Dell blog or One2One: Which is fun?

Dell blog or One2One: Which is fun?

Summary: Add-on to the Dell faux-pas list.


DMM71206DL1.jpgHere is another Dell blogging faux-pas: lack of domain research.

Having read my fellow bloggers' straight forward, objective analyses of the Dell entry into the blogosphere, I nevertheless wanted to judge the Dell blogging effort for myself. Rembering the blog name referred to in the numerous unimpassioned blog posts, I navigated to

I knew that Dell promised "real people," eager to listen.

Contrary to my expectation of arriving at a staid, boring corporate shell, however, aiming to put forth "corporate speak," I was greeted by a very "live action" experience featuring "online babes" eager to chat.

Below is a very, very censored sample of the very non-Dell experience awaiting at, but not at



UPDATE SEE: Internet domain snafus: corporate minefields

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  • Important Warnig

    If you go check One2One (wich is a porn site), be sure to disable JavaScript, have security set to maximum, make sure your firewall is ON. The site does a good job to disturb your PC.