UK Galaxy Nexus users hit with crippling volume control bug

UK Galaxy Nexus users hit with crippling volume control bug

Summary: A large number of UK users of the Galaxy Nexus are reporting a rather odd, yet very specific bug, which renders the entire device unusable.

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A figure as high as two-thirds of Galaxy Nexus users, the first Samsung smartphone to ship with the new Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" update, are finding the smartphone to be occasionally unusable after a volume control bug emerged.

The phone, launched in the UK on November 17th, and is expected to reach the U.S. on Verizon in the coming weeks. But a wider rollout could be hampered by this bug, which some suggest could be a hardware specific issue with the highly anticipated smartphone.

(Source: CNET/CBS Interactive)

While sister site CNET UK report that a similar problem was found in their pre-release review unit, it only seems to be affecting Nexus smartphones in the UK and Europe, while there have yet to be any reports of problems in the U.S.

The bug appears to present itself as the volume control changes erratically when the phone achieves 2G network signal in the 900 Mhz frequency -- a common wavelength across Europe, also known as GSM 900. Users are unable to control the volume with the side hardware buttons and are often unable to do anything else with the smartphone.

Not only would the device fall silent, meaning the device user may miss calls and text messages, but in some cases it takes over the entire device, rendering the device useless until the smartphone self-corrects like an upturned turtle.

Because 3G data runs on a different wavelength, users are only affected when the 'G' (for GPRS) or 'E' (for EDGE) is showing on the phone's display. Oddly enough, it's the one time you don't want to get the broadband-fast 3G signal on your mobile.

One YouTube member videoed the problem, which shows a shaky and unpredictable software volume slider, that clearly affects how the device operates.

UK mobile network O2 was unable to provide a fix, the company said in a tweet to a customer, but reassured followers that both Google who provide the Android operating system, and Samsung who built the phone, have both been informed of the problem.

Samsung has been criticised publicly on its Facebook wall in rather graphic detail of clearly angry users, as developers and hardcore early adopters work to gather intelligence on the misbehaving smartphone.


Topics: Mobility, Google

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  • QA Fail

    Don'cha wonder how something like that gets out the door in volume? Don't they run beta tests? Don't they send any employees home with phones to try them out (and leave them in Silicon Valley bars)? The message in this for customers is, "We didn't test this thing very well." If this turns out to be the only serious bug, that will be a miracle.
    Robert Hahn
    • I see they have learned much from Apple

      @Robert Hahn
      Tim Cook
      • Can't inspect in the quality

        @Mister Spock
        The funny thing is, we know that Apple did send phones home with employees, because they did leave them in Silicon Valley bars. And still, they didn't catch the defects.
        Robert Hahn
  • RE: UK Galaxy Nexus users hit with crippling volume control bug

    It looks to me, like Samsung, may be suffering from the 'Toyota syndrome' - Create great products, get near the top of the market, then let quality slip, trying for 'volume sales', so as to reach the number one spot, for sales, (remember the Toyota's that wouldn't stop?)?
    • Feathered horses

      No, I don't remember Toyotas that wouldn't stop, and neither do you. You only remember news stories about Toyotas that wouldn't stop. The press loves to cover accusations. When the science gets done and the accusations turn out to be bunk, the press has moved on to the next bunch of accusations.

      Scary accusations sell papers. Stuff like this doesn't:
      Robert Hahn
  • RE: UK Galaxy Nexus users hit with crippling volume control bug

    Some of the blame might lie with Google. I'm still trying to figure out why so many people trust a search/advertising company to build the OS that runs their phones, but maybe that's a different topic.
  • RE: UK Galaxy Nexus users hit with crippling volume control bug