'Blogging for Dollars' vs. 'Blog Marketing Reality Check'

'Blogging for Dollars' vs. 'Blog Marketing Reality Check'

Summary: What does the future of the blogosphere portend?

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The blogosphere buzz thermometer, Techmeme, is recording mixed signals today. Two opposing takes on the advertising health of the blogosphere and mobile media spaces are registering as “hot stories”:

Blogging for Dollars,” Business 2.0 Magazine
It's not just a hobby -- some small sites are making big money. Here's how to turn your passion into an online empire.

Marketing Reality Check: Blogs, Pods, RSS, ” Advertising Age
The Reach Most Marketers Crave Still Comes From TV, Print and Internet Ads


With Internet-like speed, blogs have gone from self-indulgent hobbies to flourishing businesses. Real businesses, with real revenue streams from real advertisers--not overhyped next big things…

advertisers--shunning old-line media in favor of the Web--are discovering the unique power of blogs. Blogs offer a personal touch in the mediascape; small sites have become our guides to a content-saturated world. As such, their recommendations are highly valued by readers--which naturally has made advertisers take notice.


While marketing prognosticators and technophiles rush into the future, raving about the next big content delivery system or ad model, the fact is most Americans -- notably adults with steady incomes -- still get their content the old-fashioned way…

Teens and young adults echoed those sentiments in a recent Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll. About half were uninterested in viewing TV or movies on their computers, cellphones or hand-held devices.

Take Kate Mulvey, a 26-year-old professional living in Boston. The self-admitted news junkie favors CNN and PBS over a continuous RSS stream of headlines and uses an iPod -- but only for music. (She'd heard of podcasting, but not RSS.)

What does the future of the blogosphere portend? To keep abreast stay tuned to Techmeme!


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