Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

Summary: Wirpo joins the growing number of technology companies who are setting up facilities in North Carolina.


Wipro Infocrossing, part of Wipro has bought an existing data facility in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Infocrossing offers IT management solutions for large and mid-sized businesses and will be investing to the tune of $75 million in the data center. According to plans, the data center will meet the industry requirements for a tier III facility and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. These certifications mean that the center will be using green technologies, have redundancies against unforeseen system failures and better security.

The center will be spread across a 215,00 square foot area and cater to Wipro’s cloud computing efforts, remote management and services around mainframes, Windows, Unix and iSeries platforms. With 900 employees and five data centers, New Jersey based Infocrossing was bought by Wipro  in 2007.

Talking about the facility, Sameer Kishore, President of Wipro Infocrossing said, “At Wipro Infocrossing, we are always looking for ways to increase the value we deliver to our customers. Our vision for our Cleveland County data center is to not only increase our data center footprint, but build a data center that brings the best infrastructure technology to our clients. Recently, we announced the addition of our new data center in Meerbusch, Germany. Today, we are announcing our plans to build in Cleveland County, NC. Wipro Infocrossing is committed to building localized and global delivery capabilities, something which we, and our customers, believe differentiates us from our competitors.”

North Carolina is attracting technology companies due to incentives like cheaper electricity prices. Governor Bev Perdue commented on Wipro’s announcement and said, “Google, Apple, Facebook and now Wipro. North Carolina continues to be a prime location for growing and expanding global technology companies.”

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  • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

    When the hell did NC become the hot spot for data centers?
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

    It did that when it moved north of the Gulf Hurricane tracks, east of Tornado Alley, and to the opposite coast from the San Andreas Fault. It put on mild winters, good telecommunications and power infrastructure, and dressed that in non-union labor and a receptive business tax structure.
    • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

      @jake48 LOL nice way to put it. And besides, NC is a nice place to live and work or at least I think so. Just moved back down here from NY and trust me when I say its a breezing living here compared to NY!
    • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

      All the reasons you named were good reasons, but the unspoken reason was really Red Bridges Barbeque. Addicting travelers for 64 years.
      • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

        @AMS-Ray Besides nice and friendly people. I'm in NC since 98 and I consider the best move I ever made.
  • RE: Wipro to setup $75M data center in Cleveland, NC

    Congrats on your success, get more insights from this video on Tier 4 Datacenters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b52ESzpNFHA&feature=related