[Screenshots] Telecom Regulator launches customer grievance portal

[Screenshots] Telecom Regulator launches customer grievance portal

Summary: It seems that the people at Telecom Regulator of India's office are fed up with the customer care offered by mobile carriers. They understand your pain and prepared this website for you.


My respect for the Telecom Regulator of India is at an all time high. If there was a government body immune to corporate lobbying, it appears that TRAI is that body. The people in the organization have always put the consumer's interests before the corporate interests which has played an integral role in the Indian telecomm success story. In the first week of this year, the regulator announced a set of regulations for the operators to follow. These policies were designed keeping in mind the end consumer and one of the more interesting directive were around handling customer complaints. The telcos had to setup toll-free customer care centers, log complaints and follow up on the complaints through SMS. (I listed the specifics in this post.) While we have not heard a lot from the operators on this, TRAI has gone ahead and launched The Online Telecom Consumers Complaint Monitoring System or the TCCMS.

The TCCMS is a very simple website. The website does not require any login and readily offers information to the customer. Here's a quick walk through of the website:

The home page at tccms.gov.in

If you have to file a complaint you click on Query from consumers and you're taken to a page to select your operator:

The last question here is the important one. If you have not filed a complaint with the operator, the website will give you the information needed to file one:

And in case you have filed one and haven't heard back or are just annoyed at your operator, you can select No and the website will let you file a complaint with the Appellate Authority:

For what it's worth, TRAI, I love you guys.

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  • The Appellate Authority is not TRAI

    I was disappointed to note that the appellate authority in the final step is not TRAI but the service provider itself (in my case Airtel). I have complained to Airtel 4 times since 22 Apr 2012 regarding overbilling and denial of services but there has been absolutely no response from them. Now all I can do through TCCMS, is complain to Airtel that Airtel is ignoring my complaints. There is no indication if TRAI is being notified of my appeal or if they are keeping a track of pending appeals. Furthermore, the Airtel Appellate body has failed to provide me a Docket No, so I cannot even check the status of my appeal.

    Noble intentions, shoddy implementation? Or are they just paying lip service?
    Hotmail Alias
    • Interesting

      One of the directives is that the issue should be resolved and followed-up. Hopefully that's implemented soon too.
      Manan Kakkar