Vonage has major service outage

Vonage has major service outage

Summary: Vonage got hit by a major service outage today. The first signs of a massive Vonage service access issue started popping up on posts to the independently operated Vonage VoIP Forum.

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Vonage got hit by a major service outage today.

The first signs of a massive Vonage service access issue started popping up on posts to the independently operated Vonage VoIP Forum. I've long used the Forum to gauge the sentiments of Vonage users- and to monitor service and equipment issues.

Apparently, Forum Member rickster was the first to notice a problem. In starting the Is all of Vonage completely down? thread, Rickster wrote: "There are no service announcements, but I can't connect to either www.vonage.com or the member site. I have a dial tone, but cannot make any calls."

The thread soon started to fill up with lots of "me-too" posts. And then the bloggers started noticing- referring to, or linking to, the thread. People like Om Malik, Mark Evans, and yes, me.

In response, Vonage sent out some updates. Om reports two of them:

“Vonage is having a minor website outage due to firewall policy and it will be fixed in a matter of minutes in case you receive any additional inquiries. Thanks for touching base.”

“In repairing the firewall issue, there may have been very minor isolated call disruptions, such as a fast busy signal but everything should be fine now.” The litany of compliants over on the Vonage forums are out of control, and are coming from all parts of the US."

Vonage also sent out an email to customers that said:

“At this time, some customers may be experiencing difficulty placing outbound calls. Also, access to our website may be slow or intermittent for a short time. Our engineers are aware of the issue and working on a prompt resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

I'll be back on later with an update, including my perspective on the implications of what all this means.


Topic: Outage

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  • Wow. and the vonage reps at the store

    were talking about all the redundencies they have in place that would make this kind of problem "impossible" to "not even a concern..."
    John Zern
  • duh

    Things on the internet go down occasionally. It is a fact of life. If you can't afford that happening to your phones, don't use VoIP. If you can put up with it, then enjoy the lower cost. This isn't rocket science.
    • "duh" as a response?

      Um...I don't see how your response to Mr. Zern's post addressed his comments concerning the redundancy statements he indicates he was told.
  • Dial tone when service is out = bad thing

    Considering that when POTS phones go down there's no dial tone. Well, it seems like a good idea to me to have the dial tone go away when there's a system failure preventing calls.

    No dial tone has been the end luser check for many, many years and the expectation of "if there's a dial tone then I can call out" will remain for some time. The fact that there is a dial tone but I cannot make calls gives users a FALSE reassurance that the service is OK.

    During this outage, unless someone needed to make a call, they would not know that the service was down. If they happed to log into their account and saw the Service Notification message (and only if they logged into their account,as there was no service outage announcment on the main Vonage page) they might have picked up their phone and checked for a dial tone. Upon hearing one, they would have likly assumed they were OK, when in fact the service was out.

    Explaining to my mom that she can't make a call even when she hears a dial tone is no phun folks ;)
  • whew, good thing i went with skype...

    wanted to try out the voip thing to replace my overly expensive cell phone (haven't had a land line for several years). the vonage option was considered, but because it required additional time and hardware, i decided to try out skype since it's soft phone (i think you can get a sip phone if you want)

    in the beta program for SkypeIN, and i have to say, everything is above and beyond my expectations so far. works WONDERFULLY, and suprisingly enough, the only calls where i've had a bad call quality, scratchiness, fallouts, or bad reception have all been due to the CELL PHONE that the person on the other end was using...

    Valis Keogh
    • nothing's perfect...no matter what marketing says

      Well, every system's got its weaknesses I suppose.

      You have to log in to a Skype account server somewhere...crypto key exchanges are happeing...and then there's there's the closed key exchange/crypto, can't have debuggers like SoftIce on same box as Skype kind of issues that have surfaced.

      Overall though, a nice little application and those folks are causing a stir.

      Fwiw, there's a cool little application that enables you to forward incoming Skype calls on your Windows PC out to your local cell phone using your SkypeOut account.

      30 day trial and 10 bucks a year after that...more out dialing features en route.


      I tried it..works well. And no, I am not affiliated with the company :)

      • true true

        could be skype down tomorrow, you never know, although i hope they would be a bit quicker on the uptake than vonage seemed to be by the flavor of the article.

        there are MANY things i'd like added to the app, and hope they are forthcoming, one of which being the ability to have a seperate voicemail message for contacts, as in "if mom calls in, give her this message, if sexy girlfriend calls give her this message" and so on and so forth,

        not quite so fond of plugins or additional applications that all have to be running in addition to the main app, i try to keep this machine as lean as possible, but i might give it a shot (if i get another cell phone, lol).

        (and i'm not affiliated either)
        Valis Keogh
    • No Linux

      no sale!
      Roger Ramjet