A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Tolesto

A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Tolesto

Summary: Today's Microsoft code name: Tolesto. Tolesto is one of the three orbiting moons of Saturn. It's also the core subset of Microsoft's Common Language Runtime.


I'm resuming my Microsoft Code Name a Day series that I started in December 2006. The goal: To provide the back story, each day in August, on one of Microsoft's myriad code names. Some of these code names might be familiar to Microsoft watchers; others (hopefully) will be brand-new.

Microsoft code names offer some great clues about the Redmondians’ development priorities, not to mention a better understanding of which future Microsoft products fit together, from a strategy standpoint. And not every product group is moving to boring, numbered codenames (like Windows 7 and Office 14).

Without further ado, let the codename games begin.

Microsoft code name of the day: Tolesto

Microsoft code name of the day: Tolesto

Best guess on what it is: The "core" subset of Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Meaning/context of the code name: Tolesto is one of three moons that orbit Saturn. (I wonder whether Microsoft has codename plans for the other two, Calypso and Tethys.) one of 48 named moons orbiting Saturn. (Thanks to the reader who sent in the latest NASA link.) If the Core CLR is Tolesto, perhaps the full CLR is Saturn? And Silverlight is the ring around Saturn...? Coincidentally (or not) there are a couple other past and present Microsoft codenames among the 48 moons, too, including Janus and Titan.

Back story: AT Mix '07, Microsoft acknowledged that it was embedding a subset of the CLR in Silverlight, its Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere browser plug-in designed to compete with Adobe Flash. Because the Silverlight plug-in is designed to run on not only Microsoft platforms, but also on Safari and Mozilla browsers on Mac OS X and Linux, too, the CLR can now legitimately be called "cross-platform."

Additional info: The Core CLR will include the garbbage collection, type system, generics and many of the other key features that are part of the CLR on the desktop. It won't include COM interop support and other features "that you don't need inside a browser," according to Microsoft.

Got a Microsoft code name you’ve been wondering about? Send it my way and I’ll do my best to track down some leads on what it might be.

And if you want to keep track of the full month's worth of Microsoft code names I end up posting, bookmark this "Microsoft Codenames" page. You can also check out this video-whiteboard I did recently on Microsoft codenames.

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  • It's actually 'Toasted' not 'Tolesto'

    "It won?t include COM interop support and other features ..."
    Hmm.... some pundits think that this is actually the .net compact framework that was a flop in their windoze mobile devices.
    It failed to gain any traction against Linux, so M$ renamed the toasted product and crammed it in the next flop: silverlight(dark). ;)
    Linux Geek
    • Back to the museum

      Could you just keep to your custodial duties at the *nix museum - ignore what's happening in the real world.
      • His name says it all...

  • what do you know?

    By: yo-eleven(verizon board)
    03 Aug 2007, 03:08 PM EDT
    Msg. 11796 of 11807

    And you don't believe in conspiracies? Read this about how Microsoft treated patents as they dealt with Burst, Eolas and VCSY and I think maybe you'll begin believing that large companies (apparently ALL large companeis according to these Verizon supporters) all feel it's their right to take IP if the company is about to go bankrupt or they can be bullied into submission.

    Boy have you guys got an awakening happening.

    This is Like Pouring Salt on a Slug...

    VCSY response to MSFT filing in VCSY v MSFT
    conspiracy theory
    • Are those actuall links?

      I clicked and had returned a "404 file not found"
      • Me too...

  • What's in a name?

    Vista? Wonder where that came from?

    Microsoft to Buy Medical Software
    In Strategy Shift, Firm Seeks Product
    Developed by D.C. Doctors

    By Kim Hart
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, July 27, 2006; Page D05

    Microsoft Corp. made its first foray into
    the health-care industry yesterday by
    announcing plans to buy clinical health-care
    software developed by doctors at Washington
    Hospital Center.


    Microsoft acquires medical records system

    Gadgets & Tech – Microsoft Corp. has
    acquired a patient information system that
    the world's largest software maker plans to
    sell to health care providers worldwide. The
    software, called Azyxxi, gives physicians
    real-time access to patient data including
    X-rays, electrocardiograms, prescriptions,
    patient allergies and other routine clinical
    information. It w..........




    One could accurately say, if Microsoft has
    their way they will literally have one by
    the cojones, and name it whatever they
    Ole Man
  • Adobe Flash Killer

    Like GW Bush is Al Quaeda Killer?
    And Zune is iPod Killer?
  • Miserysoft has got a lot of names, mostly bad

    I like XP and most versions of Windows preceding Vista but with XP's license terms and conditions that were further enforced with the updates that initiated, yet another, verification scheme that I
    want no part of as I don't feel it's up to me to prove to Microsoft that their product is theirs. If they can develop Windows and other software, they can develop a way to prove it's their products without involving me or taking up my time, over and over again. I like Windows, I don't like Microsoft, no bashing, no crashing, I've just had enough.