      • Well, yes, there are a million and one excuses for all of the kludged rats

        nest Sharepoint installations. They are very expensive to install and maintain, and never work right.
      • Its been my experience...


        ...that Sharepoint (right up to 2010) is a clunky, user-unfriendly, bloated, overly complex piece of junk that used an enormous amount of system resources.
  • Sharepoint for DMS? Are you Kidding?

    Paying someone to build Sharepoint into a DMS is like paying someone to turn your Chevy Cobalt into a pickup's expensive, and you will end up with a sub-standard pickup.

    What's wrong with Laserfiche, Docuware, EMC, or any of the other dozen or so top-of-the-line dedicated document management systems? These systems require very little modification, and were designed specifically for document managment.
  • Data confidentiality?

    I have serious concerns about the confidentiality of the insurance data, court orders, and other sensitive information. There have been way too many recent breaches.

    Recall a recent scoop by a BBC reporter in Delhi where she was able to buy a CD with 10,000 credit card numbers and other information, much of which was valid data. Turns out the syndicate selling them had sources in the CC data processing centers in Delhi, a leak from an insider.

    It's hard enough managing such leaks inside the country, how the heck are we going to secure data when it's flying between servers in India?
    • RE: Mahindra Satyam to develop IT solutions for Kentucky

      @kraterz I don't think any data will be out of Kentucky. Servers will remain in the US imo.
      Manan Kakkar
      • Yes, for legal reasons, ALL data will remain on servers in the US.

        Well, given that they are using Sharepoint, it will be distributed on hacker sites all over the world as well!!!