Is this the world's fastest video phone?

Is this the world's fastest video phone?

Summary:   Ashod Apakian is quite likely the most brilliant programmer you've never heard of. But if you want to use video over your Skype connection, this is someone whose work you might want to become familiar with.

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Ashod Apakian is quite likely the most brilliant programmer you've never heard of.

But if you want to use video over your Skype connection, this is someone whose work you might want to become familiar with.

He's come up with VWHO, a new 10-party video conferencing system that runs over Skype and is downloadable as well as described in detail on the site where Ashod is admistrator.

Skype Journal's Bill Campbell used it yesterday, and he's quite impressed. 

"For each participant my upload bandwidth is 120 kilobits per second and CPU is only about 15%. That is pretty phenomenal performance," he writes. "The frame rate appears to be around 30 Frames per Second."

Campbell is so upbeat about the experience he says that once you try it, you are likely never to use Skype video again. But keep in mind, you run wigiwigi over a Skype connection, and you stick with Skype for audio.

Newest revs: a window size zoom feature has been added, and quality during fast movement has been enhanced.

Ashod even offers us a grab: 



Well, you got to admit the conferee at left-center is sending out a feed that looks more like a painting then an IP-based video conference call, but that's OK. Looks pretty cool, actually.

Hey, I am tempted to try this.

Are you? 


Topic: Hardware

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  • Doesn't work, and instructions stink

    The home page says it all. It assumes you know everything. There is no welcome page at all.

    I have the following executables none of which work.


    None of these applications will see my analog video input or my IEEE video input. For me, if Windows Movie Maker sees it (both in my case), there is no reason the video application shouldn't see it. It's just a question of maturity, and there is none at this point in either the product or the documentation.
    • SLAM! Guess I'll wait, but now I know, thx George. (eom)

  • Who wants video phones?

    Other then "gee-whiz" initial excitement, what is so great about video phones? When I'm at home, MUCH of the time I am NOT very "presentable" - unshaven, nearly nude, etc. Just Why would I want to show myself off (or why would anyone want to be "exposed" to that?). I can see the future! New clothing lines for lounging around that look good on video phone . . .
    Roger Ramjet
    • Colleges and Distance Trainers

      Who needs it? The professor and students in a distance education graduate course. A trainer discussing some concept with several employees located in different states. A non-profit organization planning a new campaign with people in three adjoining counties. You're right, though, Roger, it isn't necessary for everyone. But there are many who really need this, especially if the price is right. Typing in a chat box is no way to efficiently hold a graduate-level class discussion.
  • 5Linx Video phones are available

    While I agree that not everyone needs a video phone, I believe that it is imperative for most of us to have one. I also agree that the price should be affordable for everyone even those who really need it.
    I can add a few more instances where the video phone would be invaluable and why i think it dominate the market pretty soon: Job interviews with long distance candidates, instant visualization of an object that one wants to purchase, birth situations where the father can't be present and a video wouldn't do justice etc.
    My company offers the best valued video phone in the market by far. The total cost for the phone is $199 and $199/yr or 24.99/month for unlimited local and long distance calling to the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. We offer an unbeatable package that includes internet, satellite TV, cell phones, discount health card and more through our partnership with all the top companies.
    Best of all, you can make a lot (I mean a lot) of money talking to people about it just like I'm doing.
    Please give me a call and I will be glad to explain how you can make money offering the products of the future today at less than what is currently being offered. (832) 563 0398.
  • RE: Is this the world's fastest video phone?

    "Me" Intelligent Momentum Wins everytime! ie
    Microsoft, sprint, google, yahoo, aol just to name
    a few! winners!

    "You" Intelligent no vision, just like the rest losers!

    keep your babbling to yourself and get-out of the
    way, because this new era is going to happen with
    you or without you!