Just in: 8 GB iPhone coming down to $399: low enough for ya?

Just in: 8 GB iPhone coming down to $399: low enough for ya?

Summary: As noted on BoyGenius Report and other places, the 8GB flavor of the iPhone is being cut to $399. Once was $599.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility


As noted on BoyGenius Report and other places, the 8GB flavor of the iPhone is being cut to $399. Once was $599.

I think Apple is doing this because of slow sales of the 4GB iPhone. So now that they have extracted $599 from the most eager iPhone buyers they feel that by lowering the price they can sell millions more of these phones to heretofore fence-sitters.

Have you been one of them?

Right now the Apple store is down, The $399 price and the appropriate links are back up. should be up soon.

Go there and you'll see this:


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Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • It's not low enough for me...

    but I'll bet it's low enough to piss off a lot of the people who already paid $599. I wonder if this will start a trend among consumers who might just hold off buying newly released Apple products by saying "I'll wait till the price drops."
  • Low enough, but

    I can't get AT&T/Cingular service where I need it.
    Michael Kelly
  • RE: Just in: 8 GB iPhone coming down to $399: low enough for ya?

    Early adopter, me. Hosed, me. Enough said.
  • Early adopter, me. Hosed, me. Enough said.

    Early adopter, me. Hosed, me. Enough said.
    • Nobody is hosed..

      You purchased it at the going rate, you wanted you have it, just go enjoy it. Nobody
      will feel sorry for you quit complaining, you purchased it nobody forced you.

      People purchase cloths, cars, homes, anything then at a later date see it sold lower,
      that's life. Anybody miffed perhaps but, again you paid a price that at the time you
      deemed was appropriate.

      Build a bridge?in other words get over it.
    • It sucks that Apple is so evil

      They gouged their most loyal fans, the ones who camped out overnight and had faith that, sight unseen, the iPhone would be awesome. Not a nice way to treat your customers but hey, Jobs obviously needed a few more million in his bank account? Obviously being a multi-billionaire isn't enough for him. Oops, I forgot, ignore that. Jobs is "the little guy". Hehe, I wish I was as "little" as Jobs. :)
      • NonZealot, nobody was gouged...

        When we go to purchase something advertised for $10.00 then the store says "we
        want $20.00" that would be gouging. You're belittling folks that knew the
        advertised price, a price people willingly, knowingly, purchased it at. That's not
        gouging, you're smart enough to know that correct? If you feel the advertised
        price is too much then don't purchase the item.

        For me I'd love to have one however, I'm tight wade. Yes I certainly can afford to
        buy one but, I'll await another price reduction, my present phone performs well.
        Though I think a Bugatti, Lamborghini, and the like are over priced as well, I don't
        zing people that purchase one even though some are paying well over the sticker.

        Yes it may put more money into Jobs pockets. You work you want more money as
        well. Do you work more diligently and earnestly because you received a raise?

        You seem troubled with Jobs making millions. My suggestion to you is go ask a
        poor or homeless person for a job...
    • Re: Early adopter, me. Hosed, me. Enough said.

      Whenever you buy tech you never know what will happen. I bought a MBP dual core, 8 weeks later a new model comes out with a core2duo, firewire 800, a bigger hard drive and more ram at a lower price. I agree it sucks, but you just need to take it on the chin and get on with it. Anyway, enjoy your iPhone. I'm in Korea and can't buy one no matter what the price.

      A Grain of Salt
  • got my refund

    I purchased a refurbished 8GB iPhone on 23rd August for $499. Now the refurbished is $349. So, I called the apple sales support and got the $150 refunded to my account :)

    Though I was initially pissed-off by the $200 price drop. I'm a lil OK now with the refund. Though I would have purchased a new iPhone for a $399 price.
  • RE: Just in: 8 GB iPhone coming down to $399: low enough for ya?

    Technology. hmmpf. It happens.
    D T Schmitz
  • Not quite low enough, but getting there

    I don't mind ATT as I use them (best reception where i live) so the design
    and features of the iPhone appeal to me. The price didn't.

    Now things are getting better pricie wise and I'd bet on another drop if
    FLASH memory goes down in price. Otherwise I might get one from the
    refurbished store sometime next year.

    My only issue is that the ipod Touch looks very good also. My original ATT
    Moto died on the speaker side so I went to an old unlocked Nokia I had
    bought in Australia.

    I'll just be patient and see how the pricing goes next year when I get a
    mountain of medical bills paid off! (At least I'm now going to get free
    medical care from the VA thanks to Agent Orange so the iPhone looks
    good for next year. I'll probably be able to get one before Mike Cox's wife
    gets hers. I understand that she tends to cut him off when she really
    wants an Apple product and that is one thing his MS rep won't help him
    with> :)
  • $200 less, but still not enough features for the price

    No way. This phone has less features than $100 phones. I would like to have one, they are cool. Unfortuately, most people (myself included) don't pay that much extra for "cool" unless a feature is attached to it. And guess what - touch screen isn't a feature. It's an interface, one that lots of people aren't comfortable with anyway.

    Now, if it were, say $200, then I may consider it. But when you figure that I can get lots of phones with more capabilities for cheaper, anything more than that is purely overpriced. I feel sorry for the people who got ripped off. I feel even more sorry for those who are still getting ripped off by thinking that a 33% reduction in price brought it down to "reasonable." It's not reasonable. You'll realize that when it goes even cheaper.
  • like no one saw it coming...

    I sat back and watched friends of mine pay for the iPhone when it first came out despite my words of warning. Every high priced electronic device will go down in price after launch. That's the way the market works. I even said it would go down, but I had no idea it would be this quick. Personally I wouldn't even pay the $399. That's why i'm working on getting one for free. (it's actually going pretty good too) Anything to keep my money away from apple.
  • Sprint Version?

    I might consider it if they offer a version for use with Sprint... but since my contract is with Sprint...oh well.