Google declares war on $2 trillion health care industry

Google declares war on $2 trillion health care industry

Summary: The Google health care die has been cast, it is a $2 trillion declaration of medical intent.Adam Bosworth, Google Vice preisdent Engineering,  is no longer content with "touch-feely" consumer reach-out campaigns to "learn" what the "health care consumer" wants, he is now doing what Google does best: Telling the world how it will be.

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dm52407gd.jpgThe Google health care die has been cast, it is a $2 trillion declaration of medical intent.

Adam Bosworth, Google Vice preisdent Engineering,  is no longer content with "touch-feely" consumer reach-out campaigns to "learn" what the "health care consumer" wants, he is now doing what Google does best: Telling the world how it will be.

It WILL be Google's "vision for the future of health care."

Those on the winning medical team will go the Googley way, or it's the Google medical information highway.

Google scary now? Personal Health Records, sponsored by Google, next I warned one month ago. That day is nearing.

In Google’s medical push I present Bosworth's health care (pay for the right to perform) IT road show underway over the past six months. Bosworth's most recent stop was the American Medical Association of Informatics, and it was a big one, a $2 trillion one.

YES, in order to organize, ie. controll, all the world's information, Google needs to remake the health care system in a Googley image.

The Google medical call, for "the next decade":

Discovery - Consumers should be able to discover the most relevant health information possible

Action - Consumers should have direct access to personalized services to help them get the best and most convenient possible health support

Community - Consumers should be able to learn from and educate those in similar health circumstances and from their health practitioners

As is the Google fashion, the $150 billion corporation's massive takeover designs on the largest sector of the U.S. economy encompassing the most personally sensitive issues of relevance to individuals, Google is packaging and pushing its $2 trillion medical war as a principled fight, one that Google is taking upon its benevolent shoulders to wage on behalf of the world's consumers.

The Bosworth call to consumer arms (Les Misearables score optional):

Putting Health Into the Patient's Hands The vision for the future of health care starts with the premise that consumers should own their own total personal health and wellness data (PHW) and that only consumers, not insurers, not government, not employers, and not even doctors, but only consumers, should have complete control over how it is used.

Consumers rule in the Googley world of health care? Who needs medical professionsls?

The Bosworth spiel is incredible not only in its condescending dismissiveness of credentialed health care specialists, but for the incredulous Google pitch that a Google branded health care system WILL put consumers in charge.

"Only consumers should have complete control" over how their medical information is used? If Google REALLY believes that, why does it also claim that Google's worldwide server farms are the place for consumer health care safekeeping!

After all, once in the Google cloud, always in the Google cloud, under Google's intractable and unilateral control.

SEE: Google privacy jungle: Where is YOUR data? Don’t ask! and Google user data cloud: Do you trust it?

Bosworth assets: "We believe consumers should have the right to all data that is about their personal health and wellness in electronic form."

Of course Google touts consumers should have the "right" to hand over all their private, personal, confidential medical data to Google for massive digitization and archiving for perpetuitiy within the confines of Google, Inc.

Worried about Google the world's librarian? How about Google the world's doctor!

MORE: Google battles Microsoft for medical domination and Google wants $4 billion drug ad market in 23andMe

ALSO: Google sweet talks its way to political power  

Topics: Google, Health

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  • Nightmares begin now with DENIED HealthCARE!!!

    Yes, when google gets this information it will be used against the patient and medical claims denied because of some 'pre-existing' claims or hacked or stolen information.

    The United States is slipping into the unknown of MEGA-Corporations controlling every aspect of life. All they have to do is lobby Washington and instantly they are entrenched in your life, whether paying more money, or illegal aliens being granted amnesty!

    The USA might as well become like a 3rd world country, this is worst deal I have ever read much less Google controlling the Health Care industry. Now all of the MEGA-Medical-Corporations will be paying off Google to get a piece of the pie. 'Sorry sir but you have been DENIED coverage due to a 'pre-existing' condition reported back on August 22, 2002'...

    Just watch and see, the Health Insurance companies will love this, nothing like Corporations ruling America!
    Linux User 1
    • Having been born in a 3rd world country, you should try it sometimes

      "The USA might as well become like a 3rd world country"

      Having been born in a 3rd world country, you should try it sometimes before you make such comments.
  • In IT you have to trust someone

    [b]If Google REALLY believes that, why does it also claim that Google?s worldwide server farms are the place for consumer health care safekeeping![/b]

    I trust Google more than my own storage systems and mine are pretty good. But I can't compete with an organization that has hundreds of people looking after my data full time.

