Google clients 'frustrated' by unprofitable AdWords buys

Google clients 'frustrated' by unprofitable AdWords buys

Summary: Google clients ‘frustrated’ by unprofitable AdWords buys

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Buyers of Google AdWords are “becoming increasingly frustrated,” so says the Googler that started the first Google inside sales team in 2003, Adam Goldberg. 

Goldberg helped build the Google inside sales team to a $500 million dollar a year organization by touting the marketing ROI of spends on AdWords’ unprecedented “targeted, measurable advertising.” 

Goldberg says now, however, that “on average online advertisers waste 30% of their budgets on unprofitable campaigns” and they are “frustrated.”

Goldberg is no longer a proud Googler, he is now the proud co-founder of ClearSaleing, a “marketing technology company that helps Internet retailers and direct marketers maximize their profits from online marketing campaigns,” Google AdWords campaigns in particular. 

In the Googleplex no more, Goldberg is “obsessed with making online business more profitable,” for advertisers. Apparently while at the Googleplex, he wasn’t able to “make online business more profitable,” for AdWords clients, although driving $500 million in AdWords sales for employer Google.

While working at Google, Goldberg found that buyers of Google AdWords were frustrated over their inability to track specific keywords and AdWords ads to actual product sales and profits.

As Chief Revenue Officer for ClearSaleing, Godlberg has the sole mission to offer “desperately needed technology and processes to address limitations and client frustrations” regarding search engine marketing programs, such as Google AdWords, his core expertise.

Profit is the only metric that matters to Google AdWords clients, Goldberg believes, and he is doing something about it. He is now dedicated to stopping Google AdWords clients from “wasting 30% of their budgets” on unprofitable AdWords campaigns, via his ClearSaleing system solution:

After first identifying the specific unprofitable sources, campaigns and keywords, ClearSaleing immediately eliminates this waste, allowing advertisers to either pocket the savings or reinvest it into profitable options that further increase the return on their online marketing investment.”

Our product provides in-depth campaign data tracked down to the individual keyword and product-sales level and delivers the information to our customers in an actionable dashboard, with specific recommendations to maximize profit.

Ex-Goolger AdWords sales people are not the only ones to caution against massive waste in Google AdWords buys, top Google clients also warn of poor ROI.

In Travelocity to Google: Stop dissing multi-million dollar ad clients!, I recount Jeff Glueck, Travelocity Chief Marketing Officer, Google challenge to treat multi-million dollar advertisers as partners, not merely writers of large checks to Google, or risk losing million of dollars in ad business.

In an impassioned presentation to fellow marketers at last Fall, Glueck advised that if they succumb to Google’s self-motivated sales pitches they may end up destroying shareholder value and end up risking their own year-end company bonuses.

Perhaps Goldberg has a few words of inside AdWords advice for Glueck!

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  • Response to Donna Bogatin's Blog 4/7/07

    I am Adam Goldberg, and I appreciate your thoughtful response to our recent press release. There are a few clarifications, however, that I would like to make to your blog article. I'm actually a very proud ex-Googler, and I know that Google does an amazing job with their AdWords program, along with handling the day-to-day operations for the entire company as a whole. AdWords has proven to be successful with clients I had while working at Google, as well as the clients I currently work with at ClearSaleing. Despite the fact that 30% of advertisers' keywords we have viewed are considered waste, paid search advertising has proven successful for many, though it can become very difficult if you are unable to see where your true profit comes from. I believe that my current endeavor with ClearSaleing, and the work our technology performs, only further proves the excellent opportunities available with Google AdWords and other search engine and comparison shopping engine advertising programs. Thanks again for your response, and I look forward to reading your blog in the future.