Google vs. Microsoft Office? Yay! Google Spreadsheets gets charts

Google vs. Microsoft Office? Yay! Google Spreadsheets gets charts

Summary: Google vs. Microsoft? Horay! Google Spreadsheets Gets Charts

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Perhaps Google CEO Eric Schmidt did really mean it when he winked to John Battelle yesterday before the entire Web 2.0 community that he does not seek to smother the Microsoft desktop with the Google cloud! 

After all, how serious a contender can he be if it is BIG news eight months out of the Google Apps gate “How to make a pie” (in Googley kitsch). In down to earth speak: “Google Spreadsheets gets charts.” Hooray! 

Here are the new spreadsheet features touted by a Google software engineer, straight from Tel Aviv:

  • Named ranges: you can define a name for a range of cells, and use this name in formulas to refer to cells, for example write =sum(expenses) instead of =sum(c12:e17). This helps make calculation logic clearer to write and understand. Check it out under the "Formulas" tab.
  • Cell comments: Attach comments to individual cells, great for additional information or for collaboration on a single cell.
  • Bi-directional text: The ability to properly view and edit text in right-to-left languages like Hebrew. This is very important for our local community here in Israel.
  • A quick way to duplicate a sheet.
  • A new right-click option to search the web for the text in a cell.

Phew! None of that pesky feature bloat Microsoft Office is always being accused of.

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Topic: Google

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  • is better than google's office

    zdnet, please get over praising google as if it everything it does is great or unique. sun's already beats microsoft office with all office functions and it is free.

    when will the media be more objective and quit lavishing priase on google? google sold out to advertisers and places annoying text ads alongside search results of other people's web sites that it displays and gives those content owners zero revenue from its ad sales.
  • Still not comfortable

    Having seen and used the Google apps briefly, I do like them, and I can definitly see the promising areana.

    What I'm not comfortable with yet is uploading my personal (or worse, business) document to google's site so I can work on it.

    I guess I'm just not trusting of big corporations with my personal data yet.
  • I need to check this out...

    Charts was the big feature that stopped many of the people I work with from using the GApps... Lets see if it can fill that void.