    In an ideal world Google would have your data but only you would have the key to decode it. We're not there yet. Until we get there I trust Google more than I trust the local hospital, my insurance company or the clinic down the street running an unencrypted wifi connection, slinging patient data around the neighborhood so anyone with a pringles can and a laptop can browse their data.

    The day will dawn I stop trusting them. I used to trust Microsoft...that was a long time ago...but they did a good job back then. Now I wouldn't trust Microsoft to walk my dog.

    I trust That might change, but today I still trust them.
    • Your kidding right?

      Trust Google to store your HEALTH information so the insurance companies can use it against you to deny health care claims.

      Maybe you should realize reality from myth.

      Nightmares begin with a Corporation running your daily life and HEALTH!!!
      Linux User 1
      • Ten years from now he will be rantng against

        Google like he does MS today. It will just take him that long to get a clue!!
        Google wants to digitize and store every aspect of everybody in the worlds PRIVATE life's and info so they can data mine it to monetize it for their corporate profits.
        Could that be the reason the CIA, FBI, NAS, and HLS is no longer pushing so hard for their HUGE Tracking data base? Because they know Google will do it cheaper, faster, more extensively, more accurately, and that they will have access to it eventually.
        Once the info is gathered it will not remain private! Your government, insurance company's, employers to name a few, will not allow it!
        They will make sure congress passes a law to allow them access to it. In the guise of National security for the Government agencies, and bribes (Campaign contributions) from private industries. Google will fight it under the "Do no Evil" premise until the "Compensation" clause is inserted into the bill. Then they can say we fought the good fight but congress was dead set on this, what could we do? This will not just apply to Google. MS, Yahoo, Ask, ect will also have to comply, for a price!
        And company's like Oracle will be leading the bribery parade so they can sell their data base management tools to the government and private industries to mine the the relevant data they are looking for. Elision has stated publicly that he does not believe in privacy. Remember the "Get Over it" statement.
        If you think this can not happen you have no clue how this government works! When was the last time they passed a consumer friendly law that was not smoke and mirrors like the gas price gouging law?
        If it can be monetized it can be corrupted just like power!
        • Not ranting just the facts

          Yes, they can lobby Washington and get any laws passed they want due to one reason MONEY!

          I am sure they will come up with some 'good for mankind' solution to store everyones medical information in one Gulag database. Basically Google has become the sidearm of the CIA or NSA or whatever snooping agency on people who are just citizens. Meanwhile over 10 million illegals cost United States citizens BILLIONS in freebie health care, housing, benefits and the Gov is still not happy.

          Like any Mega Corporation they own the politicians with money to get re-elected or whoever they want in office. I know how it works and it does not surprise me one bit. Everything type into Google is logged with no expiration date, I don't think Microsoft is this bad... That is saying a lot!
          Linux User 1
          • Sorry Bud, I should have posted to Chad_Z thread

            I was agreeing with you! Did you read my post? Do you disagree with anything I said?
          • Sorry

            Yes, I agree this whole country is nothing more than GREEDY CEO's lobbying Washington with favors for getting elected.

            I am wondering why they don't send all the jobs to India, China and just bring the USA to 3rd world status.

            I am just so tired of these mega corps, but how much money is enough not a trillion dollars it is non-stop greed.
            Linux User 1
    • Data under Google's Control? You really want that?

      Your doctor hasn't started selling your personal data, but Google could and very likely would.

      At the very least, doctors would be forced to see "relevent ads" when using your medical records.

      Interesting how people can justify even more monetization of disease and suffering than there already is.

      Want to buy the keyword phrase, "Anorexia nervosa" -- Sure! That'll be $50 per click to appear in one of the first three spots on someone's medical records...
      Marty R. Milette
  • Pie in the sky......

    It all sounds good, but in reality, this is a disaster waiting to happen. With all of the security breaches happening every day, hoe can your medical data be safeguarded from these attacks.

    I will do whatever it takes to keep my medical data off of Google.
    linux for me
    • Big brother

      I guess you did not know that every search in Google is matched to your IP address for life...
      Linux User 1
      • That IP address is only good as the ISP keeping ...

        track of when/who was using the IP address, in a world with DHCP, I might always have the same IP and someone else may get it, or if you are behind your ISP's router/firewall.
        • It does not matter

          The information is stored for life, it is no different than a finger print it is easily traceable back to you.
          Linux User 1
          • Google can store the IP address for life...

            but that doesnt mean that IP address belongs to me(for life) during the time of the search. with DHCP the IP's get rotated and so no one person will always have the IP and unless the ISP keeps a good log(which most dont), after 6 months that info becomes meaningless
            Also if you change ISP, you will get someone else's old IP address.
      • What gives you the idea that IP addresses are static?

