EXCLUSIVE: That to-be-disconnected Sprint customer tells me all

EXCLUSIVE: That to-be-disconnected Sprint customer tells me all

Summary: This morning I've been in email contact with Rene, the Sprint customer in Florida who was first to alert the world that Sprint had sent her a termination notice due to her excessive calling of customer "service."Here's the text of an email from Sprint to Rene, the tone of which sounds so helpful:Dear Rene,I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the changes made on the account.


sprintahead.jpg This morning I've been in email contact with Rene, the Sprint customer in Florida who was first to alert the world that Sprint had sent her a termination notice due to her excessive calling of customer "service."

Here's the text of an email from Sprint to Rene, the tone of which sounds so helpful:

Dear Rene,

I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the changes made on the account. Thank you for contacting Sprint in this regard.

I noticed that the $10.00 Power Vision option with $10.00 credit was removed from the account and the new Power Vision option of $15.00 was added. I am sorry as this change was made to your account without your request.

I have added the $10.00 Power Vision option with $10.00 credit to your account effective immediately. Let me assure you that this option will not be removed from your account without your request.

Regarding the credits for the 7 p.m. option and Text Messaging option, a credit of $26.00 and the applicable taxes of $4.31 has been applied to your account against the same. This credit will reflect on your next invoice.

Let me assure you that now your plan has been correctly configured with free 7 p.m. option and Text Messaging option. So, your account will not be billed for these options.

Thank you for emailing us. It was a pleasure assisting you and I look forward to more opportunities to serve you in future. Have a great day!

Name Omitted Business E-Care Sprint together with Nextel "Where our customers come first!"

So now let's see if the care of this customer "came first:"

In her first of two emails to me, Rene said Sprint Executive Services/(Sprint CEO) Gary Forsee's office promised to call her back within 48 hours with some information, and no one ever bothered to.

Then, just a few minutes ago, Rene wrote to me that "after Sprint never calling me back I called them and was blown off saying " ' decision final.' "

So why all these calls to customer service?

"The vast majority of my calls were to fix errors Sprint made," Rene tells me in her latest email. "Most of the calls were transferred numerous times, disconnected (forcing me to call back) or they told me to call a different #.

"That's why the actual "call #" was so high."

Unblankin' believable.

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  • Had Sprint at one time

    This was several years ago. They treated my wife in an ugly, condescending manner. I was upset enough to pay the early termination penalty just to rid myself of those fools.
  • Sprint's not really in the driver's seat

    Sprint is under intense pressue - the iPhone is rumored to hammer them the hardest. I beat them up for a huge discount and it worked. I can't believe they'd be stupid enough to cut someone loose. Sigh.
    • This isn't the right way to deal with the pressure though

      Studies have now confirmed that customer service is the number one driving factor in customer loyalty. These guys are shooting themselves in both feet then soaking them in brine.

      This is literally the single most self-destructive act of corporate suicide I've seen in recent memory.
      D. W. Bierbaum
  • In addition Sprint is not a GSM network

    AT&T and TMobile both have GSM and it is great for travelers. The same phone (it has to be either triband or quadband) can be used here in US and in Europe. Not sure about GSM in Asia though.
    • No GSM in Iraq

      Look at the T-Mobile service areas and Iraq stands out in the mid-east.

      Bush gave a buddy the contract to build a cell-phone network in Iraq and it followed the predominant USA protocol.

      Now Sprint wants to book military for excessive roaming.
    • Previously GSM

      At one time Sprint was GSM but gave it up for CDMA.
  • i've got a few extra question maybe i can get cancled too!!!

    worth a shot
  • Poor Customer Service

    AT&T (Cingular), Verizon and Sprint all have Customer Reps with poor attitudes. Verizon's Reps have lied to me the most. T-Mobile's Reps are the friendliest but are the most useless. They are so nice while they are saying "sorry but that is beyond our control".
  • Sprint is Dishonest

