Internuts: Skype outage caused by wiretapping retrofit for CIA

Internuts: Skype outage caused by wiretapping retrofit for CIA

Summary: Fellow VoIP blogger Tom Keating writes that he's been receiving email from "tin-foil hatters" (i.e.

Fellow VoIP blogger Tom Keating writes that he's been receiving email from "tin-foil hatters" (i.e. wackos) that the Skype sign-in outage is being caused by fallout from a project intended to make all Skype calls interceptible by the CIA and FBI. Tom writes:
Tin foil hatters are emailing me to tell me the CIA and FBI are working closely with Skype to add wiretapping capabilities to the Skype network for tracking terrorist conversations and to make Skype CALEA compliant. They claim that it was the FBI and CIA that brought down the Skype network with their specialized servers that sit on the Skype network and track/record VoIP conversations. But that's just conspiracy talk.
Tom has little tolerance for "conspiracy talk." I don't either. That doesn't obviate the fact that such undocumented drivel prospers on the Internet. Good buddy Tom then really socks it to the Internuts:
Next you tin foil hatters are going to tell me Area 51 is holding an alien spaceship or that Elvis is still alive. And don't get me started on the 9/11 truthers (conspiracy nuts) that think President Bush and our own U.S. government attacked the World Trade Center and imploded the buildings. Yeah, Bush is a master genius to pull off the greatest inside job in history yet stupid enough enough to not at least plant some WMDs in Iraq to get his critics off his back. Yeah, makes perfect sense to me.
Most often, I've found that logic and facts defeats the implausability of illogical assumptions.  Tom offers a more salient cause for the Skype disruption than work being done for the CIA or FBI:
Skype did perform some maintenance on August 15th, which in all likelihood caused the cascade failure. My next question is why was this planned maintenance so important and why couldn't it be rolled back?
Yes, upgrades with unintended cosequences.  If there is a villain here, it isn't "the government," spy agencies, or even President Bush. It's a failure on Skype's part to rehearse worst-case - or even mild-case scenarios that could occur during such planned maintenance, and rapid strategies for fixing the problems that could result.

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  • How stupid people can be...

    Everyone know that the Klingons and the Vulcans have been in a fierce battle over who will get control of the Milky Way, which includes the Earth. One of them must have accidentally brought down Skype while tapping calls to see which way public opinion is swaying. Come on, people. Get with the times! ;-)
  • CIA theory not that implausible

    Most telco equipment nowadays is designed to enable eavesdropping and skype is conspicuously secure from an outside perspective.
  • Area 51, Quantum Computers

    The US Gov't doesn't need Skype's help. They obviously just break the encryption using the new maths and quantum computers they found in the Area 51 UFO's. You clearly talk with Level 1 nutters. You need to upgrade. Level 2 is a whole new game. :)
  • RE: Internuts: Skype outage caused by wiretapping retrofit for CIA

    We "conspiracy nuts" are sometimes right. Some, not all, conspiracy theories turn out to be true. There are laws against conspiracy and people in our government have been convicted of conspiracy. Read the news. If you do, you'll see that the anthrax attacks were an inside job by someone working for the US government who attempted to frame Muslims. Read about Ivins, then go kick yourself in the ass for not listening to the conspiracy nuts who tried to tell you the truth about the attacks being an inside job for the last seven years. Why did the White House start taking Cipro on 9/11? Go chew on that tin foil.
  • RE: Internuts: Skype outage caused by wiretapping retrofit for CIA

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  • RE: Internuts: Skype outage caused by wiretapping retrofit for CIA

    tom sounds like a paid agent