        Have you never heard of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and its predecessor BootP? Even with advances like (at the VA hospital near me) doctors using laptops, the addresses dynamically allocated. There are only a limited number of IP addresses available and more users needing them than can be allocated via a Class A B or C allocation, thus the addresses of individual hosts would be of the private variety (10/8, 192.268/16, 172.16/20) and anything in 127.0.0/24 is also out (loopback). External addresses (those that you could track) are typically the static IP addresses that corporations or co-location facilities of telecommunications companies purchase (typically for external servers or local network access and VPN). Try again with the paranoia thing.

        Besides, you are being tracked in so many ways, why should another Google) bother you. Your credit cards, mobile phones, financial transactions are all recorded, cataloged and indexed (also sold), so why does this bother you? There acre cameras everywhere watching you, in almost every city in the world (either traffic, ATM, security, etc...).
        • Hello

          Do you not understand the information is logged thus it can be traced back to where it came from. It does not matter if it was at a Corp or not, it is no different than a finger print and you can't erase it because it is stored indefinite period of time.

          I do not believe in having a search engine or big corp controlling MY information much less Health information. I do not trust them nor I am not naive enough to say I 'trust them' while they agree to Communist China with web filtering and search filtering.

          Just another Politically Correct non-sense, if you have an opinion other than the brainwashed drones you are wrong???
          Linux User 1
          • Since you obviously don't understand networking or HIPPA...

            First, most IP addresses are dynamically allocated. This means that they are not static but rather have a fixed lease life. Further, when you have an address it will typically belong to one of the private IP ranges (, to or which are translated to some external address for the life of the lease. Once the lease goes away, you have to get a new lease and thus a new address. There are only a finite number for addresses that can be allocated fro a pool of 2^32 possible numbers in the 4 octate ranges used in TCP/IP addressing (OSI layer 3) minus the private IP addresses and loopback addresses (127.0.0.x). Since the addresses are typically allocated in a somewhat random manner (first come, first served) and even in corporations the internal addresses are typically allocated from a DHCP server (some Unix networks are run by people who like to control the specific IP to host mappings, but Windows is more typically done via DHCP). This means that you can have several IP addresses throughout the day (presuming that you renew your leases, or if you have a laptop all bets are off on tracking you).

            As per the medical records, they are regulated via laws set by the Federal Government (HIPPA and HIPAA, specifically) and other countries also have laws regulating how one must keep and protect medical information. This problem was illustrated with the laptop fiasco last year with the Veterans Administration (I was contracting to them at the time, so I was watching what happened off hours on C-SPAN and getting the internal VA memos from Washington). As per private companies maintaining records, I was in a EMR (Electronic Medical Records) start-up some years back and you have to comply with HIPPA (a federal requirement) for managing US citizens medical information in electronic/database formats. This includes such things as using layer 4 encryption (SSl/TLS) between record store and access point (hospitals, private doctors offices). Your records are covered under various laws, thus they are not allowed to be made public! Google (or any other entity that plans to store medical records) is bound by the same laws and regulations.

            There is no way to tie an IP address to an individual user, this is just a myth posted by people who don't understand network infrastructure (No_Ax_to_Grind, as an example and now added to the list would be one 'Linux User 1'). You can not even tie their MAC address (layer 2) as that (while constant) does not tie the individual to the machine (how often do you keep a machine for more than a few years and how many machines do you use?). If you wish to debate this, I can go into a whole list of data that you have given out to one entity or another, is sold or released under laws like FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) and several other laws and regulation, much less the number of entities (corporate or individual) that have access to your credit information, financial information, forget all the cameras that have been set up in banks and ATM machines, on the street to monitor traffic, etc.

            Just relax!

            [b]HIPPA[/b] : Health Information Privacy Protection Act
          • There is no way to tie an IP address to an individual user

            That?s why Google uses cookies, Toolbars, Google Desktop etc.
            Once we have IPV6, Google would remove those quality improving features!
          • Linux User 1 is paranoid or has a guilty concience.

            To think that (sans chipping) an IP address will be able to identify an individual is not thinking straight. How often do you upgrade your laptop, desktop (if you still use one) or cell/mobile phone? If you use anything that permits mobility (laptops, phones, PDAs, kiosks, etc.), his issue is less important and more paranoid ravings (also, he does not understand the laws that control usage, protection and retention of medical data). Look up HIPAA, HIPPA and other applicable laws.
  • I'll keep my medical infor private thank you

    I would never allow my PHI data to be stored on Google's servers. It should remain on private secured networks not on the public internet for all the world to see. Google stick to search its what your good at.