Get a Life! Second Life ISN'T REAL!!!

Get a Life! Second Life ISN'T REAL!!!

Summary: I am reminded of what William Shatner, a.k.a. Star Trek's Captain Kirk, once said on "Saturday Night Live.

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I am reminded of what William Shatner, a.k.a. Star Trek's Captain Kirk, once said on "Saturday Night Live."

"It's only a tv show!!," Shatner said about "Star Trek," addressing the show's many devotees.

In a similar vein, I feel that it is about time to call all this Second Life madness out.

Listen, I love Second Life. I am a member. I go there from time to time.

But I, at least, have a grip.

'Bout time you did. 

I am fully aware that Second Life is extensible from silicon-based reality to carbon-based realit There are ecommerce models, entertainment models, speeches, advocacy. And I cannot think of all that many more compelling reasons to have broadband.

But I shout out:


Second Life is worlds of fun, but not real world fun. It is play-acting under your monitor's glass. And all the marketers and content providers that are bringing stuff to Second Life are only executing marketing strategies. You are high on the illusion that second life is real, and they are playing with your head in search of your REAL-WORLD money they hope you spend buying their products.

OK, one more time, with feeling.


Want real-world fun? Drink fine wine with someone special. Take a real, cross-country train trip. Go to a Dave Matthews concert. Drive a Lamborghini (as if) around Mount Tam. Learn to dance. Learn a language. Write a poem and read it to your writer's group. Toss a frisbee to your real (not virtual) dog. Hike. Bike. Go to the park. The real park with trees and stuff.

Get thee away from the computer.  


Topic: Hardware

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  • You win.

    This is too, TOO damn true. Smartest thing I've read this year, I'd guess.
  • What?

    You mean my Second Life isn't real???

    No, seriously, though. I think you miss the point. It may not be a real world or real situations, but the interaction is no less real than talking to someone on the phone, or via e-mail, or IRC chat. Real people talking about things in their lives.