    I have Sprint, and have had them for quite some time. I have had to call them several times to fix billing "errors." Sometimes I had to call them again on the same issue because they mis-billed me again in the same way the very next month. I honestly think that they expect the customers to jump to the bottom line and send in the money without checking the line items.
    There was a class-action lawsuit against Sprint recently for hiding fee hikes as 'regulatory fees' and some other miscellaneous theft from customers. Shortly thereafter, they sent out a bunch of fliers advertising a new discount on your monthly bill. In the fine print, it turns out that redeeming this offer automatically renews your contract for a further two years and binds you to a new ToC that forces you to use arbitration instead of taking them to a proper court. And the sweet part? Even customers who had lost hundreds of dollars to Sprint's dishonesty got just a few bucks. The vast majority of the multi-million dollar settlement went to the fat ticks in the law offices.
    As soon as my contract has expired, I [u]will[/u] be changing carriers. I opted to be billed via e-mail, so I simply discard anything from Sprint that shows up on my doorstep.
    • typo: make that ToS [n/t]

  • Sprint allows for Blinko to charge you!

    I have had Sprint for 5 yrs. 3 years ago I was told I had a application charging me 10.00 I never text but once. I called Sprint and they said that I have to have a Tech remove this. The tech said he did. I find out all these years later that I have been charged 10.00 a month. I called Sprint and they said they can't do anything and that a Tech can't remove this. He said call Blinko. Blinko who? I called and Blinko said I was not a customer of any of thier services. I called Sprint and he gave me 20.00. I'm still owed hundreds. I call and talk to another Rep..he gave me 30.00 but it still hasn't posted. I have gotten many different plans and phones always asking to go line by line of what anything cost and not once was I told of a 10.00 Blinko. This Rep told mer that this was Blinkos fault. I have not had vision but for 2 months free and I never messaged except once years ago to vote. They blocked my phones from this. I don't feel they do this often because if they block phones from vision and text sevices they lose money. This Blinko was not seen on my bill. I'm still waiting for the 30.00 to be credited. It was supposed to be credited 2 days ago.
  • T-Mobile customer service.

    Ok I have Quest, Us Cellular, Cingular (or what ever there called now) and now t-mobile.

    So far I like t- mobile in the area of customer severvice, as they actually sent a rep out to look at the area in question and at least they called back when the calls were dropped.

    and after having a cell phone that was stolen they made the phone inactive admediatly with no wait time, when I mannaged to get it back in which I was lucky they had it reactivated in less then a days time.

    With the pice of junk of a rzor they allowed me to make a one time replacement for a better phone and gave me a free free activation as well as WOW it arrived the same time that I needed to send back my Junky razr...Need less to say, I am enjoying the t-mobile dash Verry much.

    Customer service was rarely over 10 rings or more then a 3 minute wait.and when i had no internet service at one time they had an automated recording that came on saying that there was an outage when off from hold the opperater was admittintng to a computer CPU change over at a main service area.

    T-mobile though low on the service area seems to have great service coverage and seems to have accounts tied in with cingular at variouse areas for coverage. and if I had the money I would be more then happy to activate cable and get the broad band connection for unlimmted incoming and out going calls withthere mini towers setup.

    I am sticking with T-Mobile, I am happy and content with the service I have and In the long run....I love the my faves plan..I have internet access even thouhg its not fast unless I hit and accees point. I can get WiFi on the dash and connect it to my PC or lap top with out have to buy an optional wirelss card...and with braod band at speeds of 10 mps i ham happy with that. and all this for less then waht I would pay for Cable high speed access and phone..heck, My dash took over as my main comunications device.....Sprint, I don't think you can afford to Error and go Dcing accounts and if you leave our troops With coms....ooooooo....I want to say it but...I am not about to get banned for Flaming.
  • Sprint

    Aftr reading these stories n how SPrint is shafting their customers, i am very glad i use Verizon. I have always been a customer with Verizon and have never had any trouble with theie serivce or cusotmer service reps. Why would anyone use a company like Sprint to begin with?
    • Everyone's Experience is Different

      I had good service from Sprint for several years. Verizon, OTOH... don't get me started.

      Point is not that you're wrong (you're not), but that these companies have millions of customers, and there are going to be good and bad stories about all of them. A lot of people use Sprint because they get good service, and avoid Verizon because they've been treated poorly. And vice-versa. And the same goes for Cingular/ATT & T-Mobile.
  • Sprint Rep ( Don't bash me just my experienced opinion)

    I work in the Retail store for corperate Sprint, I never realized how ignorant people
    can be. A lot of people come into the store to dispute billing issues and lie to my
    face when I ask them" Did you download any ringtones or did u call 411" I always
    get the answer "No" Then when I go look into the account there are usually about
    30 downloads and 50 411 calls...

