U.S. Best Buy to sell the iPhone?

U.S. Best Buy to sell the iPhone?

Summary: According to a newly posted page on the site of Best Buy-Canada, the iPhone is coming to that nation soon.That in itself is news, of course.

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According to a newly posted page on the site of Best Buy-Canada, the iPhone is coming to that nation soon.

That in itself is news, of course. But what is even more interesting are the questions that such an impending availability pose:

1. Apple only has four retail stores in Canada. Three are in the Toronto region, and one is in suburban Montreal. So is the Best Buy-Canada iPhone availability a move by Apple to extend their retail reach from their own few stores to the 48 Best Buy stores throughout Canada?

2. Given the inevitable mania when iPhone is released in Canada, would it be a good idea for Best Buy-Canada to equip personnel in its in-store Geek Squad facilities with iPhone training? In other words, Geek Squad as (Apple retail) Genius Bar?

3. Who wil be the carrier and what role will they play in marketing and sales?

4. Perhaps the most enticing possibility- would iPhone success in Best Buy-Canada stores drive a move toward greater iPhone availabilities by Apple contracting with U.S. Best Buy stores for iPhone sales?

I am going to bet on that last possibility, perhaps for the 2007 Holiday season. What's going to drive it? A need to push out 4 and 8 GB iPhones (at a bit lower prices) as the next-generation 12 GB iPhones arrive.

Topics: iPhone, Mobility

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  • Best Buy is a logical choice

    Especially with the company expanding their Apple
    offerings around the country.

    For the initial roll out of the iPhone it was probably wise
    to limit the number of retail outlets simply because of
    the limited inventory. As inventory ramps up (and the
    mad dash to buy an iPhone slows down a wee bit) there
    is a huge benefit to Apple to sell them through best Buy.

    There will be a major increase in the exposure, giving
    more people a chance to play with one for a few minutes
    and deciding they want one. After the initial rush (and
    before the holiday buying season) the iPhone will be a
    lot like Macs - people will need to play with one before
    they decide to buy. Well, excluding the demand for the
    "it" product of the year.
  • Carrier?

    Since the phone is GSM and the only GSM provider in Canada ia Rogers, that's pretty clear and not worth speculating about. Any other provider of GSM (like Virgin) is re-selling wholesale GSM services from Rogers.

    BTW... I received a very nice letter from Rogers telling me that as a valued Pay-As-You-Go customer they were suggesting xxxxx Plan for me because they were raising my per minute rate from 0.33 to 0.40 a minute. Obviously they want to drive customers to a plan so financially they can count the revenue on their books for at least a whole year.

    Note to the morons at Rogers: If I'm going to get screwed over, I'm going to let one of your competitors take a turn. You could have pulled this crap a year ago, but not now that we have number portability.
  • Company already trademarked 'iPhone' in Canada

    Comwave has been using the term 'iPhone' for its IP telephones. See <http://www.comwave.net/CDN/iPhone/index.htm>

    Did Apple make a deal?