Jeremy Zawodny loves Google (AdWords)

Jeremy Zawodny loves Google (AdWords)

Summary: Jeremy Zawodny’s blog is described at as “The journal of an employee of Yahoo, which includes news of the search engine and the company.

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Jeremy Zawodny’s blog is described at as “The journal of an employee of Yahoo, which includes news of the search engine and the company.”

His post today “You’re welcome to google on Yahoo,” responds to Google’s “Do you Google?” official blog post, in which Google aims to instruct the public on what it deems to be proper usage of “their” word, “Google.”

Zawodny concludes his post by pointing out:

why not google wherever the hell you want. Search boxes really aren't that hard to find nowadays, are they?

But the if the lawyers really do threaten you, I guess you could always yahoo.

But does Zawodny know HE can always advertise through Yahoo? Yahoo Search Marketing isn't that hard to find, is it?

Zawodny’s blog is sponsored by “Ads by Google,” not “Ads by Yahoo!”

Zawodny even has his own dedicated Google AdWords “Advertise on Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog” solicitation page to recruit even more customers for Google:

You're only steps away from advertising on this site, a valued member of Google's diverse network of partner websites. The 'Advertise on this site' link you just clicked is part of an ad delivered by the Google AdWords system…create a new campaign to target Jeremy Zawodny's blog.

Perhaps Zawodny is waiting for Yahoo’s Panama upgrade to make the switch!

Topic: Google

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  • Great take on Jeremy's blog!

    I had never noticed
    Thanks for the post

  • Facts?

    Last time I checked Jeremy didn't run AdWords. But I am sure you are the expert.
  • Cheap shot, Donna

    C'mon Donna, you obviously don't know Jeremy or didn't read many of his posts. He's one of the most independent tech voices in blogging as well as a key open source advocate. This has earned him the respect of Yahoo and Google watchers alike. Always towing the company line is OLD, boring, biz as usual.
  • Donna, i hope........

    Donna, i found this article very...... childish. You are taking something totally irrelevant and trying to associate it with his response on the 'Do you Google' article. And yes, as Jeremy points out, You can do better than this(I hope) :-)
  • Zawody Responds...

    Jeremy responds to your post
  • In England we have a term for people who write things like that.

    It is simply "a twat". Well done for making yourself look very silly.
  • You are off my reading list

    I suaully like you posts, but this is truly wrong in regards to Jeremy. I am now taking you off my reading list.
  • Message has been deleted.

    • Message has been deleted.

  • RE: Jeremy Zawodny loves Google (AdWords)