    I honestly don't feel sorry for the people that were canceled because most people
    try to get over, they just want to do whatever to get over and live by the
    CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. People need to take some type of responsibility for
    their own actions.

    Some of u may think the Retail Reps are mean but u have no idea what we go
    through most customers come into the stores like we owe them and expect us to
    bow down to our knees and praise them. I can honestly say the people that come
    in with attitudes makes me not want to help them at all. If u come into the store in
    a professional matter and not cry when we cannot help u in the store, because in
    the retail stores we are the bottom of the barrel... we never know anything until
    customers come in and tell us . Actually I read on phonescoop.com that sprint
    canceled contracts. I'm so not looking forward to the customers coming in telling
    us they were cancelled because in all actuality I wouldn't know what to tell them.

    OUT THERE STOP WHINNING GO PICK 1. And for those who act like Verizon is so
    overpowering I had plenty of people switch from Verizon because they were using
    the data cards too much, so Verizon sent them letters saying ther contracts were
    waived and they had to find new carriers. Although Verizon advertises Unlimited
    data. So lets be a little realistic these are big companies thats in it for the dollars
    not loyalty. Think about it some people have been loyal americans but as soon as
    they screw up once for something minor the law has no sympathy.
    • Sprint makes many mistakes as well

      I have Sprint service. I started with two cell phones and a wireless card for my laptop. Sprint sent out a "fix" that caused the internal modem to disconnect from the computer interface. I called tech support and they knew about the problem. They said to take the card to the Sprint store to have them change it out, for free. I got to the store and they told me that the comment was in my records, but the tech rep did not have the authority to allow the "free" replacement, I would have to pay. I paid and was told that they had to order the replacement, it would be there the next week and they would call me when it came in. Waited a week, no call so I started calling. One week after it was promised, the card came in. I drove to the Sprint store and to my surprise they couldn't give me the new card, I would have to bring the old one in for them to look at and then, if there was a problem with it, I could get the new one.

      I was going to cancel my service, but the cancellation cost was high and they could not cancel it in the store. I called and the CS rep arranged for the service to be changed to another phone. My wife didn't like her phone any way, so the two of us now have three phones. I ordered a Fusic. Two arrived. I called to find out if it was a mistake and was informed that at the time the Fusic was buy one, get one free. I figured that was OK. Then I got the bill. The "free" Fusic was $300.00. I called to complain and was informed that since I was not at the end of my contract, the second one was not free. I arranged for a return kit. I had to get two additional kits since the first two had only an envelope, no instructions or address of where to send it.

      Finally, I was able to send the phone back. I waited two months for the credit, no credit. I called and found out that since the second phone was "free" I did not qualify far a refund. Several calls later I finally got a CS rep who looked at my account and discovered that although I had only been charged once, the charge was for $600.00. She got her supervisor to approve the refund of $300.00 (the cost of the second phone).

      When my bill came, there was not a $300.00 credit, there was less. I called several more times and finally was informed that there were evidently return fees for both the phone and the wireless card. When I started asking questions, I got disconnected. When I called back the next person could not figure what was going on with the charges and could not give details. To date, I have been able to get no detailed break down of the charges and credits on my account.

      I have less than one year left on my contract and am just waiting it out. My cell phone doesn't work at my house but is OK closer to the city.

      All of this does not mean that I like Verizon better. Every time I made a change to my contract, they extended it. I purchased the extended warranties on my phones and magically, every time I had a problem, the warranty would cover it, but the phone was discontinued and parts were not available and I had to replace the phone.

      Cell phone service is unregulated and since the focus is on getting the cheapest service to make any money, predatory actions will continue.
  • It could be worse... They could be a Cingular/ATT Customer

    I don't know if they have merged Cingular and ATT more... Cingular were &^&%^$^ers. I had a 65 dollar, 900 minute plan.

    They changed it without my consent and would not put it back. Eventually I just canceled the account and GLADLY paid the 200 dollars to sever me from the contract.

    The only problem I have with Sprint, is that I upped from a Treo 650 to a Treo 700... And the Web service is a different service. It is no longer "PCS Vision," now it is "Power Vision" - and since the service is in my brothers name, and he abandoned it due to his buying two Iphones... I cannot get the Network activated.

    -It will not take the user name and password I have assigned. I can NOT find how to change my own password. The name on my phone changed.

    And the worst thing... Every time I call #2... there is over 20 minute wait.

    Tell me... Are they gonna drop me cos I called #2 15 times and hung up?
    • I had ATT...NEVER AGAIN!

      Several months after completing my contract term with ATT Wireless, I notified them that I wished to cancel my service, effective on a certain date. They failed to comply. Even though they admitted they screwed up, they still insisted I would be required to pay the additional bill that I received. After refusing to pay them for almost a year, I finally agreed to pay half of the disputed amount, which came to slightly over thirty dollars. I did this so ATT would stop pouring good money after bad, hiring different collection agencies to collect a roughly sixty dollar debt. The third agency eventually collected half of that amount.
      You would of thought I had stolen a starving man's last piece of bread. Almost a year to collect on a bill they admitted was due to their ineptitude. I no longer have ATT long distance, and since Bellsouth was acquired by ATT, have been in conversations with Bellsouth in receiving credit for what I did eventually pay ATT. I'm through with ATT, and possibly Bellsouth, if I don't get my credit.
      Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, ain't gonna happen. Same with Allstate, the crooked hands people. Their refusal to pay a $400 medical bill, after an accident, wound up costing them $100K, PLUS THE $400.
      • I've had AT&T and/or Cingular for 8 years...No problems...EVER

        Perhaps I am the luckiest consumer on the planet. I have had AT&T service, then Cingular when they merged, now AT&T again, for 8 years, back before there were any digital phones, and it was all analog, and you could get a "Car phone" or a "Bag phone" for a penny when you activated the service. I have never ever ever had a single problem with this service. In fact, in the last 8 years, I have had exactly two incidents involving my service. One, the phone itself just finally died and I had to switch to digital service which cost more (not their fault, though - no one offers analog service anymore...). Two, I bought a shit phone. They replaced it. It was still shit, they upgraded me. All for free. That was not Cingular's fault, it was Motorola's, and yet Cingular fixed it for me. In addition, I have never had a customer service rep treat me rudely when I have called with questions, service additions, phone orders, tech issues, anything.

        How, you may ask? Easy - I'm smart enough to avoid brand-new technology until they have had time to work the bugs out of it, and when I have to call customer service (although that is admittedly rare) I remember that mistakes happen and a polite tone will get you a lot farther than bitching and whining.

        I really think that you're own attidude about the issues matters more than anything else. If you call under the assumption that the company is trying to dick you out of your money because they can, then you will be condescending, and what goes around comes around. If you call with the attitude that these people will at least try to help you, and if you read the service agreement before you sign it, then you can avoid a ton of problems, or at least save yourself the shock when you encounter it.

        I think it was corporate suicide for Sprint to do this, however, if these customers would read over the customer service agreement that they signed when the initiated service, I can guarantee you that SprintNextel didn't do anything that they the agreement doesn't give them the liberty to do. Read the fine print, check the manual before you call customer service, and if you have a billing problem, try to remember that everyone makes mistakes and being a jerk about it will get you dumped. It may not be fair, but neither is life, and frankly, if you don't like the service, switch providers. If none of them can meet your needs, then consider what your life would be like without a cell phone and see if you're willing to deflate your ego a bit and realize that in the attempt to make most people happy, not corporation is capable of making everyone so.

        Basically, suck it up and get over it. Go with another company or quit the cell game altogether. At least there are options, which is more than most can say for their other utilities, and I've never met anyone who liked their electric or water companies, but they cope because they have to. Cell customers don't have to cope if they don't want to. They are welcome to use a land-line.

  • RE: EXCLUSIVE: That to-be-disconnected Sprint customer tells me all

    Russell, I'd love to give you an inside scoop on my latest customer service experience with Sprint. Sprint has the WORST customer service I've ever experienced! Here's the short of it: Just today, I was on hold for more than half an hour. Yesterday, it was 40 mins!Finally, my call was escalated to a "Customer Service Supervisor." (Not sure why they give them that title, bc all he did was tell me that he couldn't help me). And when I asked to speak to his superior, he said she worked in Administration and wasn't able to accept phone calls. Riiiight... all this to fix an error on their part. Think I'll write a very stern letter to Gary Foresee and his cronies. This mess has got to stop!